St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Bixler Elizabeth, wid.Jacob, r. 24 Brooklyn
Bixler George, salesman, bds. and Brooklyn b. Broadway 9th
Bixler Jacob M., plasterer, r. ss. and Chambers b. 11th 12th
Blachiere Cornelius A., clerk, r. 41 s. 7th
Blachlocke Ebenezer, moulder, bds. 92 Collins
Blachlocke Thomas, pattern maker, r. and Division b. 19th 20th
Black George C., lab., r. sw. c. and Park av. 2d nr. Carondelet av
Black James, bricklayer, bds. 292 Broadway
Black John, painter, bds. 95 Franklin av
Black John, peddler, r. rear of 32 Elm
Black John, ropemaker, r. ws. and Buel b. Lafayette Soulard
Black John, shoemaker, and Spruce b. 12th 13th
Black John, steamboat mate, bds. 125 n. 3d
Black John B., boatman, bds. 332 n. 6th
Black Joseph, carpenter, r. and Clark av. b. Adolph Mercer
Black Marcus, clerk, bds. Clarendon Hotel
Black Michael, lab., r. and Rosatti b. Lafayette Soulard
Black Peter R., agt. Smith & Co., r. 12 n. 11th
Black Philip, lab., r. ss. and Cedar b. Main 2d
Black Samuel, Black & Wing, r. 181 s. 5th
Black Samuel A., cooper, bds. n. and 9th b. Salisbury Bremen av
Black Siuclair, wagonmaker, r. 736 Broadway
Black Uriah J., malster, bds. es. and 3d b. Hazel Lombard
Black William, trunkmaker, bds. and 10th b. Soulard Lafayette
Black William M., r. 29 n. 9th
Black Lenas W., engineer, r. 54 Brooklyn
BLACK & WING, (Samuel Black and Andrew H.Wing) Black (Samuel Wing, Andrew H. livery stable, ss. and Chesnut, bet. 6th 7th
Blackburn Thomas, baker, r. 121 n. 17th
Blackburn William, barber, (col'd,) 62 Walnut, r. Orange
Blackie Stephen, watchman, r. 88 n. 3d
Blackley Thomas, brushmaker, r. 29 Cedar
Blackman Elisha, (Blackman, Day & Co.,) r. New Haven, Ct.
Blackman Jas, (J.F. Comstock & Co.,) r. 27 n. 13th
Blackman True Worthy, r. ss. and Morgan, bet. 20th 21st
Blackman William L., tinner, r. 63 n. 17th
Blackmer John H., machinist, bds. 26 Columbia
Blackmore John W., machinist, r. ns. and Montgomery, bet. 14th 15th
Blackmore Nancy, widow William, r. 173 Wash
Blackmore William, lumber merchant, r. ns. and montgomery, bet. 14th 15th
Blackner John, engineer, r. 133 n. 8th
Blackshaw Joseph, weigher Rock House scales, Rock House scales, r, near Gravois Road, Arsenal
Blackstock George, carpenter, bds. 43 n. 12th
Blackwell James, bartender, bds. 243 Market
Blackwell Walter, machinist, bds. 278 n. 2d
Blackwood Rob't K., bookkeeper, r. 14th, sw. c. Wash
Bladefogel Louis, drayman, r. ss. alley Wash, b. 17th 18th
Blades John W., machinist, r. 610 Webster
Blaeby Jacob, carpenter, r. 283 Carondelet
Blaer Severin, carpenter, r. ws. and 7th, bet. Rutgers Hickory
Blaetterman Albert, clerk, r. ws. and 18th, bet. Morgan Franklin av.
Blaezer John, deck hand, r. ss. and Julia, bet. Buel Menard
Blaezer Stephen, deck hand, r. ss. and Julia, bet. Buel Menard
Blaine John L., late I ropr. late propr. rope and bagging mnfry, r. 143 Locust
Blair Andrew, runner, bds. Missouri Hotel
Blair Edward, salesman, J. C. Havens & Co., bds. 192 Locust
Blair Edward A., bookkeeper, Lucas, Thompson &Co., r. 108 Wash
BLAIR FRANCIS P., jr., lawyer, 241 Wash'ton av.
Blair James M., carpenter, bds. 21 n. 12th
Blaisdell William, engineer, bds. es. and 9th, b. Malinckrodt Destrehan
Blaioel Safeglio, carpenter, bds. s. 7th, sw. c. Hickory
Blake, clerk, bds. ns. and Orchard, bet. Barlow 11th
Blake, Mrs., widow, r. 44 Wash
BLAKE AARON, dentist, 50 n. 5th, r.
Blake George, moulder, r. 110 Christy av.
Blake George T., feeder, r. alley, bet. Main 2d, Lombard
Blake James, r. ns. and Franklin av., bet. 20th 21st
Blake John, bricklayer, bds. ns. and Franklin av. b. 20th 21st
Blake John H., tinner, r. ss. and 2d, b. Harper Dorcas
Blake John R., carpenter, r. 27 s. 6th
Blake John W., clerk, R. G. Dun & Co., r. Franklin av., nw. c. 11th
Blake Patrick, lab., r. and ns. Cedar, bet. Main 2d
Blake Peter, bds. 5 Morgan
Blake Richard, laborer, r. 257 Chesnut
Blake Sylvia, teacher, bds. ne. c. and Chamber 12th
Blake Thomas, bricklayer, bds. and Franklin av., b. 20th 21st
Blake Thomas, lab., r. 27 Biddle
Blake William, (White & Blake,) r. 169 Market
Blakealy William, r. 154 n. 11th
Blakely George, express driver, r. 260 n. 8th
Blakely John, machinist, c. and Jefferson Main, r. n. 5th
BLAKESLEE ABRAHAM, merchant tailor, 64 n. 4th, r. Olive
Blakesly P. Clark, conductor P. R. R., bds. 92 s. 14th
Blakley John, foreman, Chas. Marlow, r. 151 n. 5th
Blakley Thos, B. brushmaker, r. ns. and Cedar, b. Main 2d
BLAKSLEY HENRY, wholesale medicines, n. 2d, sw. c. Vine, bds. Planters' House
Blanchard Christopher F., M. D., r. nw. c. and Park av. South
Blanchard Dewitt C., clk, ne. c. and Franklin av. 7th
Blanchard James G., tinner, Bridge, Beach & Co., bds. 118 n. 3d
Blanchard Samuel, painter, r. 116 Collins
Blanchard William, painter, r. 189 Morgan
Blancherd Alfred, butcher, bds. the Walnut, opp. Wedge House
Blancheton Paul, gardener, 431 Market
Bland Elizabeth, widow James, r. ss. and Emmet, b. Columbus Jackson
Bland Mary, widow Robert, r. ss. and Emmet, b. Columbus Jackson
BLAND PETER E., lawyer, and 2d, sw. c. Pine, r. ws. 12th b. Spring Wright
Bland William, teamster, r. ws. and Emmet, b. Jackson Columbus
Blane Francis, teamster, r. 186 n. 14th
Blaney James, marble cutter, bds. 210 Market
Blaney James F., marble cutter, bds. 99 Pine
Blaney William B., (Wm. B. Blaney & Co.) r. 24 n. 5th
BLANEY WILLIAM, B. & Co., (Wm. B. Blaney com. mer. 7 Pine
Blank Andrew, lab. r. Columbus, se. c Collins
Blank Charles, physician, 318 s. 5th, r.
Blank Henry, carpenter, bds. 471 Broadway
Blank John, painter, 473 Carondelet av. r.
Blank Oscar, physician, 122 n. 11th
Blank Simeon A., tailor, r. rear 153 n. 14th
Blanke Augustus H., confectioner, r. 49 Centre
Blanke Detlef J., clk. Blanke & Bro., bds. 170 Market
Blanke Henry, lab. r. ws. 10th, b. Biddle & O'Fallon
Blanke Henry W., confectioner, r. 49 Centre
Blanke John H.. r. 169 n. 14th
Blanke Louis, lithographic printer, 2d printer, and 2d Carondelet av. b. Lafayette Geyer av.
Blanke Theodore, carpenter, r, ss. and Park av. b. Buel Menard