St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Russell David, cooper, r. es. and 10th b. Walnut Clark av
Russell David, engineer, bds. 38 s. 10th
Russell Edmund, iron melter, r. ns. near Ferry N. M. R. R. track
Russell Edward, carpenter, r. ns. and Carr b. 20th 21st
Russell Edward, plasterer, r. 19th sw. c. Biddle
Russell Edward J., carpenter, bds. ns. and Carr b. 20th 21st
Russell Elizhbeth, wid. Timothy, 327 Morgan
Russell Isabella, saloon, 51 Almond
Russell Isaiah, pilot, r. 257 Franklin av
Russell James E., pilot, r. ns. and Webster b. 9th 10th
Russell James H., salesman, rooms 4th ne. c. Locust
Russell John, bds. 37 s. 4th
Russell John, barkeeper, r. 211 n. 5th
Russell John, porter, r. 338 s. 3d
Russell John G., clerk, Parker, Russell & Co., r. in the country
Russell Joseph S., city fireman, r. 75 n. 8th
Russell Lucy B., wid. James, bds. 295 Olive
Russell Mary, wid. Robert, bds. and Poplar b. 12th 13th
Russell Morgan, city fireman, r. 112 Washington av
Russell Patrick, lab., r. 169 n. 11th
Russell Patrick C., bookkeeper, r. 172 n. 2d
Russell Patrick S., bootmaker, r. 17th se. c. Cass av
Russell Thomas, watchman, r. ns. and Lafayette av. b. Jackson Columbus
Russell Thomas B., bookkeeper, rooms 116 Olive
Russell Thomas B., saloon, 105 s. 3d
Russell Thomas G., (Russell, Hays & Co) r. 85 n. 2d
Russell Thomas H., (John C. Moody & Co) bds. 37 s. 4th
Russell Thomas P., livery stable, ss. and Franklin av. b. 18th 19th, r.
Russell Thomas S., bookkeeper, Betts, Mellen & Wyman, r. and Morton b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Russell Trumbull G., (Parker, Russell & Co) r. 295 Olive
RUSSELL WILLIAM McN., physician, 64 Olive, r. Olive
Russell William P., trader, r. 610 Webster
Russell, Hays & Co., Russell (Thomas G. Hays Nathan W. Hays) John J. fruits and groceries, 85 n. 2d
Russler Henry, wagonmaker, r. Hamtramck c. Emmet
Russum James H., carpenter, r. ws. s. near 7th Geyer av
Rust A. D., clerk, rooms Main ne. c. Walnut
Rust Adolph, clerk, Boatman's Savings Institution, rooms Main se. c. Walnut
RUST AUGUSTUS, tobacconist, 175 Wash, r. n. 13th
Rust Bernard, porter, C. G. Fell, r. 4th ne. c. Plum
Rust Frederick, carpenter, Soulard c. Menard
Rust John C., (Adolphus Meier & Co) r. and Lafayette av. b. Park place McNair
Rustemeir Arnold, lab., r. ns. and Montgomery b. 14th 15th
Rusterholc Jacob, lab., r. and Jackson b. Lafayette Emmet
Rüter Catherine, wid. William, r. 195 n. 11th
Rutger Philip, bricklayer, r. Emmet c. Rosatti
Rutger William, lab., r. ss. and Geyer av. b. Rosatti Menard
Rutgers Palagie, wid. Louis, r. 319 s. 7th
Ruth Charles E., bookkeeper, Evening News office, r. 25th c. Wash
Ruth E. Dorsey, clerk, Evening News. r. 53 Collins
Ruth Francis, carpenter, r. ws. and 9th b. Cerre Gratiot
Ruth Mary, wid. William, r. 53 Collins
Ruthenburg Julius, dry goods, 28 Franklin av., r.
Rutherford Archibald S., (Rutherford & Trowbridge) r. 70 s. 5th
Rutherford George S., com. traveler, r, ws. and State b. Sidney Lynch
Rutherford James, boots and shoes, 240 Broadway, bds. ss. Christy av. 20th
Rutherford John A., r. ss. and Wash b. 21st 22d
Rutherford Joseph, lab., r. rear 153 n. 17th
Rutherford & Trowbridge, (Archibald Rutherford S. Trowbridge) William M. auctioneers, 10 s. 4th
Rutherfurd T. S., 232 6th c. Pine, r. Locust
Ruts Christiana, r. L'esperance sw. c. Kosciusko
Rutter David, cooper, r. es. and Columbia bet. Miller Barry
Rutter William, hackman, r. ws. and 2d b. Howard Mound
Ruve Herman, lab., r. rear ns. Gratiot bet. 15th 16th
Ruwart Joseph, stone mason, r. es. and Bellefontaine rd. b. Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Ruwber Rudolph, cigar maker, r. ns. and Bremen b. 16th 17th
Ruwe Henry W., carpenter, r. rear 177 n. 12th
RUWELOR FRANCIS, cooper, 162 O'Fallon, r. b. 11th 12th, Biddle O'Fallon
Ruwlid August, lab., r. ss. and Laclede av. b. Pratte Beaumont avs
Ruyn Thomas A., cooper, 49 Elm
Ruzgika Wenzel, machinist, al. b. and 10th 11th Carroll
Ryan Andrew, riverman, r. al. b. and Walnut Clark av., Beaumont Pratte av
Ryan Andrew, teamster, r. ss. and Carr b. 22d 23d
Ryan Ann, wid James, r. 9 Center
Ryan Bernard, blacksmith, r. 18th nw. c. O'Fallon
Ryan Bernard, carver, r. 26 s. 5th
Ryan Bridget, wid. John, r. 51 Rutgers
Ryan Bridget, wid. Thomas, r. rear 49 n. 17th
Ryan Catharine, wid. Patrick, bds. 223 Market
Ryan David, lab., bds. 217 Green
Ryan Denis, r. 65 Christy av
Ryan Denis, painter, r. and Poplar b. 12th 13th
Ryan Dennis, carpenter, Kingslands & Ferguson
Ryan Dennis, lab., r. and St. Louis Place bet. 17th 18th
Ryan Edmund, lab., r. 156 n. 11th
Ryan Edmund, lab., r. 309 s. 2d
Ryan Edward, r. and Bellefontaine rd. b. Dock Buchanan
Ryan Edward, watchman r. 83 Spruce
Ryan Edward P., shoemaker, r. 72 n. 17th
Ryan Elizabeth, wid. Walter, r. 327 Washington av
Ryan Francis, bricklayer, rooms 88 Market
Ryan Hannah, wid,. r. es. al. b. and 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Ryan Honora, wid. Jeremiah, grocer, 390 Morgan, r.
Ryan Honora, wid. William, r. ss. and Warren bet. 15th 16th
Ryan J. G., moulder, bds. Keelty's Hotel
Ryan James, architect, r. 310 Morgan
Ryan James, drayman, Tunstall & Holme
Ryan James, lab., bds. 67 O'Fallon
Ryan James, lab., r. 185 Morgan
Ryan James, lab., r. 24th ne. c. Franklin av
Ryan James, lab., bds. ns. al. b. and Market Walnut w. 7th
Ryan James, lab., r. ns. al. bet. and Market Walnut 10th
Ryan James, lab., r. ns. al. b. and 14th 15th, Franklin av. Wash
Ryan James, lab., r. ns. near Allen av. Decatur
Ryan James, lab., r. ss. and Division b. 24th 25th
Ryan James, lab., r. and O'Fallon b. 19th 20th
Ryan James, lab., r. ss. and Park av. b. Compton av. Thomas
Ryan James, tailor, r. 170 n. 7th
Ryan James, teamster, bds. 243 Biddle
Ryan James, teamster, bds. ns. and Carr b. 23d 24th
Ryan Jeremiah, stonecutter, bds. and Poplar b. 12th 13th
Ryan Joanna, wid. Edmond, r. 61 Biddle
Ryan John, bottler, bds. n. and 17th b. Biddle O'Fallon