St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Terrell Samuel J., clerk, George Dunford, bds. 251 Broadway
Terrink Benjamin, lab., r. s. 7th nw. c. Marion
Terry Edward, clerk, U. S. A., bds. 149 Chesnut
Terry Ernest M., cabinet maker, 171 s. 5th, r.
Terry John R., upholsterer and carpet fitter, 122 n. Main Washington av., r.
Terry Lucius H., (Humphreys, Terry & Co) r. rear Carondelet rd. Wild Hunter Tavern
Terry Robert E., Rev., r. Olive sw. c. 17th
Terub Edward, com. mer., r. rear 384 s. 7th
Terust William, lab., r. and Geyer av., b. Rosatti Menard
Terweigen William, bar keeper, bds. 168 Wash
Terwilleger John, furniture dealer, 531 Broadway, r.
Tescher August, lab., Tamm & Meyer
Teschmacher Emile, (Teschmacher & Schreiner) r. al. b. and 10th 11th Market Walnut
Teschmacher & Schreiner, Teschmacher (Emile Schreiner) Francis lithographers, 136 Market
Tesier Joseph, lab., r. and Lafayette bet. Carondelet av. Jackson
Tessen Edward M., bookkeeper, asst. Tessen & Danjen, r. 245 s. 7th
Tessen Edward P., (Tessen & Danjen) r. 245 s. 7th
TESSEN & DANJEN, Tessen, (Edward P., Danjen Antoine L. Suber) Lamar E. bankers, 2d se. c. Pine
Tesson Lambert, drayman, (col'd) r. ss. and Caroline b. Joab Julia
Tetard Adrian, clerk, Recorder's Court, r. 101 Pine
Tetley John, tailor, r. 287 n. 6th
Tetley Robert, machinist, bds. 287 n. 6th
Tettemer Reuben, carpenter, bds. 245 Broadway
Tettenhorst Henry, lab., r. ss. and Salisbury bet. 11th Bellefontaine rd
Teubner Francis J., shoemaker, r. ws. and Jackson bet. Marion Perry
Teungens Anton, cooper, r. ns. Carroll nr Buel
Teuteberg Christian, boot and shoemaker, 267 Market r.
Teuteberg Justus, shoemaker, 716 Broadway, r. ws. 13th bet. Spring Montgomery
Teutenberg Frederick, painter, 120 n. 16th, r.
Teuting John, shoemaker, ss. and Julia bet. 8th 9th
Teuting John H., jeweler, 294 Franklin av., r.
Teutschmann George G., druggist, 147 Carondelet av., r.
Tevis Archer, clerk, bds. 132 Chesnut
Tevis Harriet W., r. 302 Chesnut
Tewes Adolph, grocer, 235 Carondelet av., r.
Tewes Edward A., salesman, Helmers, Voorhis & Co., r. ss. and Pine bet. 6th 7th
Tewnhius Frederick, lab., r. Ns. and Mallinckrodt bet. 11th 12th
Texter Nicholas, porter, G. Hoeber & Longuemare, r. ss. and Locust bet 3d 4th
Tfifferling Charles, (A. Loehner & Co) r. 7th se. c. Chesnut
Thackery Charles W., architect, bds. 245 Broadway
Thackwray Bridget, wid. George, r. ws. near 13th Chambers
Thader Benjamin, lab., r. ws. and Missouri av. bet. Park Chouteau avs.
Thale Henry, gardener, r. Morgan c. Grand av
THAMER JULIUS, Malt House, ns. and Destrehan bet. Broadway 2d, r. 15th nr. Mallinckrodt
Thannberger Arthur, collector, German Savings Institution, rooms 2d sw. c. Chesnut
Thannberger Louis, saloon, 35 Olive, r. 2d sw. c. Chesnut
Tharner John, dairyman, r. ns. and Chouteau av. bet. Compton av. Thomas
Thatch Thomas H., 172 n. Main, bds. Virginia Hotel
Thatcher Charles C., salesman, C. B. Hubbell, jr., & Co., bds. 84 Pine
Thatcher Daniel A., bookkeeper, G. W. Thatcher & Co., bds. Virginia Hotel
Thatcher George W., (G. W. Thatcher & Co) r. 214 Olive
Thatcher George W. & Co., Thatcher (George W. Webster) Francis wholesale grocers, 126 n. 2d
Thaw Charles, John J. Anderson & Co., bds. 159 Chesnut
Thayer Benjamin F., student, bds. 52 Vine
Thayer Denison B., boots and shoes, 256 Broadway bds. Virginia Hotel
Thayer George, (Thayer & Co) r. Sidney se. c. Carondelet av
Thayer Henry, (H. Thayer & Co) r ss. and Washington av. bet. 15th 16th
Thayer Isaac, (Thayer & Harriot) bds. Wash se. c. 6th
Thayer Libons, bds. 132 Broadway
Thayer Napoleon B., (Thayer, Hart & Co) r. 130 Washington av
Thayer Seth B., (Rosenbaum & Thayer) r. 241 Morgan
Thayer Seth F., r. 137 n. 12th
THAYER WILLIAM P., saloon, 73 Chesnut, r. Washington av
THAYER H. & CO., com.mers., Thayer (Henry Fullager) William com.mers., 45 n. Commercial
THAYER, HART & CO., Thayer, (Napoleon B. Hart Jno. Q. Barnum) Charles who. and retail clothiers, 182 n. Main
Thayer & Co., Thayer (George Bradford) tanners, ns. and Sidney bet. Easton Jackson
THAYER & HARRIOT, Thayer (Isaac Harriot) Samuel W. builders, 170 n. 6th
Theabal Griffith P., bds. 35 s. 6th
Theajack Peter, carpenter, r. and Hamtramck bet. Emmet Lafayette
Theal August, waiter, Planters' House
Theas Frederick, wagoner, r. Mulberry c. Levee
Thebadore Emile, carpenter, 207 n. 5th
Theen Gustavus, physician, 41 Plum, r,
Theen Lawrence, cooper, bds. es. and 2d bet. Jackson Marion
Theihsler Adam, tailor, r. and Victor bet. Cecile McNair
Theilner Henry, teamster, r. ss. and Virginia bet. Lamotte Josephine
Theis Peter, riverman, r. ws. Buel nr. Carroll
Theismann Henry, shoemaker, bds. near Salisbury Hyde Park
Theiss George, grocer, 276 s. 5th r.
Thekisse Theodore, porter, A. O. Brannon & Co., r. rear 274 s. 2d
Thelkman Henry, lab., r. and Geyer av. bet. Rosatti Menard
Themon Charles, barkeeper, bds. es. and 11th bet. Howard Brooklyn
Theobald Griffin P., clerk, steamboat Ben. Runyan
Theobald N. B., clerk, r. 45 s. 3d
THEOBOLDT GEORGE M., carpenter and builder, r. ws. and 20th b. Estelle Clark av
Theoboldt John, carpenter, ss. near Carroll Jackson
Theodor William, lab., r. es. and 10th b. Jefferson Monroe
Theuer Frederick E., cooper, bds. 351 n. Main
Theurar David, lab., r. rear ns. Sidney b. Columbus DeKalb
Thevenin Petruse, liquors, 105 s. Main, r.
Theyert Rudolph, brewer, bds. 76 s. 2d
Thias Francis, (A. Reipschlaeger & Co) r. 193 Franklin av
Thias Gerhard, r. es. and Menard b. Soulard Lafayette
Thias John B., tailor, bds. 2 Center
Thias John H., 2 Center
Thibault Andre, clerk, Recorder's Office, r. and Convent b. 3d 4th
Thibodeau Emile, carpenter, bds. 210 n. 5th
Thiebes William, piano tuner, 19 Gay