St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Mollen Mary E., wid. Thomas J., r. ns. and Montgomery b. 15th 16th
Mollenkott Hugo W., clerk, Teichmann & Co., r. 416 Broadway
Mollenkott Sophia, wid. Melchior. groceries, Broadway nw. c. Cass av
Mollins Orrin, lab. r. ss. and Warren b. 16th 17th
Möller Catherine, wid Henry, r. ns. and Benton b. 13th 14th
Moller Charles J., cabinetmaker, r. near 21st Bremen av
Moller Christopher H., (Moller, Hoppe & Co.) r. 7th c. Poplar
Moller Ernst, coffinmaker, 271 Franklin av., r.
Möller Frederick, teacher, AcademyChristian Brothers, bds. same
Moller John, plasterer, r. ss. and Carr b. 22d 23d
Moller Mary, wid Henry, r. 160 O'Fallon
Moller, Hoppe & Co., Moller (Christopher H. Hoppe Louis C. native wines, 75 s. 7th
Mollens Henry, brickmaker, bds. ss. and Mallinckrodt b. 11th 12th
Mollmann Hermann, r. 113 n. 17th
Mollmann Margaret, wid. Hermann, r. 113 n. 17th
Mollond John, tobacconist, 198 n. 5th
Mollony John, lab., r. rear 117 Christy av
Mollowney Thomas, lab., r. Cass av. nr. 19th
Molloy Bridget, wid. Alexander, r. 14 Myrtle
Molloy James, coachman, r. 281 Pine
Molloy James, porter, Planters' House, r. 281 Pine
Molloy John, clerk, St. Louis Perpetual Ins. Co., r. 202 Washington av
Molloy John, wooddealer, r. 196 s. Main
Molloy William, lab., bds. 177 n. 4th
Molonay Mallachi, carpenter, r. and Franklin av. bet. Pratte Beaumont avs
Molonay Maurice, painter, r. rear 182 Franklin av
Maloney Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, r. 88 Orange
Moloney Mary, wid. Patrick, r. 139 n. 15th
Moloney Timothy, drayman. Bridge, Beach & Co., r. ss. and Plum b. 3d 4th
Molony Matthew S., (E. A. Damon & Co.,) and (Molony & Tilton) bds. Everett House
Molony Michael, fireman, Gas Works, bds, 317 s. 2d
Molony Patrick, (Vallandingham & Molony) r. 107 n. 5th
MOLONY & TILTON. Molony (Matthew S. Tilton Alfred E. distillers, 58 Main sw. c. Poplar, Office n. 3d
Molowney Michael, lab., r. and 17th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
Molowney Michael, lab. r. and Spruce b. 18th 19th
Molroon Michael, lab., r. ws. al. b. and 9th 10th, Carr Biddle
Mols Francis, druggist, Mulberry sw. c. 2d
Molt Henry, cooper, r. ws. Jackson nr. Marion
Molter Charles, confectioner, bds. 183 s. 2d
Molter Christian, driver, bds. and Carondelet av. b. Victor Barton
Molter Peter, saloon, 15 Elm, r.
Momberger Henry, cooper, 13 Rutgers, r.
Momppan Joseph, teamster, r. rear 199 n. 12th
Monahan Michael, drayman, r. alley b. Biddle O'Fallon, 10th 11th
Monahan Patrick, lab., r. 23 Center
Monan Peter, plasterer, bds. 61 n. 7th
Monanghan Michael, boatman, r. alley b. Green Washington av. 7th
Moneben Henry, sugarworker, r. 140 O'Fallon
Mondell A., bellboy, same Monroe House, bds.
Mondy Jane, wid. Nathaniel, r. ss. and Chesnut b. 22d 23d
Mondt Thomas, barkeeper, 312 Broadway
Mone John, peddler, r. ws. and Columbus b. Victor Sidney
Moneghan John, lab., r. es. alley b. Franklin av. Wash
Moneghen Edward, shoemaker, r. 2½ Collins
Money William, r. 55 Orange
Money William, saloon, es. and Broadway b. Salisbury Mallinckrodt, r.
Monighart Marguerite, wid. Frank, r. es. s. and 7th b. Geyer av. Allen av
Monighoff John, woodchopper, r. ns. near Marion Fulton
Monihan Hugh, lab., r. 228 n. 8th
Monihan Timothy, plasterer, r. 214 n. 8th
Monihon Daniel, cooper. r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 20th 21st
Monikis John, carpenter, r. ws. near 2d Florida
Monk John W., boot and shoe maker, 208 Market, r.
Monken John B., (Monken & Rammelkamp) r. rear 203 n. 12th
Monken & Rammelkamp, mnfrs., Monken John B. Rammelkamp) Rudolph ironrailing mnfrs., 203 n. 12th
Monkeymier William, teamster, r. ns. and Jefferson b. 12th 13th
MONKS JAMES A., wines, liquors and cigars, 178 n. 2d, r. Pine
Monks Samuel V., clerk, J. A. Monks, bds. 250 Pine
Monks William H., bookkeeper, J. A. Monks, bds. 250 Pine
Monnehor Charles, lab., r. 147 n. 11th
Monnet Gustavus, butcher, bds. ss. and Adams b. Emily Pratte av
Monnig John, lab., r. ss. and Douchouquette b. Congress Carondelet av
Monnig Otto, hardware, 255 s. 4th, r.
Monnigan William, stonecutter, bds. 95 Franklin av
Monogan Patrick, drayman, r. 192 n. 12th
Monohan Thomas, lab., bds. 79 Biddle
Monratus Amon, drayman, r. ss. and Bernard b. Emily Pratte av
Monroe House, P. H. Johnson,prop., Olive ne. c. 2d
Monroe Jacob, barkeeper, Western Stock Yard, ns. Manchester road
Monroe James, brass finisher, bds. 111 Christy av
Monroe James, watchman, r. 131 n. 15th
Monroe John, mason, A. McLagan's
Monroe John, patternmaker, bds. 210 n. 5th
Monroe John R., bookkeeper, J. H. McLean, r. ss. Gamble av. opp. Emily
Monroe William, bds. Monroe House
Monrony Coon, lab., bds. 40 Biddle
Monslinger Peter, moulder, r. es. Jackson nr. Miller
Montag Adam, clerk, r. 283 s. 5th
Montague Albert G., salesman, A. W. Sproule & Co., bds. City Hotel
Montague Cæsar R., (Flournoy & Montague) rooms Kennett's bldgs
Montague Stephen, saddler, (col'd) r. ws. and 6th b. Walnut Elm
Montegeau Susan, wid. Benjamin, seamstress, r. es. and 10th b. Webster Labeaume
Montfort Warren, dep. clerk, Circuit Court, 337 Court House r. n. 7th
Montgomery Alexander, physician, bds. es. and 9th b. Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Montgomery Catharine, wid. Henry, r. 163 St. Charles
MONTGOMERY EDWARD, physician, 25 4th ne. c. Green, r. n. 13th
Mongomery Edward R., (Montgomery & Co) r. 42 s. 3d
Montgomery Henry T., carpenter, r. 163 St. Charles
Montgomery J. P., city weigher, r. Spring nw. c. Naomi
Montgomery John, teamster, bds. 124 n. 15th
Montgomery Jordan J., bookkeeper, Home Mutual Fire Is Co., r. es. and 9th b. Destrehan Mallinckrodt
Montgomery Joseph, lab., bds. 10 Morgan
Montgomery Joshua, steamboat captain, r. ss. and Gamble av. b. Mercer Naomi
Montgomery Robert, marblecutter, r. ss. and Market b. 20th 21st
Montgomery William, r. 132 n. 12th
MONTGOMERY & Co., Montgomery (Edward R. Tuttle) George H. produce and com., 26 s. Levee s. Commercial