St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Myers Stephen, painter, 90 11th, r. Center
Myers Tobias, horsedealer, bds. 118 n. 3d
Myers William, carriagedriver, rooms 63 Chesnut
Myers William, (Hermann Myers & Co) r. ns. and Marion bet. Jackson Carondelet av
Myers William, harnessmaker, r. 118 16th
MYERS WILLIAM C., undertaker, 101 Franklin av, r.
Myers William F., salesman, C. S. Green & Co., bds. Missouri Hotel
Myers Hermann&Co., mnfr., (Hermann Myers) William cigar mnfr., 114 n. 3d
Myers John Q. & Bros., (John Q., Maurice W. Philip F.) clothing 57 Market
Myerson Doras, gents' furnishing goods, 51 n. 4th, r. n. 7th
Myersson Samuel, r. 84 s. 6th
Mygatt Hiram G., shipping clerk, Chauncey I. Filley bds. City Hotel
Mylar William, stonecutter, r. alley bet. 15th 16th, nr. O'Fallon
Myler Fanny, r. es. alley bet. 9th 10th Biddle O'Fallon
Myler John, porter, r. alley bet. Franklin av. Wash 7th 8th
Myles Francis, cuemaker, r. 100 Carr
Mynberg Augustus, bookbinder, bds. es. and 2d bet. Convent Rutgers
Myres Henry, boatman, r. alley bet. 9th 10th n. O'Fallon
Mysing Frederick, lab., r. ns. and O'Fallon bet. 11th 12th
NABERHAUS Henry, porter, D. A. January NABERHAUS & Co., r. 30 Morgan
Nabin Mary, wid. John, midwife, r. 59 Jefferson
Nabur Charles, foreman, r. es. and 7th bet. O'Fallon Cass av.
Nack Jacob, stonecutter, r. 235 Biddle
Nackel Ernst, blacksmith, r. es. and 11th bet. Warren Montgomery
Nackhorst Frederick, boot and shoe maker, 1145 Broadway, r.
Nacy John, caulker, bds. Iron Mountain Hotel
Nadand James W., wireworker, r. 144 Wash
Naeckel Charles, carriage painter, r and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Naegel Leopold, carpenter, r. es. 7th c. Emmet
Naegler William, currier, bds. 47 Elm
Nafow William, music teacher, r. 369 Market
Nagel Albert, (Nagel & Blase) r. rear 118 s. 2d
Nagel Carl, watchmaker, 19 s. 3d
Nagel Charles, painter, r. ws. n. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Nagel Charles, sheet iron worker, bds. Panama House
Nagel Christian, lab., r. 665 Morgan
Nagel Frederick, baker, r. es. and 3d bet. Locust Vine
Nagel Frederick, produce mer., 15 s. Levee, r. 94 s. 2d
Nagel Frederick, cooper, r. 409 s. 7th
Kagel George, bricklayer, r. ss. and Park av. bet. 2d Carondelet Mississippi avs
NAGEL GEORGE, produce, 107 s. Main, r.
Nagel Godfrey, foreman, F. Robb, r. of Manchester road, w. Wedge House
Nagel Gustavus, confectioner, bds. 208 Wash
Nagel Herman, teamster, r. rear 148 n. 16th
Nagel Joachim, lab., r. ns. near Gratiot High
Nagel John, grocer, 219 Carr, r.
Nagel John, teamster, r. ss. and Market b. 20th 21st
Nagel William, cooper, r. rear 194 s. 2d
Nagel & Blase, mnfrs., Nagel (Albert Blase) Ignatz paperbox mnfrs., 15 n. 2d
Naggerlat Leopold, carpenter, r. 565 s. 7th
Nagle James, porter, Barnum's Hotel, r. same
Nagle Peter, physician, r. 138 n. 10th
Nagle Theodore, printer, Price Current Office
Nagle Thomas, lab., bds. es. and 9th b. Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Nahlan Patrick, lab., r. es., alley b. 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Nahler Joseph, shoemaker, r. ns. near Soulard Jackson
Nahlik Vincent, carriagetrimmer, r. Carroll c. 9th
Nährig Thomas, lab., r. ws. and 14th b. Montgomery Warren
Nailor John W., carpenter, bds. 245 Broadway
Nailon Thomas, lab., r. 21st nw. c. Wash
Naleman Ary fishdealer 1 City Market bds. es. 14th n. Market
Nalen John, lab., r. 233 n. 12th
Naligin William, cook, bds. 181 n. 4th
Nalley Catherine, wid. Thomas W., boarding 126 Collins
Nalley Thomas A., painter, bds. 126 Collins
Nalley William, bricklayer, bds. 126 Collins
Nally John, lab., 200 s. Main
Naly Patrick, lab., es. and 9th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
Nammier William, lab., r. and Salisbury b 11th 12th
Nance John, carpenter, r. ns. and Madison b. 15th 16th
Nancy Patrick, bootmaker, r. 154 n. 16th
Naner Thomas, carriagedriver, rooms 63 Chesnut
Nankin Louis, lab., r. and Bellefontaine road b. Dock Harrison
Nanson Joseph S., (Nanson, Dameron & Co) r. ns. and Washington av. b. Beaumont Leffingwell avs
NANSON, DAMERON & CO., com. mers., Nanson, (Joseph S. Dameron, Logan D. Brewster Chester H. Hillard Moses com. mers., 88 n. 2d
Napton William B., Judge, Supreme Court, Court House r. Ridge Prairie, Saline Co
Narcy John B., chemist, r. n. 2d ne. c. Monroe
Narevin Andre, liquor dealer, bds. 11th se. c. Plum
Narschick Albert, tailor, r. and Carondelet av. b. Emmet L'esperance
Nasatt Francis, stonecutter, r. and L'esperance b. Carondelet av. Jackson
Naschetta Frederick, cooper, r. ss. and Ann av. b. 7th 8th
Nash Albert H., salesman, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Nash Fanny, wid. Benjamin, (col'd) r. ss. and Virginia b. Julia Compton av
Nash George, grocer, 249 Broadway, r. Collins
Nash George S., agent, asst. 40 n. 4th, r.
Nash Isaac B., blacksmith, r. 166 Carr
Nash James, finisher, J. T. Dowdall & Co
Nash James, lab., r. and Mullanphy b. 15th 16th
Nash James, teamster, bds. and Maiden Lane, b. Elliott Glasgow av
Nash James F., provision dealer, (col'd) r. 95 Poplar
Nash John, (W. W. Hobbs & Co) r. es. of Collins s. Columbia
Nash John, machinist, r. and 17th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
Nash John, mate, r. 178 Carondelet av
Nash Patrick, lab., r. ns. near Columbia 2d
Nash Peter, hairdresser, r. 50½ n. 4th
Nash Rachel, wid. Francis, (col'd) r. rear 56 Spruce
Nash Thomas, ostler, 199 and 201 n. 5th
Nash William P., clerk, George Nash, bds. 302 Broadway
Nasley William, policeman, r. ws. and Soulard b. 7th 8th
Nasse Augustus, clerk, Collins, Kellogg & Kirby, bds. 91 s. 4th
Nast Frederick, (Salzman & Nast) r. 101 O'Fallon
Nast Louis, clerk, bds. 237 Carondelet av
Nathan Dexter, ns. and Papin b. 15th 16th
Nathan Edward, millinery, 11 Franklin av. r. Franklin av
Nathan Jacob, pawnbroker, 48 Olive, r. n. 14th
Nathans Julius, auctioneer, 259 s. 4th, r.
Nathar, Charles, cigarmaker, r. alley rear Mulberry b. 2d 3d