St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Sleif Henry, cooper, r. 134 Wash
Sleiter Anton, printer, r. Miller nw. c. Jackson
Sleman John B., salesman, bds. 5th nw. c. Spruce
Sleveg Herman, tinner, r. Bellefontaine rd. nr. Destrehan
Slevin Bernard, (B. & J. F. Slevin) r. 248 Pine
Slevin Bridget, wid. Martin, r. ss. St. Joseph nr. 6th
Slevin Charles, (T. & C. Slevin) r. 252 Pine
Slevin John F., (B. & J. F. Slevin) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Slevin John R., saddler, bds. 307 s. 2d
Slevin Thomas, (T. & C. Slevin) r. Poplar w. Tayon avenue
Slevin Thomas, (T. & C. Slevin) r. Poplar w. Tayon avenue
SLEVIN B. & J. F., (Bernard John F) staple and fancy dry goods 148 n. Main
SLEVIN T. & C., (Thomas Charles) drygoods, 17 n.
Sleving Gottlieb, lab., r. ws. and Summer b. Allen Russell avs
Slezack Joseph, tailor, r. 13th nw. c. Soulard
Slicer Cromwell, clerk, r. 208 n. 6th
Slicer Lawrence, clerk, r. 208 n. 6th
Slicer William J., salesman, North, Scott & Co., r. 208 n. 6th
Slingmann Henry, grocer, and 14th se. c. Monroe, r. ns. Monroe b 13th 14
Slinkmann Henry, plasterer, bds. es. near 15th Madison
Slinkmann William, lab., r. es. near 15th Madison
Slipe Henry, tobacconist, 43 Pine, bds. ws. 3d b. Olive Pine
Slisachk John, bucketmaker, r. and Julia b. Hamtramck Closey
Sliter Mary A., boarding, 423 Market
Sloan Alfred B., bookbinder, Republican office, bds. Denison House
Sloan Edwin C., com. and fwdg. mer., ns. and Olive b. Main Commercial, r. Spruce
Sloan James W., fireman, r. 70 Mound
Sloan John, porter, C. F. Schultz & Bro., bds. 347 Morgan
Sloan Robert, lab., r. 7th ne. c. Carr
Sloan Walter B., advertising agent, 18 Vine, bds. King's Hotel
Sloana Henry, clerk, bds. 1368 Broadway
Sloman E., clerk, bds., 163 Broadway
Sloman Francis, clerk, bds. 37 Walnut
Slone Robert, sawyer, r. 28 Labeaume
Sloo R. C., medical student, r. Marine Hospital
Slooter Frederick, blacksmith, r. 208 n. 9th
Sloper Hiram, ship carpenter, es. near 11th Mound
Sloss Eliza S., boarding, 197 n. 5th, r.
Sloss James L., salesman, More, Loury & Co., r. 157 Olive
Sloss John, moulder, bds. Panama House
Sloss William L., (Sloss & Lane) bds. 5th se. c. Carr
SLOSS WILLIAM R., patent medicines, 37 Pine, r.
SLOSS & LANE, Sloss (William L. Lane) John G. lawyers, 37 Pine
Sluder Aaron B., (Greenfield, Sluder & Co) r. St. Ange av. ne. c. Hickory
Sluder Charles, riverman, r. 169 s. 2d
Sluder David C., pattern maker, r. 58 n. Market
Sluder William, clerk, r. ss. and Autumn b. South Stoddard
Sluder William H., clerk, Greenfield, Sluder & Co., r. St. Ange av. ne. c. Hickory
Slutar Frederick, lab., r. and Salisbury b. Broadway 9th
Sluter Henry, teamster, r. ws. al. b. and Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Sluter Lewis, blacksmith, r. of 13th s. Cass av
Sluter William, tailor, r. 115 n. 9th
Sly George, drayman, r. and 17th b. Mullanphy Cass avenue
Slye Daniel W., clerk, City Hotel
Slye Eli, drayman, Goodrich, Willard & Co., r. and Madison b. 11th 12th
Slyman John, lab., r. es. al. b. and 9th 10th, Biddle O'Fallon
Smackel Martin, porter, r. ws. and 11th b. Soulard Carroll
Smadman Gerard, grocer bds. 40 Myrtle
Smalher William, lab., r. 148 n. 8th
Small Cornelius W., (Small & Co) r. 136 s. 5th
Small James F.. (Small & Co) r. 174 Locust
Small John, saw grinder, r. rear 16th Madison
Small Philip, carpenter, bds. 266 n. Main
SMALL & CO., (James F. Cornelius W) wholesale grocers, 119 n. 2d
Smallbaugh Joseph, moulder, r. c. and 10th Ann av
Smallfield Henry, carpenter, r. 13th ne. c. Jefferson
Smallfink John, carpenter, r. 14th sw. c. Madison
Smallman A., clerk, bds. 302 Broadway
Smallman Martin, salesman, M. W. Reid, bds. 5th sw. c. Wash
Smalts William, laundry, 103½ n. 5th, r. n. 5th
SMARIUS CORNELIUS F., Rev., r. St. Louis University
Smart George, salesman, Hubbard & Payne, bds. 5th sw. c. Wash
SMEAD CHARLES H., bookkeeper, R. S. Eddy, bds. Virginia Hotel
Smead Daniel, bds. ns. and Olive b. 11th 12th
Smeathers Alexander, gilder, bds. al. b. and 6th 7th, Morgan Green
Smeathers Chadwick, tailor, r. 45 Wash
Smelter Casper, pilot, r. 63 Plum
Smet John, cabinet marker r. ss. and Mallinckrodt b. Bellfontaine rd. 11th
Smid John A., lab., r. ns. and Wash b. 22d 23d
Smidt Edward, lab., r. Market sw. c. 19th
Smidt Godfried, carpenter, r. 212 n. 11th
Smidt Gotlob, wagonmaker, r. ss. and Martha b. McNair Victor
Smidt Henry, driver, r. Park av. sw. c. 2d Carondelet av
Smidt Jacob, lithographic printer, r. 77 s. Main
Smidt John, steamboatman, bds. 180 s. 2d
Smidt Michael, shoemaker, r. rear 80 s. 2d
Smiley Samuel, steamboatman, r. 425 n. 4th
Smith engineer, bds. 1140 Broadway
Smith mate, r. al. bet. and Carr Biddle, 6th 7th
Smith razorgrinder, bds. 362 n. 2d
Smith Abraham O., at A. O. Brannin & Co., r. ns. Chouteau av nr. 14th
Smith Abram, cardriver, r. es. and 10th, bet. Webster Chambers
Smith Albert H., fishdealer, 5 City Market r. n. 4th
Smith Alfred F., portrait painter, 40 Washington av., r.
Smith Alexander, machinist, bds. St. Louis House
Smith Alexander H., prop. O'Fallon Mills, r. ss. and Labadie bet. 6th 7th
Smith Alexander, saloon, (col'd) 114 s. 4th, r.
Smith Allen S., butcher, 9 City Market, bds. Washington Hotel
SMITH ALPHEUS, justice of the peace, 3 s. 4th, r. ns. Spruce bet. 14th 15th
Smith Alphonzo P., solicitor, Godfrey & Bro., r. at Carondelet
Smith Andrew, contractor, r. 335 n. 7th
Smith Andrew, driver, Cerf Veil
SMITH ANDREW L., (Matilda Harmon & Son) r. 302 Broadway
Smith Ann, wid., bds. 40 s. 15th
Smith Ann B., wid. James, r. al. rear Cedar bet. 2d 3d
Smith Ann W., wid. John, r. 109 s. 3d
Smith Anna Maria, dressmaker, 96 Market
Smith Anthony, clerk, bds. 94 Elm
Smith Anthony, cutter, Matthew Legg, bds. 2d sw. c. Spruce
Smith Antoine, blacksmith, works Theodore Salorgne
Smith Arden R., inspector of waterworks, r. 75 w. Brooklyn
Smith Armand, blacksmith, ss. and Laclede bet. Beaumont Leffingwell avs