St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Ornald John, stable foreman, r. 1 Hicks
Orndorff Joseph, (J. Orndorff & Co.,) r. 141 n. 3d
Orndorff & Co., mnfrs., Orndorff (Joseph Sandford) Stephen J. saddle and barness mnfrs., 141 n. 3d.
Orr David, printer, 46½ n. 3d
Orr James, wid., r. 27 Christy av
Orr John, lab., r. 10th sw. c. Carr
Orr William C., (Dickson, Orr & Co.) r. ns. and Lafayette av. b. Compton av. Thomas
Orrick Barnett, horse trader, r. ws. alley b. Buchanan Angelrodt, 9th Broadway
Orsborne James, stermboatman, bds. 157 n. 3d
Ort John, butcher, r. ws. and Columbus b. Soulard Lafayette
Ort Lambert, r. of 12th s. Cass av
Ortbals Edward, porter McMechan & Ballentine, r. 152 n. 12th
Ortel Barbara, wid. George, r. 171 n. 14th
Ortel George, porter, bds. 171 n. 14th
Ortes Elizabeth, wid. John B., bds. ss. and St. Charles b. 17th 18th
Orth Gustave, barkeeper, 7th se. c. Chesnut
Orth Lombard, lab., r. ws. 12th nr. O'Fallon
Orth Peter, feed store, 305 Garondelet av., r.
Orth Rudolph, barkeeper, 7th se. c. Chesnut
Ortbause Henry, brickmaker, r. ss. and Mallinckrodt b. 12th 13th
Ortley Julia, washing, (col'd) r. al. bet. and 3d 4th Market
Ortmann Henry, carpenter. bds. 56 Brooklyn
Orthwein Charles F., salesman, E. Eggers & Co., r. 79 n. 10th
Orton Charles, lab., r. ws. and 14th bet. Howard Chambers
Orton John, shoemaker, bds. ws. and 14th bet. Howard Chambers
Orton Thomas, lab., r. al. b. and 7th 8th s. Mullanphy
Ortz Michael, moulder, Kingslands & Ferguson
Osberghouse William, botanic physician, r. 1 n. 13th
Osborn Abraham, carpenter, and builder. r. 82 Brooklyn
Osborn Gerge F., contractor, r. 4 Center
Osborn George W., architect, r. es. and 10th bet. Montgomery Spring
Osborn Henry V., machinist, bds. 243 n. 8th
Osborn James, moulder, r. 228 Market
Osborn Moses, carriagemaker, 269 Washington av
Osborn William H., accountant, r. 338 n. 7th
Osborne Charles, telegraphic operator, bds. 165 Green
Osborne John B., (Osborne & Tolle) bds. City Hall Hotel
Osborne William, porter, Charles Tillman, r. al. bet. and Julia Soulard nr. Rosatti
OSBORNE & TOLLE, Osborne (John B. Tolle) John F. millers, Cherry ne. c. Collins
Osburg Charles, state and county assessor, r. 7th sw. c. O'Fallon
Osburg Christopher, paperhanger, r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 21st 22d
Osburg Frederick, bookbinder, r. 326 s. 5th
Osburg Louis, moulder, bds. ss. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d
Osburn William, porter, r. es. 13th nr. Soulard
Osete Antoine, bds. 69 Main
Osick Frederick W., porter, J. E. Cross & Co., r. 123 9th
Osing Henry, liquordealer, r. Jackson se. c. Miller
Osmond Benjamin F machinist, r. P. R. R. bldgs
Osmond Frank, machinist, P. R. R., bds. sw. c. and Pratte av. Cooper
Ossberk Franklin, baker, bds. 137 n. 11th
Ossendorf Joseph, cooper, r. 21 Ashley
Osslet James, boatman, r. Fulton ne. c. Marion
Ossman Charles, clerk, bds. 207 Market
Ossman Frank, barkeeper, Charles Paudel
Oswald Christian, brewer, same Rosatti sw. c. Park av., r.
Ost Charles, sawyer, bds. es. and Broadway bet. Spring Wright
Ost George, beer saloon, same Jackson, se. c. Lafayette, r:
Ost Henry, tailor, r. rear 174 n. 10th
Ost Louis, butcher, r. ws. and Jackson bet. Victor Sidney
Ost William, lab., r. ss. and Anna bet. Columbus Jackson
Ostendorf John, lab., r. ws. Menard nr. Geyer av
Ostendorf John G., dairy, r. and Gravois rd. b. Institute Melville
Oster Julius, carpenter, bds. ns. and Orange bet. 18th 19th
Oster Peter jr., carpenter. bds. ns. and Orange bet. 18th 19th
Oster Peter, sr., carpenter, r. ns. and Orange bet. 18th 19th
Osterant William, plasterer, r. ns. Lafayette av. nr. Wellington av
Osterholt Anton, saloon and boarding, 363 Market
Osterholt Frederick W., (Osterholt and Seegers) r. Clark av. sw. c. 14th
Osterholt & Seegers Osterholt (Frederick W. Seegers) John B. boarding and saloon, 14th sw. c. Clark av
Osterhorn Henry, boarding, r. and Lafayette b. Carondelet av. Jackson
Osterhorn William, bartender, bds. 28 n. 3d
Osterlock John, lab., bds. nr. and 14th Penrose
Ostermann Bernard, carpenter, bds. ws. and Broadway b. Bremen Angelica
Osterman Herman, porter, D. A. January & Co., r. al. b. and 10th 11th Biddle O'Fallon
Osterman John, porter, Kelley & Harding, r. Lafayette sw. c. Buel
Ostermann Henry, leecher and cupper, r. 195 O'Fallon
Ostermann John, porter, Mackoy, Lytle & Co.. r. and 8th b. Biddle Carr
Ostermann Joseph, lab., r. 9th se. c. Brooklyn
Ostermann Paul, musician, r. ss. and Soulard bet. Buel Menard
Ostermayer Philip, clerk, bds. es. and 19th bet. Jefferson n. Market
Ostermeyer Henry, lab., r. 14th se. c. Spring
Ostermeyer John, lab., r. 14th se. c. Spring
Osteroller Bernard H., lab. r. rear Ann av. b. Buel Menard
Osthoff Frederick, blacksmith, n. same Market sw. c. 12th, r.
Osthoff William, boilermaker, r. ws. and 12th b. Jefferson Madison
Ostin William A., engineer, r. ws. and 10th bet. Webster Chambers
Ostmeier Christopher, teamster, r. and 16th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
Ostmeier Frederick, teamster, bds. and 16th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
Ostrander James S., clerk, Ohio and Mississippi R. R., bds. Barnum's Hotel
Ostram Henry, carpenter, r. and Spruce b. 13th 14th
Oswald Franz, peddler, r. ws. alley bet. 5th 7th Rutgers
Oswald George, lab., bds. 243 s. 2d
Oswald Pony, lab., r. ws. and Trudeau bet. Jackson Congress
Otey James T., bookkeeper, Southern Bank, bds. ws. and 8th b. Olive Locust
Othaus John, cooper, r. ss. near Geyer av. Decatur
Othmann William, drayman, r. ss. and Biddle bet. 23d 24th
Othouse Garrett, teamster, r. Emmet c. Hamtramck
Otis Edmund R., proof reader Republican, bds. 71 s. 6th
Otis Philenia, wid. John C., r. 214 n. 7th
Otohille John, carpenter, r. 176 n. 14th
Ott Adam, ropemaker, r. ws. and Anna bet. Jackson Easton
Ott Chris, drayman, r. ss. and Spring bet. Mercer Naomi