St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Trubiger F., tailor, bds. 76 s. Main
True John, wagonmaker, bds. and Randolph, b. 12th 13th
True Henry A., bookkeeper, St. Louis Perpetual Ins. Co., bds. 86 Pine
True Margaret, wid. John, John, r. and Randolph, b. 12th 13th
True William, mealdealer, r. ss. and Randolph b. 13th 14th
Trugilla Jeudes, lab., r. alley b. 7th 8th, Rutgers Park av
Truleep Catharine, wid. Andrew, 7 alley seamstress, r. b. Lafayette Soulard, Jackson Carondelet av
Trumble Thomas, water department, r. 125 n. 11th
Trumbull Charlotte, wid. George, boarding, 74 s. 4th
Trummaker Anton, cooper, bds. c. and Glasgow av. Conde
Trumper August, surgical instruments, 10 n. 3d, r. n. 3d
Trask William R., salesman, Gill & Bro., bds. King's Hotel
Truttman Joseph, teamster, r. ws. and Carondelet av. b. Pestalozzi Arsenal
Tschirpe Augustus B., druggist, es. and Carondelet road b. Chippewa Miami, r.
Tschofen August, clerk, 330 s. 3d
Tschudi John, com. mer., r. ns. and Chouteau av. b. 11th 12th
Tubasick Henry, stonecutter, r. 132 n. 9th
Tubasinke Herman, stonecutter, alley b. 9th 10th Carr
Tubbesing Henry, teamster, r. and 16th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
Tubesing Peter, cabinetmaker, es. and 11th b. Angelrodt Buchanan
Tubesing Peter H., r. ws. alley b. Bellefontaine road 11th, Angelrodt Buchanan
Tuchmann Marx, tailor, r. 102 n. 15th
Tucker Almira, milliner, r. 154 Olive
Tucker Andrew, omnibusdriver, alley near Gratiot b. 9th 10th
Tucker Benjamin F., carriagemaker, rooms 16 Churchill building
Tucker Charles L., (L. Tucker & Co) r. 20 n. 10th
Tucker Denis, tobacconist, bds. 24th sw. c. O'Fallon
Tucker Elizabeth, wid. Edward, r. 15th nw. c. Christy av
Tucker Emily, dressmaker, 158 n. 12th, r.
Tucker Frank H., agent Planters' and Empire Mills, 7 City Buildings, r. Carondelet
Tucker Henry, r. 154 Olive
Tucker Henry, treasurer, St. Louis Museum
Tucker Henry C., painter, r. 73 n. 15th
Tucker James, lab., r. 161 n. 14th
Tucker John, lab., bds. 369 n. Main
Tucker John, lab., r. ns. & O'Fallon b. 23d 24th
TUCKER JOSEPH W., (Johnson & Tucker) r. 216 s. 7th
Tucker Michael, bartender, bds. Grand av. nr. Davis
Tucker Patrick, lab., bds. Biddle nw. c. 9th
Tucker Robert, r. 32 Biddle
Tucker Samuel B., lawyer, r. 158 n. 12th
TUCKER SAMUEL B., physician and surgeon, 284 Broadway,
Tucker William J., painter, rooms 197 n. 4th
TUCKER L. & CO., Tucker (Charles L. flour, 75 n. 2d
Tucking John, harnessmaker, bds. 156 Morgan
TUDOR EDW'D A., apothecary, near 4th ne. c. Almond, r. ss. Park av. St. Ange av
Tudor John, carpenter, bds. 682 Broadway
Tuebner Jacob, shoemaker, r. Jackson nr. Marion
Tuenler Charles, watchmaker, ns. and Soulard b. Menard Rosatti, r,
Tuerk Herman, clerk, bds. Market nw. c. 14th
Tuethy Charles, lab., J. R. Finlay & Co
Tufageff Theodore, bds. Decatur sw. c. Lafayette
Tufageff Theodore, clerk, bds. 34 s. 4th
Tuffey Patrick, butcher, bds. ns. and Wash b. 22d 23d
Tufts Robert, machinist, bds. 41 Gay
Tufts William A., messenger, Mechanics' Bank, bds. Clark av. nw. c. 14th
Tugal Henry, carpenter, r. alley rear ss. Wash b. 17th 18th
Tügel Hermann, teamster, r. 15th se. c. Montgomery
Tughardt Charles, gunsmith, 94 n. 9th,
Tuhay Timothy, lab., bds. 40 Biddle
Tull Rodolph, cooper, r. Soulard c. Rosatti
Tulle Christian, mason, r. 123 Biddle
Tuller Peter, driver, bds. 11th sw. c. Biddle
Tully Charles, lab., r. 852 Broadway
Tully James, lab., r. 7 s. 13th
Tully Thomas, (Devoy & Tully) bds. 201 Broadway
Tally William, tanner, Easton c. Barton
Tuma John, tailor, r. 418 s. 7th
Tuma John, tailor, r. ws. and Kosciusko bet. Miller Barry
Tumbach George, lab., r. es. al. bet. and 10th 11th, Biddle O'Fallon
Tunges Frederick, tailor, r. 177 Broadway
Tunhauer August, tailor, 322 s. 2d, r.
Tunica F., architect, rooms same Kennett's bldg.,
Tunstall Richard J., (Tunstall & Holme) bds. Planters House
Tunstall Thomas T., notary notary public, 31 Pine, r. Olive
TUNSTALL & HOLME, fwdg. Tunstall (Richard J. Holme) Richard fwdg. and com., 63 and 65 n. Commercial
Tunstead William, trunkmaker, rooms 123 n. 3d
Tuohy Cornelius, grocer, same Laclede se. c. Beaumont avenue, r.
Tuptell Jackson, ship carpenter, r. ws. and 11th b. Angelrodt Destrehan
TUPPER GEORGE W., miller, r. Carr nw. c. 17th
Tupper Louis B., physician, 644 Broadway, r.
Turcutt Joseph, silversmith, bds 31 Spruce
Turen Louis, tinsmith, r. 35 Madison
Turgens Henry, porter, r. O'Fallon ne. c. 11th
Turk Albert, bartender, H. Apel, bds. 69 n. Levee
Turk Bernard, clothing, 56 n. Levee Levee sw. c. Locust, r. 20
Turk Elkan, salesman, Isadore Turk, r. 43 O'Fallon
Turk Isadore, clothier, 134 n. 3d, r. O'Fallon
Turk Levi, boatman, r. 321 n. 6th
Turk Louis, clerk, r. 43 O'Fallon
Turle Henry, huckster, city market, r. country
TURNBULL FRANCIS B., lottery office, 63 s. 7th, r.
Turnbull William, plumber, r. 76 Gay
Turnburn William C., civil engineer, 97 Chesnut, bds. Ashland Hotel
Turnebaugh brickmaker, ws, and 20th bet. Cass av. O'Fallon
Turnellar Francis, lab., r. ws. Broadway nr. Benton
Turner (Turner & Hatch) r. 69 s. 7th
Turner Anton, cooper, r. ws. and Cairo b. 9th 10th
TURNER CAROLUS F., physician, 52 Pine, r.
Turner Charles, carpenter, r. ss. and Davis bet. 22d 23d
Turner Charles D., salesman, H. & R. B. Whittemore & Co., bds. Virginia Hotel
Turner Charles E., bds. 123 n. 12th
Turner Daniel, (col'd) lab., r. rear 100 Myrtle
Turner Frederick G., clerk, bds. 10 s. 11h
Turner George W., wood dealer, Levee foot of Ashley bds. same
Turner Gerhard, cabinetmaker, r. ss. Warren c. Pratte av
Turner Henry, (Beckwith & Co) bds. 4 Center
Turner Henry, r. 279½ Carondelet av
Turner Henry, painter, bds. and 12th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Turner Henry W., clerk, H. Bakewell, r. 195 n. 14th
Turner J. Burt, (Turner & Bro) r. Monticello, Ill
Turner James, baker, bds. and 12th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Turner James, tinner, r. 205 n. 2d
Turner James H., boatman, bds. es. n. 7th nr. Cass avenue