St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Yolk Antonio, engineer, 135 n. 9th
Yonker Theodore, tailor, r. 287 n. 12th
Yoost Mary, wid. Michael, r. 238 s. 3d
Yoratzick Frank, saloon, same Fulton nw. c. Lafayette, r.
Yorking Henry, boxmaker, r. 14th sw. c. Biddle
YORE JOHN E., agent, James H. Lucas, r. ns. and Chesnut b. 8th 9th
Yore Patrick, captain, r. s. and 15th bet. Spruce Poplar
York John, currier, (col'd) bds. Chouteau av. c. 12th
York Albert, clerk, Porter, White & Co., bds. 97 s. 14th
Yost Adam, barkeeper, r. 273 Broadway
Yost Adam, finisher, r. Marion sw. c. 8th
Yost Frank, porter, Frederick Nagel, r. Soulard nr. 10th
Yost Hefty, lab., r. 2d nw. c. Convent
Yost Isaac S., foreman, Woodburn & Scott, r. 35 Ashley
Yost Jacob, blacksmith, r. and 7th bet. Soulard Carroll
Yost Jacob, porter, Teichmann & Co., r. al. bet. and 3d 5th, Convent Rutgers
Yost James H., salesman, Webster, Marsh & Co., rooms 85 n. Main
Yost James S., clerk, Woodburn & Scott, r. 35 Ashley
Yost Ludwig, brewer, bds. 155 s. 2d
Yost William, boxmaker, r. 364 s. 2d
Yosterman George, porter, r. and Buel bet. Lafayette Emmet
Young Abraham P., engineer, P. R. R., buildings r. P. R. R. buildings
Young Adam, driver, bds. 1140 Broadway
Young Adolph, finisher, Kingslands & Ferguson
Young Adrian D., salesman William M. Price, r. ws. and 14th b. Webster Chambers
Young Alexander, (Young Brothers & Co) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Young Andrew, puddler, r. 10 n. 2d, opp. N. M. R.R. track
Young Ann, wid. Thomas, r. 115 n. 12th
Young Charles, (Moder & Young) r. 137 Market
Young Charles, street contractor, r. 489 Carondelet avenue
Boung Christlieb, patternmaker, r. 6 Myrtle
Young Daniel, plumber, bds. 244 n. 11th
Young Daniel C., (Young Brothers & Co) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Young David, plasterer, r. 128 O'Fallon
Young George, clerk, J. H. Lock, r. 244 Market
Young Harmann, farmer, r. 416 s. 7th
Young Harvey, sheet iron worker, bds. 411 n. Main
Young Henry, carpenter, bds. 362 nr. 2d
Young Henry, conductor, Peoples' railway, bds. ns. of Park av. e. 2d Carondelet av
Young Jacob, drayman, r. 79 n. 15th
Young James (col'd) (Young & Parker) r. ws. and 11th b. Cass av. O'Fallon
Young James, stonecutter, bds. 37 St. Charles
Younk James J., printer, bds. 97 Pine
Young James P., clerk, Hayden & Wilson, bds. Everett House
Young Jeremiah F., secretary, Equitable Mutual Insurance Co., Chesnut sw. c. 3d
Young John, carpenter, r. al. b. and 8th 9th O'Fallon
Young John, carpenter, 207 n. 5th
Young John, carpenter, r. 78 n. 17th
Young John, saddler, 4 s. Main, r. ss. Gamble av. nr. High
Youngman John, shipcarpenter, r. ws. near 13th Howard
YOUNG JOHN M., justice of the peace, 150 n. 5th r. Christy av. ne. c. 12th
Young Joseph, boilermaker, bds 411 n. Main
Young Laura J., wid. Milton, r. ns. and Jefferson bet. Broadway 9th
Young Margaret, wid. Joseph, r. 411 n. Main
Young Mary, wid. William, boarding, 92 Collins
Young Mary C., wid. William, r. 308 n. 9th
Young Michael, lab., r. 122 Christy av
Young Nelson, law student, bds. High sw. c. Gamble av
Young Philo, clerk, Hayden & Wilson, bds. es. and 11th b. Clark av. Market
Young Robert L., clerk, Warne, Cheever & Co., bds. 167 Locust
Young Samuel, stonecutter, r. 160 n. Green
Young Thomas, lab., bds. 411 n. Main
Young Thomas, lab., r. es. and 9th b. Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Young Thomas S., (Young Brothers & Co) r. New York
Young William, (Wm. Young & Co) r. 189 Pine
Young William, lab., r. and Closey bet. Emmet Lafayette
Young William, shoemaker, and Franklin av. b. Pratte av. 26th
YOUNG WILLIAM, shoestore, 208 High, r.
Young William G., plasterer, bds. 38 s. 14th
Young William H., bds. 106 n. 4th
YOUNG BROTHERS & CO., Young, (Thomas S. Young, Alexander Young, David C. Wood, Chalres H. Perrine Charles Stone) William F. clothing, 135 n. Main
Young Wm. & Co., Young, (William Siegrist, John H. Northrop, William A. Comstock Ezra G. Lee) Francis wholesale clothiers, 106 n. Main
Young & Parker, Young (James Parker) George whitewashers, ws. al. b. and 3d 4th nr. Market
Youngan Mathias, lab., r. and Buel b. Lafayette Emmet
Younger Charles, lab., r. and Gravois rd. b. McNair av. Oneota
Younger Frederick, carpenter, r. 265 n. 12th
Younger George, shoemaker, r. Menard sw. c. Marion
Youngin Joseph, tailor, r. and Rosatti b. Lafayette Emmet
Youngs Catherine, wid. John, r. ws. 14th nr. Jefferson
Younker Bernard, lab., r. b. and Menard Rosatti nr. Allen av
Yoxall John, clerk, Thayer, Hart & Co., r. 206 Washington av
Yule Alexander, grainer, r. and 22d b. Division O'Fallon
Yule John, tanner, r. Columbus sw. c. Anna
Yunghuntz Henry, baker, r. ss. Rutgers nr. 5th
Yunker wid. Henry, r. 237 n. 8th
Yuner Christian, tailor, bds. 204 s. 3d
Yut Anton, lab., r. ss. Marion nr. Jackson
Yut Christian, saddler, r. ss. Marion nr. Jackson
Yut John, saddler, r. ss. Marion nr. Jackson
Yut Joseph A., cooper, r. es. al. b. and Jackson Columbus nr. Marion
Yateman Henry, lab., r. ns. and Dorcas b. 2d 3d
ZAAB George, patternmaker, r. ss. and Autumn b. South Stoddard
Zaccarini Louis, saloon, 52 Washington av., r.
Zacharig Frederick, milkman, r. ws. Buel nr. Carroll
Zacheisz Henry, carpenter, r. ss. and Gratiot b. 8th Catalpa
Zacheisz Peter, shoemaker, r. and 5th b. Cerre Gratiot
Zacher Christian, cooper, bds. es. and 14th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Zachritz, Frederick, barber, r. 491 Morgan
Zachritz Frederick W., steamboatman, r. es. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Zackeiss Henry, tailor, bds. 238 n. 12th
Zaeller Katherine, wid. George, r. Buel ne. c. Lafayette
Zaemmel William, stonecutter r. es. near 20th n. Market