St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Boon Edward, mason, Alexander McLagan
Boone A., wid. Isaac W., r. 332 n. 6th
Boone Isaac W., bds. 332 n. 6th
Boone John C., agent, r. es. n. and 7th, b. Cass av. O'Fallon
Boone Joseph, liquor dealer, 188 n. 2d, bds. Western stock yard
Boone Thomas G., river pilot 108 Morgan, r.
Booner James, marble cutter, r. of 12th s. Cass av
Boos Bruno, tailor, r. ss. and Convent b. 3d 5th
Boos George M., ship carpenter, r. ws. and 13th b. Mound Howard
Boosert Jacob, carpenter, bds. Broadway, c. Madison
Booth Edwin G., bookkeeper, State tobacco warehouse bds. CityHotel
Booth Erastus H., boarding, 69 Olive
Booth George, moulder, bds. 338 n. 2d
Booth Henry, sailmaker, r. Main ne. c. Green
Booth James, millwright, r. 18 n. 2d op. N. M. R. R. track
BOOTH JAMES W., (J. W. Booth & Son,) r. and Dayton b. Clay Glasgow av
Booth John H., books and periodicals, and 4th sw. c. Green, r. al. b. 13th 14th Franklin av. Wash
Booth John, lab., bds. 354 n. 2d
Booth John, screwcutter, r. ws. al. b. and 13th 14th Wash Franklin av
Booth John, wireweaver, r. 178 n. 11th
BOOTH JOHN N., (J. W. Booth & Son,) r. and Dayton b. Clay Glasgow av
Booth William, (Booth & Barada,) r. 27 n. 7th
BOOTH & BARADA, Booth (William Barada,) Andrew S. real estate agents, 49 Chesnut
BOOTH J. W. & SON, com. mers. (James W. John N.,) com. mers. 27 Washington av
Boothe George, moulder, r. 388 n. 2d
Boothe Richard, machinist, bds. ws. n. and 2d b. O'Fallon Ashley
Bope Jacob W., (E. D. Hewes & Co.,) r. 31 n. 5th
Bopp Frank, porter, Hyde & Patterson, r. 164 Carr
Borbein Henry, blacksmith, bds. 353 Franklin av
Borbein William, baker, 129 n. 13th, r.
Borbereg Eliza, 193 Carondelet av
Borbien Mary, wid. William, bakery, 28 Gay, r.
Borchardt Francis, printer, bds. and 2d b. Spruce Myrtle
Borcherding Christian, porter, Claflin, Allen & Co
Borcherding Christian, shoemaker, 232 Carondelet av, r.
Borchers John H., cigarmaker, ws. and Decatur b. Carroll Soulard
Borchert August, salesman, Bremermann, Rashcoe & Co., r. Main ne. c. Walnut
Borchert Frederick, blacksmith, r. ws. and Moore b. Clarke av. Market
Borchert William, clerk, Flobr, Meyer & Weil, room 56 Market
Borekmann Charles, carpenter, r. St. Joseph nr. 5th
Borckmeyer Phillip, carpenter, r. 195 O'Fallon
Bordage Thomas, lab., bds. ss. Ferry op. Rolling Mill
Bordeaux Edward, cooper, r. ws. al. b. and 9th 10th n. Clark av
Bordeaux Peter, r. ws. al. b. and 9th 10th n. Clark avenue
Borden Francis, boarding, 283 n. Main
Borden Patrick, lab., ns. and Biddle b. 7th 8th
Bordley Daniel C. H., frt. agt. P. R. R., r. 213 Pine
Bordorff Charles, teamster, r. ss. and Sidney b. Columbus Jackson
Bordorff Sylvester, r. ss. and Sidney b. Columbus Jackson
Borell George, stonecutter, r. ns. Soulard nr. Carondelet av
Borell John, cigars and tobacco, 172 s. 2d, r.
Borella Giovanni, fruit stand, 12 Levee, se. c. Walnut, r. Market
BORER DANIEL, engineer, r. ss. and Biddle, bet. 20th 21st
Borg Charles, assessor 9th and 10th wards and r. ws. Broadway, bet. Malinckrodt Destrehan
Borg Dominick, music teacher, r. ss. and Ann av., bet. Decatur Buel
Borg Emile, steward stmboat, bds. Frederick House
Borg Peter, machinist, bds. 41 s. 3d
Borgelt Jacob, cooper, es. and 10th, bet. Walnut Clark av
Borgelt William, cooper, r. ws. and Missouri av., bet. Chouteau Convent
Borgers Henry, lab., r. 139 n. 14th
Borgert Rudolph, carpenter, r. es. 7th, op. Soulard Market
Borges John H., clerk, Mauntel, Bulte & Co., bds. 148 s. 7th
Borgmann Henry, tailor, r. 91 s. Main
Borgmeier Hermann, porter, r. rear 155 n. 14th
Borgmeyer Philip, box maker, r. 159 O'Fallon
Borgstadt August, tobacconist, r. rear 148 n. 16th
BORGSTEDE HERMAN, 254 boarding, Market
Bork Henry, machinist, r. alley, bet. Biddle O'Fallon 6th 7th
Borkmann Frank, lab., r. ws. near 16th, Chambers
Borkmann Stephen, lab., r. c and 12th Salisbury
Borkoff Charles, lab., r. and Adolphe, bet. Market Estelle
Borlen Louis, clerk, r. 217 Market
Borlinghaus Henry, carpenter, r. 13 Convent
Bormann Charles, clothing, 71, s. 2d, r. ws. Columbus bet. Barre Marion
Born Frederick, laborer, r. 7th, sw. c. Julia
Born George, blacksmith, r. ss. and Franklin av., b. 20th 21st
Born Henry, waiter, bds. 53 n. 5th
Born John, street contractor, r. ws. near Jackson, Miller
Born Rudolph, hardware, 662 Broadway, r.
Borne George A., mail clerk "Democrat, rooms 50 Washington av
Borne Louis, saloon, Soulard, sw. c. Columbus
Bornefield Charles, conductor St. Louis R. R. Co., r. 445 Carondelet av
Bornefield Frederick, agent, r. alley rear Mulberry, bet. 3d 4th
Bornemann William, porter Heinicke & Estel, r. 9th, c. Soulard
Bornestcad Frederick, mason, r. and Lami, bet. Jackson Carondelet av
Bourgaser William, carpenter and builder, r. and ws. 9th, bet. Lafayette Soulard
Boro John B., A. J. Ghio & Co
Borrenpohl John, (Engelman & Borrenpohl,) r. 225 Wash
Borrowman George R., clerk P. O., bds. 41 Green
Borst Myron, millwright, r. 76 Brooklyn
Borstel George E., lab., r. Carroll, sw. c. Menard
Bortfield Frederick, piano tuner, bds. 5 2d
Bortner Henry, gardener, 40 stand Lucas Market, r. County farm
Bosburgh Graham, engineer. bds. Southern House
Bosbyshell William, (Honig & Bosbyshell,) r. 109 Collins, c. Ashley
Bosch Frederick W., r. 47 Elm
Bosch Frederick, woodsawyer, r. nw. c. and 2d Almond
Bosch Jacob, coppersmith, r. 114 s. 2d
Bosch Maria, widow Jacob, seamstress, r. ns. and Emmet bet. Jackson Columbus
Bosche Christian, pedlar, r. ss. Marion, nr. Columbus
Bose Joseph, blacksmith, r. es. and Moore, bet. Market Clark av
Boseman Frank, tailor, 1100 Broadway, bds.
Boshell Henry, brickmaker, r. c. and Geyer av. Hamtramck
Boshey James, steward, (col'd,) r. 240 n. 6th
Boshold Jacob, boot and shoemaker, 62 Chesnut, r.
Boskedmann Henrich, turner, r. rear ns. Cozzens, bet. Pratte High
Bosken Henry, groceries and dry goods, ws. and 19th, bet. Jefferson N. Market
Bosken Lucas, teamster, bds. ws. and 13th, bet. Spruce Poplar