St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
ST. L 443 SAL
ST. ANDREW Nicholas, tobacconist, r. 334 n. 9th
St. Clair Alexander, stonecutter, r. ws. n. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
St. Clair John, r. es. and Broadway b. Penrose Bremen av
St. Clair John, mate, r. n. and 9th bet. Salisbury Farrar
St. Clair John, professor, bds. 296 Olive
ST. GEORGE MILLS, (Kalbfleisch & Lange) and Jackson bet. Emmet L'esperance
ST. GEORGE MARKET, Carondelet av. nw. c. Sidney
St. John John, lab., r. 229 n. 9th
St. John, Patrick, porter, r. ns. al. bet. and Market Walnut w. 8th
St. John William, depot master, r. es. and 10th b. Monroe n. Market
ST. JOSEPH'S MALE ORPHAN ASYLUM, 15th ne. c. Clark av
ST. LAWRENCE HOTEL, (Michael Adams, prop) Broadway sw. c. O'Fallon
ST. LOUIS AND IRON MOUNTAIN R. R. CO.) Office Main se, c. Chesnut, depot Lami c. Kosciusko
St. Louis and Missouri River Telegraph, 21 Locust
St.Louis and St. Paul Northern Line Packets, Warden & Co. agents, 67 Commercial
St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association, Office 32 n. 5th
St. Louis, Alton & Chicago R. R., 27 ticket office n. 4th, freight office n. Levee
St. Louis Bagging and Rope Co., office 35 Austin sw. c 12th, Chesnut
St. Louis Building and Savings Association, 49 n. 2d
ST. LOUIS CAR WORKS, Palm nw. c. 2d
ST. LOUIS CHAIR MANUFACTORY, (Heller Hoffman) 59 Biddle
St. Louis Christian Advocate, David R. McAnnally editor, 78 and 80 Pine
St. Louis Club House, 74 n. 6th
St. Louis Cotton Factory, (Adolphus Meier & Co.agts) Soulard c. Menard
St. Louis Floating Dock and Insurance Co., 69 n. Main
ST. LOUIS GAS LIGHT CO., works ss. and Convent b. Main 2d, Pine
St. Louis Glass Works Co., office 27 Broadway sw. c. Monroe, n. 3d
St. Louis House, (Andre Kraentler, prop) Main ne. c. Green
ST. LOUIS INSURANCE CO., Main sw. c. Olive
St. Louis Leather Manufacturing Company, and ws. 14th b. Howard Brooklyn
St. Louis Medical College, 7th c. Myrtle
ST. LOUIS MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO., Exchange Bank building opposite P. O.
ST. LOUIS MUTUAL F. & M. INS. CO., Market c. 2d
ST. LOUIS PAINT CO., mnfrs., Braches, (Charles Hundhausen Robert Crofut) George chemical paint mnfrs., 69 Washington av
St. Louis Presbyterian, office, 21½ n. 5th
St.Louis Price Current, 8 Olive
St. Louis R. R. Co., (D. A. JanuaryPres) 5th sw. c. St. Charles
St. Charles Shot Tower Co., 38 Commercial n. Levee
ST. LOUIS SILVER CORNET BAND, (Frank Boehm, leader) Washington Hall, 3d sw. c. Elm
ST. LOUIS STEAM WOODEN WARE FACTORY, (Tamm Meyer) ns. of Chouteau av. e. Pratte av.
St. Louis Theater, and Pine b. 3d 4th
ST. LOUIS TRANSFER CO., 2d nw. c. Poplar
ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY, and b. Green Washington av. w. 9th.
St. Pierre Edmund, drayman, r. ns. and Monroe b. 14th 15th
St. Vincent Cemetery, Lafayette av. sw. c. Park av
St. Vrain Charles W., printer, bds. 76 Elm
SAAHAY MICHAEL, Iab., bds. 449 Market
Saak Lawrence, shoemaker, bds. 1400 Broadway
Saal Appolone, wid. Johannes, r. Emmet sw. c. DeKalb
Saal Frederick, barber, 86 Wash, r.
Saalfeld Louis, baker, 360 s. 7th, r.
Sabath Charles, salesman, Julius Schrick & Bros., r. Carondelet av
Sabatier Francis, cigars, 112 s. 4th, r.
Sabel Daniel, lab., r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 24th Pratt av
Sabold Zachary, lab., r. es. al. b. and Carondelet av. Jackson Barry
Sabolt Sebastian, chipper, r. 123 s. 2d
Sabolt Sebastian, lab., r. near 2d Almond
Sacam Thomas, carpenter, bds. 159 St. Charles
Sacconi Louis, cook, r. 10 n. Levee
Sachleben Henry, cooper, r. 208 s. 3d
Sachleben Frederick, r. 357 n. 11th
Sachs John, cabinet maker, r. ns. and Carr b. 21st 22d
Sachs William, clerk, r. al. b. and 7th 8th Rutgers Park av
Sachs William, finisher, bds. Market se. c. 9th
Sack Mary, wid. John, r. ws. al. b. and Jackson Colombus Miller
Sacki Peter, lab., r. 446 Carondelet av
Sackmann Bernard, (Armbrecht & Co) r. sw. c. and 2nd Spruce
Sackmann Henry, woodsawyer, r. ns. and Destrehan b. Broadway 9th
Sacks clerk, bds. 197 n. 5th
Sacks Louis, capmaker, r. 353 Franklin av
Sadler John, painter, 100 Washington av., r. Wash
Saeger Heinrich, cigars and tobacco, 628 Broadway, r.
Saeger Henry, teacher, r. 221 Carr
Saeger Robert, cooper, r. 350 n. 2d
Saelar Philip, lab., r. ss. and Wash b. 22d 23d
Saep Henry, finisher, r. 259 n. 9th
Saettele Frederick, ambrotypist, 297 s. 5th, r.
Safely William, mate, r. ns. and Jefferson b. 9th 10th
Sage Cornwell, builder, and 7th b. Biddle Carr, r. n. 6th
Sage Patrick, teamster, r. ss. and Carr b. 20th 21st
Sagehorn Diedrich, bookkeeper, r. ss. and Warren b. 15th 16th
Sager Frederick, tobacco and cigars, 435 Broadway, r.
Sagers Henry, shoemaker, r. 63 Madison
Sagleo Francis, saloon, 91 Spruce, r.
Sagnaigo James, and Lucas av. b. Pratt Beaumont avs
Sagner Cecilia, wid. Albert, bds. 22 n. 12th
Saherz Louis, candlemaker, Kosciusko c. Barton
Sahleben George F., cooper, r. rear es. 9th b. Chambers Madison
Saile Wendelin, stonecutter, r. ws. and 15th b. Benton Warren
Sailer John, shoemaker, bds. 241 s. 4th
Sailley Joseph, cooper, r. ss. and Christy av. b. 21st 22d
Saint Bower Andrew lab., r. ss. and Anna b. DeKalb Columbus
Saiz Albert, watchmaker, r. and Poplar b. 2d Main
Salama Louis, lab., r. Lafayette c. Decatur
Sale Benjamin, grocer, bds. 335 Broadway
Saler Charles, clerk, bds. 3d ne. c. Rutgers
Saler Francis, propr. daily and weekly Chronicle, 39 and 41 Market sw. c. 2d, bookstore Convent, lumber dealer s. 2d, r. s. 3d