St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Phillibert Henry O., tinner, bds. ns. and St. Charles b. 17th 18th
Philibert Joseph, carriage maker, bds. ss. and St. Charles b. 17th 18th
Phillip John, baker, 1029 Broadway, r.
Phillipe Jacob, dyer, bds. 82 s. Main
Phillippi Bra, cigarmaker, r. 160 Franklin av
Phillipps Ansyl, supt. Keokuk Packet Co., 34 Commercial, r. New c. Papin
Phillips Bartholomew, bartender, r. 206 s. Main
Phillipps Henry, varnisher, r. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 23d 24th
Phillips Catherine, wid. Henry, bds. ss. and Washington av. b. 15th 16th
Phillips Catherine, wid. James T., r. es. and 25th b. Carr Biddle
Phillips Christian, tailor, r. ss. and Market b. 20th 21st
Phillips Daniel J., confectioner, 312 9th, r.
Phillips Edward, lab., r. 217 n. 9th
Phillips, George, (col'd) r. 20 Christy av
Phillips George W., physician, 50 Olive, r. n. 10th
Phillips H. St. John, St. John, (Phillips & Co) r. 6th ne. c. Gratiot
Phillips James, carpenter, r. 143 Orange
Phillips John, blacksmith, bds. 90 Green
Phillips John, furniture dealer, 140 n. 13th
Phillips John, sen., clerk, bds. 140 n. 13th
Phillips John C., clerk, Berthold, Smith & Co., rooms Green ne. c. 4th
Phillips John H., daguerrean artist, r. 146 Wash
Phillips John V., mining and land agency office, 97 Chesnut, r. Ironton, Mo
Phillips John W., carpenter, r. rear 188 n. 12th
Phillips Josephine, washing, (col'd) r. rear 185 Green
Phillips Jules, fancy goods, 112 n. 3d, r. ne. c. Wash 8th
Phillips Maurice, blacksmith, bds. 90 Green
Phillips Peter, carpenter, r. al. bet. and Cass av. O'Fallon e. 7th
Phillips Theophilus C., clerk, r. 353 n. 2d
Phillips Thomas, mail agt., I. M. R. R., bds. 106 s. 4th
Phillips Thomas F., (Phillips & Co) r. 6th ne. c. Gratiot
Phillips Thomas H., plumber, r. 132 n. 15th
Phillips Virginia, wid Jacob, r. 334 s. 7th
Phillips William, boatman, bds., 351 n. Main
Phillips William, carpenter, bds. ws. and 14th b. Spring Wright
Phillips William, painter, r. 78 Green
PHILLIPS & CO., com. mers., (Thomas F. Phillips) H. St. John com. mers., 6 Pine
Phipps Chester M., printer, bds. U. S. Hotel
Phipps Lucius, bookkeeper, Bank of the State of Missouri r. es. and Rosatti b. Manning Carroll
Phister Matthias, confectioner, r. Washington av. ne. c. 5th
Phisterer Gottlieb, clerk, r. es. Main nr. Mulberry
Phlay Patrick, policeman, r. 142 n. 11th
PHŒNIX BREWERY, (Staehlin & Halm) Lafayette c. 2d Carondelet av
PHŒNIX CHAIR FACTORY,(Getty, Fate & Lynott) Madison nw. c. 2d
PhŒnix Insurance Co. of St. Louis, Main se. c. Pine
Phogel Theobold, tailor, r. 198 s. Main
Piatt Michael H., foreman, St. L. R. R. Co., r. and Bellefontaine rd. b. Salisbury Mallinckrodt
Piccek Thomas, tailor, r. ws. Fulton nr. Barry
Pick Joseph, r. Gravois rd. c. Institute
Pickenbergh Caspar, lab., r. es. Jackson nr. Carroll
Picker Bernard, cooper, r. ws. and Fulton b. Soulard Lafayette
Picker Charles, deputy constable, r. ns. and Lafayette b. Buel Decatur
Picker Erich, lab., r. ns. and Lafayette b. Buel Decatur
Pickering John E., carpenter, bds. 335 Broadway
Pickert Katrina, wid. Edward, r. 152 n. 12th
Pickett clerk, bds. 33 Mullauphy
Pickhaubt George, r. ns. and Allen av. b. Fulton Decatur
Pickles George, (George Pickles & Co) r. 228 s. 4th
Pickles George & Co., Pickles (George Wilson) Samuel plumbers, and gasfitters. 228 s. 4th
Pickline Charles, collar maker, bds. 489 Morgan
Picot Louis G., lawyer, 23 n. 4th, r. Carondelet
Pickup James, glassblower, bds. ns. Buchanan nr. 11th
Pickup Jeremiah, popcorn dealer r. ns. Buchanan nr. 11th
Pickup Richard, lab.. r. 344 n. 2d
Piefer John, carman, r. Missouri av. nr. Iroquois
Piefer John, lab., r. es. and 9th b. Warren Montgomery
Piel Herman, lab., r. ss. and Benton b. 13th 14th
Piel John H., shoemaker, r. ss. and Biddle bet. 17th 18th
Piena Antonio, lab., r. 130 Biddle
Piening Joseph, chairmaker, bds. 62 Morgan
Piepenbrier Peter, porter, Southern Bank, r. 9th nw. c. Carr
Piepenbrooke John, hairdresser, 82 Locust, r.
Pieper August P., tailor, r. ns. and Arsenal b. 9th 10th
Pieper Frank, brickmaker, r. ss. n. and Market bet. 19th 20th
Pieper Frederick, carpenter, bds. 714 Broadway
Pieper Henry, cutter, Cohen & Gershon, r. 25 Benton
Pieper Henry, wagonmaker, r. 364 n. 9th
Pierper Hermann, lab., r. es. and Jackson b. Emmet L'esperance
Pieper Sophia, wid. Engalbarth, r. es. and Menard bet. Park av. Marion
Pierce Anson, carpenter, bds. 335 Broadway,
Pierce David, painter, 531 Broadway, bds. Broadway
Pierce David O., carpenter, bds. 1 Benton
Pierce Dennis, lab., r. rear 157 n. 9th
Pierce Edwin, waiter, Clarendon Hotel, bds. same
Pierce Enoch, foundryman, r. alley rear Mulberry b. 2d 3d
Pierce George, bricklayer, r. ws. and 7th b. Walnut Clark av
Pierce Horace, r. 76 Brooklyn
Pierce J., r. 531 Broadway
Pierce John, baker, r. 77 St. Charles
Pierce John, engineer, r. s. near 7th Park av
Pierce John O., (Thornton & Pierce) r. 264 s. 7th
Pierce Jonathan O., bookkeeper, 32 n. 6th, r. St. Charles
Pierce Joseph, confectioner, 182 n. 5th
Pierce Justin, r. rear 433 Broadway
Pierce Marshall, s. b. clerk, bds. 471 Broadway
Pierce Patrick, saloon and boarding, 45 Poplar
Pierce Sarah, wid. William, r. 20 Chambers
Pierce Vanness A., bds. 76 Brooklyn
Pierce William, cement roofing, bds. 433 Broadway
Pierce William, s. b. clerk, bds. 67 n. 10th
Pierce William, finisher, bds. 20 Chambers
Pierce William J., lab., r. 531 Broadway
Pierce William W., machinist, r. 20 Chambers
Piercher Henry, blacksmith, r. 166 Carondelet
Pierot Gustave, printer, bds. 159 s. 5th
Pierson Alonzo B., scalemaker, r, 176 Wash
Pierson Richard M., bookkeeper, P. Crow & Sons, rooms 5th b. Pine Chesnut
Pietig John, tailor, r. nw. c. and 15th n. Market
Piffeng John, saddler, bds. Kentucky House
Pigeon Joseph, fireman, 32 n. 6th
Piggott Isaac N., physician, r. 270 n. 2d
Piggott John, lab., bds. 27 s. 13th
Piggott Michael, bricklayer, r. 74 Franklin av
PIGNERO EDMUND A., lawyer and notery public, (Lewis & Pignero) 49 Chesnut, r. Laclede station
Pignero Prosper A., (Pignero & Pozzoni) r. Laclede station P. R. R
PIGNERO & POZZONI, Pignero (Prosper A. Pozzoni) Joseph A. wig and hair dye mafry., 29 n. 5th.