St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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BromleyJohn,new and secondhand furniture and queensware, 103 and 105 n. 11th, r. same
BrommDaniel,cooper,r. 56 Webster
BromumGeorge,carpenter, av.b. 10th and 11th
BromschewigHenry, clk. H. Y. Wessling & Co.,11th sw.c. Biddle
BromschewigHerman,(H. Y. Wessling & Co.,)r.11th sw.c. Biddle
BronerJohnF.,clerk, 246 Broadway, bds. Frederic House
BronganJames,lab.r. 50 Orange
BronkutAnglebert,r. 279 Carondelet av
BronoCharles,(Brono & Pahlmann,)r. 285 s. 3d
Brono & Pahlmann,Charles,Brono & Pahlmann,)Charlesgrocers,Convent, se.c. 3d
BronsHenry, b. 4th and 5th
BronsonMary, wid. Horace, seamstress,r. 110 n. 11th
BrontroftFrederick, alley b.8th and 9th, and Biddle and O'Fallon
BrookCharles,tobacconist,r ns.Franklin av.b. 20th and 21st
BrookGeorge,sawmaker, 873 Broadway
BrookJohn,clk.r.Christy av.b. 23d and 24th
BrookeEdwardG.,deputy marshall,r.b.Harvey and Government
BrookeGeorge,peddler,r. 69 n. 16th
BrookeJohn,plumber, b. Labadie and Convent
BrookeWilliamMc.,(Heath & Brooke,) 85 n. 9th, r. 102 Wash
BrookerCharles, officer workhouse, rd. near McNair
BrookesFrederick,riverman,r. 49 Elm
BrookesHenry,lab.,r. 74 Elm
BROOKESJAMESH.,Rev.,r. 92 Walnut
BrookesJohnE.,(John E. Brookes & Co.,)r. 329 Washington av
Brookes John E. & Co.,Brookes(JohnE. and Conrad,)Peter ice dealers,Lewis ne.c. Smith, Office 59 Commercial
BrooklinFrank,teamster,r.10th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
BrookmanWilliam,brickmaker, near Marion
BrookmeirJamesH., salesman, S. & J. Hamill, rooms ws. 5th bet. Chesnut and Pine
BrooksBenjamin,deputy harbor master,r. 306 s. 7th
BrooksBenjamin, meat market, 28 Central Market, r. at Rockspring
BrooksCharles,tobacconist,r.ns.Franklin 20th and 21st
BrooksClarence,M.,carpenter,r.ns.Morgan bet. 23d and 24th
BrooksCyrus, brakeman, Pacific R. R.,r. 50 s. 5th
BROOKSEDWARD,ins. agt.,sw.c.Main and Pine r. 244 Olive
BrooksGeorgeW.,liquor, 11 Market, bds. Everett House
BrooksGuriah,r.Magazine, nr. Fillmore av
BrooksHenry,lab.,r.Elm bet. 4th and 5th
BrooksJames,machinist,r. 316 n. 6th
Brooks,JamesT.(H. Tiffin & Co.,)r. 320 6th
BrooksJenny, widow, seamstress,r. 149 Morgan
BrooksJohn,cigar maker,bds. 447 Broadway
BrooksJohn,shoemaker, bet. Clarke av. and Market
BrooksJohnson,contractor,r. 172 n. 8th
BrooksJoseph,butcher, 24 Central Mkt, Gravois rd. near Jefferson av
BrooksJoseph,(col'd,) musician, 18 Walnut, Barlow and Beckwith and Chouteau av. and Gratoit
BROOKSJOSEPHRev., editor Central Christian Advocate, and Malinckrodt
BrooksW.,trunkmaker,bds.12th, se.c. Olive
BrooksM. G.,wid. Peter,r. 183 Locust
BrooksMarthaE.,teacher,bds. 49 n. 6th
BrooksMary,wid. William,bds. 396 n. 7th
BrooksSamuelR., machinist,bds. 294 Olive
BrooksTheodoreM.,trunkmaker, and Olive
BrooksThomascattle dealer,r.ns.Chouteau Grand av. and Manchester road
BrooksThomasR., salesman, S. & J. Hamill,r. 294 Olive
BrooksTinleyW.,printer, and Mallinckrodt
BrooksWilliam,shipcarpenter,r. 102 Mound
BrooksWilliamP.,(col'd,) wood and coal, 147 n. 7th r. rear 104 n. 14th
BroomJohn,harness maker,bds.O'Fallon, nr. 10th
BroomfieldWilliamW., wines and liquors,Commercial bet. Morgan and Green, r. same
BroonFrederick,teamster,r.Emmet. near Julia
BrophyJohn, cigar maker, & Estelle
BropheyJohn,lab.,r. rear 129 O'Fallon
BrophyMichael,miller,r. 226 Biddle
BrophyPeter,miller,bds. 226 Biddle
BrophyWilliamH.,policeman,r.sw.c.11th and Franklin av
BrosebFrederick,tinsmith, bet. Spruce and Myrtle
BroschJohn,shoemaker, av. near Fulton
BroschWenzel,shoemaker, av. near Fulton
BroserJoseph, tailor,r.Closey bet. Emmet & Julia
BrosighHerman,cigar maker,bds. 240 Franklin av
BroslerIgnaz,driver, Harper and Dorcas
BrosnahanDennis, drayman, Weirick, Scudder & Co
BrosnahanJeremiah, porter, Weirick, Scudder & Co
BrosnahanJeremiah,tailor,r. 116 Carr
BrocherHowardJ.,(D. A. January & Co.,)bds 201 Locust
BrothersMichael,lab.,r. rear 231 n. 14th
BrothertonJohn,(Brotherton & Sturgeon,)r. 265 Olive
BrothertonJosephH.,com.mer.r.Lucas, sw.c. 16th
Brot hertonLyneS.,ticket agt,P. R. R.r. 76 n. 5th
RrothertonMarshall,r. 212 Olive
BROTHERTON & STURGEON,Brotherton(John and Sturgeon,)ThomasL. sawmills and lumber yard,Jefferson se.c. 2d
BroughBarbara, wid. Bernard, washing,r.Clark avbet. 14th and Centre
BrouinkGazera,teacher,r.ns.Papin, nr. 15th
BrouanGeorge,lab., R. R., near 22d
BrounsWilliam,confectioner, 44 Franklin av
BrousCharles,saloon, 60 Franklin av
BrousFrederick,barkeeper, 60 Franklin av
BrowdoiszkeAnneE., wid. John, 258 s. 7th
BroviousGeorge,painter,r.ns.15th bet. Walnut and Clark av
BrovoIgnatins,r. 213 s. 2d
BROVOJOSEPH,saloon, 213 s. 2d, r. same
BrowderJosephA.,foreman, 19th and 20th
BrowerEliphalet,stonecutter,bds.2d, c. O'Fallon
BrowerHenry,lab.,r.13th ne.c. Madison
BrowferJane, wid. John,r.Jackson c. Lami
BrowisGeorge,painter,bds. 38 s. 10th
Brown,bookkeeper,bds. 210 Market
Brown,machinist on P. R.R.,bds.sw.c.Cooper and Pratte av
BrownAdam,lab.,r.ns.Franklin 16th and 17th
BrownAdam,steamboat steward, bet. Barry and Marion
BrownAlbert,tinner,r.ns.7th bet. Green and Washington av
BrownAlexander,(Brown & Bro.)r. 155 Franklin avenue
BrownAmanda, wid. William H.,r. 497 n. 9th
BrownAndrew,clerk, I. M. R. R.,r.Allenton, Mo
BrownAnn,(col'd) washerwoman, and 9th near Walnut
BrownAnn,wid. Michael,r. 52 Carr
BrownAnson,salesman, Edwin Brown,r. 67 St. Charles
BrownArchibald,lab.,bds.Missouri Hotel