St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Smith Asa, boarding, 270 Franklin av., r.
Smith Augustus C., clerk, W. W. Miller, r. 251 n. 14th
Smith Benjamin, carpenter, r. 50 Hickory
Smith Benjamin, clerk, bds. 27 s. 8th
Smith Benjamin, wooddealer, and 14th bet. Poplar Randolph, bds. 13th se. c. Spruce
Smith Benjamin F., (Smith & Wilk) r. 27 s. 8th
Smith B. W., carpenter, r. 131 O'Fallon
Smith Benjamin W., teamster, r. 14th sw. c. Howard
Smith Bernard, carpenter, r. Menard nw. c. Soulard
Smith Bernard, grocer, r. al. bet. and Cass av. O'Fallon e. 7th
Smith Bernard F., (Harney & Smith) bds. 337 Broadway
Smith Bernhard, brickmaker, r. es. near Buel Geyer avenue
Smith Bridget, wid. Michael, bds. 317 s. 2d
Smith Caroline, wid, Thomas, r. 490 n. 9th
Smith Carry, wid. r. ws. and Moore bet. Market Clark av
Smith Charles, (McCormick & Smith) r. ws. and 10th b. Warren Montgomery
Smith Charles, (W. H. & W. Smith & Co) r. Warren, Ohio
Smith Charles, carpenter, r. ws. and 10th bet. Warren Montgomery
Smith Charles, chairmaker, bds. 248 n. 6th
Smith Charles, clerk, bds. 351 n. Main
Smith Charles, clerk, bds. ws. and Carondelet av. bet. Barry Marion
Smith Charles, painter, bds. and Spruce bet. 12th 13th
Smith Charles, tailor, r. al. bet. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Smith Charles A., (Pakey & Smith) rooms 31 s. Levee
Smith Charles A., filecutter, r. ss. and Rutgers bet. 9th 10th
Smith Charles A., salesman, Grant, Walker & Co., bds. 95 Market
Smith Charles B., (Wilson & Smith) r. 102 s. 5th
Smith Charles C. C., machinist, bds. 83 Collins
Smith Charles H., carpenter, r. nw. c. and Warren Broadway
SMITH CHARLES H., dpty. constable 4th Ward, and real estate broker, 3 s. 4th, r. 14th c. Spruce
Smith Charles L., dyer, 67 Olive
Smith Charles T., steward, bds. al. rear. Cedar bet. 2d 3d
Smith Christian, blacksmith, r. es. near 7th Center Market
Smith Clinton T., policeman, 242 n. 8th
Smith Conrad, collar mnfr., and Buel bet. Lafayette Emmet r.
Smith Daniel, bricklayer, r. ns. Larned nr. P. R. R. machine shop
Smith Daniel, lab., r. 76 Gay
Smith Dennis M., carpenter, bds. 243 n. 8th
Smith E. L., lab., bds. 914 Broadway
Smith Edward, (Heyer & Smith) r. 8th sw. c. Soulard
Smith Edward, framegilder, r. es. and Fulton bet. Julia Soulard
Smith Edward, lab., bds. 11th nw. c. Montgomery
Smith Edward, liquor mnfr., r. rear 120 Christy av
Smith Edward, teamster, r. 544 Morgan
Smith Edward R., machinist, rooms 3d se. c. Washington av
Smith Elisa, dressmaking, 128 Market, r.
Smith Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, r. es. and 11th b. w. Brooklyn Webster
Smith Eliza, wid. Richard, r. alley bet. 7th 8th Hickory Rutgers
Smith Eliza A., wid John, Morgan ne. c. 7th
Smith Elizabeth, wid. John, r. Emmet c. Buel
Smith Ellery P., (Smith & Marsh) r. 5th se. c. Pine
Smith Ellsworth F., physician, 89 n. 4th, r. s. 5th
Smith Elon G., (Smith, Sherwood & Co) r. ws. and 7th b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Smith Emily, wid. Joseph, r. 171 Morgan
Smith Erasmus H., pilot, bds. 130 n. 17th
Smith Eugene, carpenter, r. ns. and O'Fallon bet. 24th 25th
SMITH EUSTACE H., office 116 n. 2d, Chesnut
Smith Felix, clerk, bds. 94 Elm
Smith Francis, proprietor, same Pacific House, r.
Smith Francis, lab., r. 132 O'Fallon
Smith Francis, porter, Carter & Conn, r. ss. and O'Fallon bet. 11th 12th
Smith Francis A., saloon, r. 187 n. 5th
Smith Francis F., saloon, 135 Market, r.
Smith Frank, musicteacher, r. 188 n. 9th
Smith Frank, shoemaker, ws. and Moore b. Market Clark av., r.
Smith Franklin, pattern maker, r. ns. and Chouteau av. bet 8th Catalpa
Smith Frederick, (F. Smith & Co) r. 271 Pine
Smith Frederick, carpenter, bds. es. alley bet. Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Smith Frederick, collarmaker, r. and Buel bet. Emmet Lafayette av
Smith Frederick, lab., r. s. near 3d Palm's foundry
Smith Frederick, painter, bds. I. M. Hotel
Smith Frederick, stovefitter, r. es. Bellefontaine rd. nr. Buchanan
Smith Frederick, teamster, r. ss. and Market b. 20th 21st
Smith George, barber, r. 162 s. 2d
Smith George, engineer, bds. 13th ne. c. Market
Smith George, lab., r. es. alley bet. Carondelet av. 7th Carroll
Smith George, shoemaker, r. alley bet. 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Smith George, teamster, r. 122 s. 3d
Smith George, teamster, (col'd) bds. ws. and 19th bet. Jefferson n. Market
Smith George C. C., machinist, bds. 83 Collins
Smith George D., blacksmith, r. n. near 2d N. M. R. R. track
Smith George D., watches and jewelry, 214 4th se. c. Pine, r. n. 6th
Smith G. Estabrook, bookkeeper, Carr & Blythe, r. 173 Olive
Smith George E., clerk, bds. and Spruce b. 14th 15th
Smith George H., crockery, 44 s. 7th r. 4th ne. c. Spruce
SMITH GEORGE H., manager, Union Telegraph office, sup't, Terre Haute, Alton and St. Louis Teregraph Co., r. ss. and Hickory b. 7th 8th
Smith George W., clerk, Marshall & Co., bds. 351 n. Main
Smith George W., lab., bds. es. and Broadway b. Penrose Bremen av
Smith Green B., salesman Grimsley & Co., r. Chouteau av. Toney's add
Smith Gustave, woodsawyer, r. 146 n. 9th
Smith Hamilton, (W. & H. Smith) r. 135 Gay
Smith Hannah, seamstress, r. ws. and Broadway b. Benton Warren
Smith Harrold (Harrold Smith & Co) r. 172 s. 5th
Smith Harvey W., salesman, bds. 21 n. 8th
Smith Henry, cigarmaker, r. 134 Wash
Smith Henry, clerk, bds. 718 Broadway
Smith Henry, cooper, r. ws. and 24th b. Morgan Franklin av
Smith Henry, drayman, r. near 7th O'Fallon
Smith Henry, lab., bds. Broadway sw. c. Madison
Smith Henry, periodicals, 807 Broadway, bds. 14th b. Madison Jefferson
Smith Henry, printer, rooms 109 n. 5th
Smith Henry, tailor, r. 261 Market
Smith Henry, teamster, bds. Broadway sw. c. Madison
Smith Henry A., trunkmaker, r. Decatur sw. c. Carroll
Smith Henry C., carpenter, bds. rear 155 n. 14th
Smith Henry D. plasterer, r. es. and Jackson b. Lafayette Emmet