St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Owens Richard, wigmaker, 363 Franklin av
Owens Robert, bricklayer, r. ns. Pacific nr. Summit
Owens Thomas, (Owens & Bacon) r. 44 n. 15th
Owens Thomas, safemaker, r. 160 n. 11th
Owens William, (W. & J. Owens) r. 43 s. 10th
Owens William, bookkeeper, bds. Matteson Hotel
Owens William, carpenter, bds. of Arsenal ne. c. 7th
Owens W. & J., (William John) broom factory, ns. al. b. and Market Walnut w. 8th
OWENS & BACON, com. mers., Owens (Thomas Bacon) J. Lee com. mers., 64 n. Levee
Owing W. C., carpenter, bds. Denison House
Owingo Owen, lab., bds. 54 Biddle
Owings Joshua W., private banker, r. 158 Pine
Owings Samuel, capt. steamboat, r. Oho nw. c. 2d Carondelet av
Owster August, carpenter, r. ss. near Gratoit High
Ox Jacob, shot bagger, bds. es. near Broadway O'Fallon
Oxenbould Richard, gardener, r. Jackson nw. c. Columbus
Oxley John E., (Oxley & Zibelin) bds. 77 Spruce
Oxley & Zibelin, Oxley (John E. Zibelin) Jacob stoves. etc., 79 Spruce
Osmann Henry, lab., r. 195 n. 11th
Oyermann Henry, tailor, bds. 265 Market
PAAP Frederick, tailor, 23 s. 6th, r.
Pabekan Martin, harnessmaker, r. ns. and Park av. bet. 9th 10th
Pabitzky Herman, engineer, G. F. Filley, r. Ill
Pabitzky Theodore, machinist, bds. 272 Broadway
Pabst Charles, cigarmaker, 208 Market, r.
Pabst Charles, stonemason, r. es. alley bet. Decatur Buel Lafayette
Pabst Frederick, cigar maker, bds. 105 Wash
Pabst Gustavus, cigarmaker, bds. 208 Market
Pabst Philip P., saloon and boarding, 45 Locust, r.
Pabet William, cigars, 340 Broadway, bds. Wash
Pabyer James G., typefounder, Ladew, Peers & Co
Pacey Daniel, butcher. 20 Cit y Market, r. ns. St. Charles bet. 22d 23d
PACIFIC HOUSE, Francis Smith, proprietor, 43 and 45 s. 7th
PACIFIC INS. CO., Main sw. c. Pine
PA CIFIC R. R. COFFEE HOUSE, Henry Grewe prop., and 14th bet. Poplar Randolph
PACIFIC RAILROAD OFFICE, 42 Kennett's bldg., ticket office n. 4th, depot ws. 14th c. Austin
Pack Francis A., painter, r. ns. and Dillon bet. Park av. Hickory
Package Express Co., 33 Olive
Packard Charles W., engineer, r. 77 w. Brooklyn
Packer A. Allen, salesman, bds. 109 n. 5th
Packer Charles cooper, r. ws. alley bet. 9th 10th n. Clark av
Padberg Lorenz, blacksmith, r. ss and Soulard bet. 11th 12th
Padberg Yost, soapmaker, r. and Soulard bet. 11th 12th
Padden Bartholomew, boatman, r. alley bet. Green Washington av. 7th
Paddock Robert H., physician, 39 4th se. c. Market, r. n. 6th
Pader Philip, blacksmith, Benton sw. c. 12th
Paderson James, (col'd) lab., r. 77 Orange
Paeckel Emil, tailor, r. rear 208 s. 3d
Pael William, carpenter, r. es. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Paer Mary, wid. Casper, r. es. and 10th bet. Warren Montgomery
Paerson Christopher, sodafactory, r. ss. and Webster b. 10th 11th
Paes John moulder, r. 55 Plum
Paft Anne M., wid., r. rear 1031 Broadway
Pafford Matthew, cooper, r. and Linn bet. Lafayette Emmet
Page Amos, chairmaker, r. 20 Madison
Page Betty, wid. Samuel, r. 61 Madison
Page Bridget, wid. Anthony, r. 161 n. 9th
Page Daniel D. late Page & Bacon, r. 77 Myrtle
Page Harvey S., upholsterer, r. ns. and Madison bet. 9th 10th
Page Horatio, (Page & Hatwell) bds. ns. and Locust bet. 11th 12th
Page James, gardener, r. alley bet. Hickory Rutgers Missouri av. Armstrong
PAGE JOHN Y., lawyer, 97 Chesnut, r. ss. Pine b. 16th 17th
Page Thomas, gardener, r. alley bet. Hickory Rutgers bet. Missouri Armstrong avs
Page Thomas M., bds, 78 n. 9th
Page William, plasterer, bds. 287 n. 6th
Pagels Frederick, carpenter, r. ws. and DeKalb bet. Victor Sidney
Paggi Antonio, fruitstand, 73 Chesnut, Pine
Pahlman Herman H., drayman, R. P. Hall, 97 17th
Pahmeyer Lawrence, cooper, r. 25th c. Pratte av
Paide Anthony, teamster, 1. Harrison
Paige Henry C., clerk, Reed & Markbam, bds. Virginia Hotel
Paige James A., Rev., r. of Papin w. 14th
Pain Isaac, carpenter, r. ns. Larned nr. P. Railroad Machine shop
Painchand Augustin, teacher, Academy Christian Brothers bds. same
Paine Isaac, porter, (col'd) r. alley bet. 3d 4th Market
Paine Seth W., music teacher, 47 n. 15th, r.
Painter Joseph G., r. 246 Chesnut
Paity Silas, cook, (col'd) r. ns. al. bet. and Market Walnut w. 8th
Pake Peter, (Hinman & Pake) bds. 247 n. 8th
Pake Peter, (Hinman & Pake) bds. 247 n. 8th
Palen Matthew, rectifier, r. 99 n. 10th
Pale Francis, barkeeper, 348 Broadway
Pallakan Joseph, wagonmaker, ns. rear same Chouteau av. c. Pratte av., r.
PALLEN MONTROSE A., physician, 129 Pine, r.
PALLEN M. M., physician, 148 Locust, r.
PALLIES WILLIAM D., street inspector, ward, 10th r. Broadway sw. c. Mound
Pallmeier Henry, teamster, r. 300 7th
Palloux James, street inspector, and 4th ward, r. ss. Spruce b. 14th 15th
Palm William, machinist, r. 172 s. 3d
Palmer Charles, (C. Palmer & Co.) bds, 154 n. 13th
Palmer Charles, lab., r. and Franklin av. bet. 24th 25th
Palmer Charles R., tinsmith, r. 92 n. 17th
Palmer Curtis, clerk, rooms 95 n. 4th
Palmer George, barkeeper, 2 n. 6th
Palmer George W., clerk, Joseph K. Bent, r. Chesnut se. c. 23d
Palmer Gideon, (Platt & Co.) bds. 63 n. 4th
Palmer Henry, porter, r. ws. and Carr square bet. Wash Carr
Palmer Henry C., salesman, bds. 15 n. 10th
Palmer Henry C., salesman, Martin & Bro., bds. 95 Pine
Palmer Joseph, mason, bds. Pratte av. nr. n. Market
Palmer Joseph W., carpenter, r. ss. and Division b. 24th 25th
Palmer Louis, bookkeeper, r. ns. and Marion b. Carondelet av Jackson
Palmer Otto, printer, bds. 7 n. 3d
Palmer Richard, shipcarpenter, r. 158 n. 10th
Palmer William, carpenter, bds. 484 n. Main
Palmer William, patternmaker, r. ns. and Christy av. b. 20th 21st
Palmer C. & Co., Palmer (Charles Boswell) W. W boots and shoes, 299 Broadway
Paltaser Mink, lab., r. ws. al. bet. and 5th 7th Rutgers
Paltz Bernhard, malster, bds. 222 s. 2d
Palzer Jacob, cigars and tobacco, ns. near Soulard Buel, r.