St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Wurkney Charles, rectifier, bds. 356 s. 7th
Wurkler Aluysa, superior Ursuline Convent, es. and State b. Russell Ann avs
Wurkmeister Andrew, blacksmith, r. es. and Columbus b. Marion Carroll
Wurm Casper, contractor of streets, r. and Hamtramck b. Emmet Lafayette
Wurmb Theobold T., druggist, same Bellefontaine rd. sw. c. Salisbury, r.
Wurpel Edmund, ( H. Tiefenbrunn & Co) r. near Menard Lafayette
Wurst A., ice house, Soulard se. c. Columbus
Wurst Adam, driver, r. es. near Jackson Marion
Wurst Charles, cigarmaker, r. ss. Miller nr. Jackson
Wurst Philip, carpenter, r. es. al. b. and Carondelet av. 7th Marion
Wurst Philip, varnisher, r. Carondelet av. nr. 7th
Wurst Joseph, ostler, bds. es. and 3d b. Elm Myrtle
Wurtenbucher Jacob, blacksmith, r. es. al. b. and Jackson Columbus Marion
Wurth Charles A., grocery, 72 s, 2d, r.
Wurthner Erherd, cook, 39 Walnut
Wurtsbargen Catherine, wid. Andrese, r. es al. b. and 3d 7th Rutgers
Wurtz Christopher, butcher, bds. 90 s. 2d
Wurtz Frederick, brewer, bds. 58 s. 3d
Wurz Jacob., tinner, r. Geyer av. se. c. 7th
Wuski bookkeeper, rooms 35 n. 8th
Wust Gottfried, icedealer, r. ss. near Geyer av. Buel
Wust Michael, cooper, r. ss. and Dorcas b. 5th 6th
Wuster John, carpenter, bds. 7th sw. c. Hickory
Wyatt Charles, lab., Belleview House
Wyatt John, butcher, r. ss. of Washington av. e. Page
Wybrew John, lab., r. and Cass av. b. 17th 18th
Wykoff William, lab., bds. 367 n. Main
Wyland George lab., r. 371 n. Main
Wyles William W., stock yard, 835 Broadway, r. Broadway
Wylie Strother N., pilot, r. and Hebert b. 15th 16th
Wyman Charles H., lawyer, 2d sw. c. Pine
Wyman Edward, (Wyman, Banker, Carpenter & Co) r. 6 s. 15th
Wyman Henry P., clerk Hanenkamp & Hynes r. 6 s. 15th
Wyman Isaac, (Betts, & Mellen & Wyman) r. 220 Chesnut
Wyman J. C., machinist, bds. 343 n. 6th
Wyman Lewis R., clerk, Haggerty & Co., r. 184 n. 8th
Wyman Mary, wid. John, bds. ws. and Fulton b. Barry Marion
WYMAN, BANKER, CARPENTER & CO., Wyman, (Edward Nisbet, William Banker George W. Carpenter) George O. O'Fallon white lead and oil works 2d sw. c. Columbia
Wyse Joseph, carpenter, r. ws. Eugenia nr. 20th
XAUPI Edward J., teacher, dancing, 181 Washington av c. 4th, r. Washington av
YACK Jacob lab., r. 255 n. 12th
Yackey Nicholas B., clerk, Wm. F. Ulman, r. ns and Madison b. 13th 14th
Yackey Peter, policeman, r. ns. and Madison b. 13th 14th
Yaeger Conrad, lab., r. ss. and 10th b. Webster Chambers
Yaeger Henry C., (S. Brebaugh & Co) r. ws. al. b. and Wash Carr, 8th 9th
Yaeger Peter, patternmaker, r. 117 n. 11th
Yaegel Barbara, wid. Lucas, r. ns. Marion nr. Jackson
Yager Conrad, teamster, r. ws. and 25th b. Cass av. Davis
Yager Frederick, painter, r. 22 Gay
Yager Henry, plasterer, bds. 245 Wash
Yager Jacob, watchmaker, bds. 276 Morgan
Yager John, miller, r. ss. and Biddle b. 20th 21st
Yager Nicholas, wagonmaker, r. ws. al. b. and Jackson Columbus Carroll
Yager Robert, cooper, r. 350 n. 2d
Yagle Sebastian, ploughmaker, r. al. b. and Lafayette Soulard, Jackson Carondelet av
Yallowley Stephen B., (Yallowley & Gemmill) rooms 246 n. 5th
Yallowley & Gemmill, Yallowley (Stephen B. Gemmill) Joseph B. secondhand furniture, 246 n. 5th
Yampelius M., furnituredealer, and 7th Franklin av. r. al. b. Franklin av. Wash 7th 8th
Yandall John, moulder, J. T. Dowdall & Co
Yandell George, grocer, bds. 37 n. 6th
Yandell John, watchman, r. 207 n. 9th
YANDELL JOHN H., new and secondhand furniture and queensware, 183 Franklin av. r. n. 11th
Yane John, peddler, r. 423 s. 7th
Yant Valentine, carpenter, r. 13 Monroe
Yasper Henry, tailor, bds. 13th ne. c. Jefferson
Yasper Semon, lab., r. ns. 16th nr. Chambers
Yates Andrew J. Rev., bds. ss. and St. Charles b. 9th 10th
Yates Joseph H., (Spalding, Bell & Co) r. ss. and Pine b. 16th 17th
Yates William, machinist, P. RR., bds. ss. Cooper nr. Pratte av
Yauckum Anton, porter, 205 n. 6th
Yaügul Alouis, stonecutter, r. ws. and Ohio b. Cecile Buena Vista
Yaworsky Charles, porter, Nicolay & Meinhardt
Yeager John, cabinetmaker, bds. 215 s. 2d
Yeakel Henry, signpainter, bds. 122 O'Fallon
Yeakel Frederic, coachpainter, r. 24 Gay
Yeakel Louis, carpenter, bds. 122 O'Fallon
Yeale Michael, lab., r. 60 Cedar
Yealey Josephine, wid. John, r. and Salisbury, b. 9th 12th
Yeam Joseph soapmaker r. ns. and Franklin av. c. 22d 23d
Yearsley Thomas, boarding, 140 n. 7th, r.
Yeatman James A., clerk, bds. ws. near Broadway Grand avenue
Yeatman James E., (Yeatman, Robinson & Co) r. ws. Broadway nr. Grand av
YEATMAN, ROBINSON & CO., com. mers. Yeatman, (James E. Robinson George R. Garrard) James J. com. mers. 168 n. 2d
Yeats John W., (McEnnis & Co) r. 683 Morgan
Yeats Joseph H., (J. H. & W. A. Yeats) bds. and Ben Franklin dining saloon Olive Olive b. 4th 5th
Yeats Thomas, (Yeats & Henderson) bds. es. and 4th b. Olive Pine
Yeats William A., (J. H. & W. A. Yeats) bds. and Ben Franklin dining saloon Olive b. 4th 5th
YEATS & HENDERSON, Yates (Thomas Henderson) George plumbers, 113 Locust
Yeats J. H. & W. A. (Joseph H. Yeats) William A. bellows manufacturers, 293 Washington av. c. 14th
Yehlin Philip, carpenter, r. 425 s. 7th
Yelland Almond, clerk, bds. 593 Broadway
Yellitch Nicholas, saloon, 4 Vine, r. Vine
Yely William, printer, bds. 69 Main
Yengst Jacob, lab., r. 10 O'Fallon
Yennen Christian, shoemaker, r. 298 s. 5th
Yentsch John N., clerk, 173 Market, bds
Yerger Charles, shoemaker, rooms 371 n. Main
Yerger William, cooper, r. al. b. and 7th Fulton
Yerkey Peter, policeman, r. ns. and Madison b. 13th 14th
Yerrison r. 68 Carr
Yettens John, com. mer., bds. Wolf's Hotel
Yierce Louis, engineer, r. es. al. b. and Carondelet av. 7th nr. Barry
Yingen Nicholas, stovemounter, r. near Lafayette DeKalb
Yingle Nicholas, lab., r. es. and DeKalb, b. Lafayette L'esperance
Yingling J. H., bds. Louisiana Hotel
Yoackl George C., r. 113 n. 9th
Yoch August, drayman, r. ns. Monroe nr. 13th