St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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BrownArthur,lab.,r. 13 Florida
BrownArthur,lab.,r. 176 Green
BROWNB. GRATZ,pres.Citizens' Railway Co.,r.ns.Morgan b. 17th and 18th
BrownBenoni,moulder,r.10th nw.c. Cass av
BrownCatharine,wid. Patrick,r. 178 Wash
BrownCharles, bookkeeper, H. J. Kuntz,r. 59 s. 2d
BrownCharles,cook,r. 159 n. 14th
BrownCharles,daguerrean,bds. 245 Broadway
BrownCharles,daguerrean, 105 Spruce, bds. O'Fallon House
BrownCharles,shipcarpenter,r. 11 Mound
BrownCharles, tinsmith,bds.Keelty's Hotel
BrownCharlesH., bookkeeper, Helfenstein, Gore & Co.,bds.Merchants' Dining Saloon
BrownCornelius,blackstaith,r. rear 76 s. 3d
BrownDaniel,tinner,bds. 110 n. 7th
BrownDavid,lab., b. Biddle & O'Fallon
BrownDavidP.,carpenter,r.n.11th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
BrownDavidP.,clerk,r. 11 n. 11th
BrownDeitrich,lab.,r. 191 n. 9th
BrownDeWittC.W.,(Brown, Higgs & Co.)bds.King's Hotel
BrownDickson,cook,Merchants' Dining Saloon
BrownDominic,teamster,r.12th sw.c. Clark av
BrownDuncan,bootfitter,r.ns.Christy av.b. 22d and 23d
BrownE.,(J. E. Cross & Co.)r. at Dayton, O
BrownEdward,boarding,7th nw.c. Carr, r. same
BrownEdwardJ.,(J. M, Bemis & Co.)bds. 167 Locust
BROWNEDWIN,boots and shoes, 129 n. Main, bds. Barnum's Hotel
BROWNEGBERTB.,r. 315 Chesnut
BrownElizabeth,wid. Wendelin, near Wood
BrownElizabeth,wid. William,ws.Main b. Labeaume and Webster
BrownEmma, b. Angelrodt and Buchanan
BrownEnoch,carpenter,r. 364 n. 9th
BrownFlorence, porter, Springer & Wannall, b. Carr and Wash
BrownFrancis,lab., near Wood
BrownFrank,foreman livery stable,bds. 245 Broadway
BrownFrederickJ.,machinist,rP. R. R. bldgs
BrownGeorge,carpenter,bds. 142 n. 7th
BrownGeorge,clerk,r. 177 Carondelet av
BrownGeorge,finisher,r.Marion nw.c. Jackson
BrownGeorge,meatdealer,r. 79 n. 15th
BrownGeorgeE.,salesman,r. 13 n. 10th
BrownGeorgeF., com. agt.,bds. 164 s. 4th
BrownGeorgeW.,mate,bds.Panama House
BrownGeorgeW.,lawyer,r. 299 Morgan
BrownGustavus,(A. Seemuller & Co.)r. 46 Olive
BrownHelena,wid. John, dressmaker,r. 109 s. 7th
BrownHenry,baker, 369 s. 5th, r. same
BrownHenry,lab.,r.Adolph b. Estelle and 21st
BrownHenry,lab.,r. 148 Wash
BrownHenry,teamster, av.
BrownHenryR.,bookkeeper,r. 138 Olive and 7th and Geyer and Allen av
BrownHenryS., clerk, Adams Express Co.,r. 313 Pine
BrownHugh,plasterer,bds. 265 Market
BrownIsaacV.,(Brown & Co.)bds.Planters'
BrownJ. B.,clerk,bds. 302 Broadway
BROWNJ. SIDNEY,artist, 82 n. 4th, rooms same
BrownJ. Smith,clerk,bds. 39 n. 6th
BrownJacob,carpenter,r. 121 Gay
BrownJacob,lab., b. DeKalb and Columbus
BrownJames, av. and Wash
BrownJames,bricklayer,bds. 34 s. 10th
BrownJames,carpenter,bds. 159 St. Charles
BrownJames,carpenter,bds. 243 Morgan
BrownJames,plasterer, b. 21st and 22d
BrownJames,,jr., clerk, John J. Anderson & Co.,r. 224 Locust
BrownJamesG.,(Brown & Co.)r. 189 Chesnut
BrownJamesN.,engineer, b. 9th and 10th
BrownJane,(col'd) washerwoman, and Olive
BrownJane,wid. William,r. 250 Olive
BrownJeremiah,blacksmith, b. Webster and Chambers
BrownJohn,(Runyan, Brown & Co.)r 239 Pine
BrownJohn,ostler,bds. 1151 Broadway
BrownJohn,lab.,r.O'Fallon b. 5th and 6th
BrownJohn,lab., and Columbus near Marion
BrownJohn,lab., b. Biddle and O'Fallon
BrownJohn,lab.,r. rear 255 n. 14th
BrownJohn,musician, 59 n. 10th, r. same
BrownJohn,riverman,bds 201 Broadway
BrownJohn,steward,bds. 58 s. 3d
BrownJohnC.,lawyer,bds. 28 Labeaume
BrownJohnD.,patternmaker,r. 168 n. 14th
BrownJohnG., salesman, Wilson, Brother & Co.,bds.Virginia Hotel
BrownJohnR.,carpenter,bds. 138 n. 13th
BrownJohnT.,patternmaker, b. Wash and Carr
BrownJonas, salesman, Thayer, Hart & Co.,r. 161 Green
BROWNJOSEPH, Office 85 n. 2d, bds. Barnum's Hotel
BrownJoseph,lab., nr. Wood
BrownJoseph,teamster,r.Pine ne.c. 17th
BrownJosephA.,lawyer, 2 Kennett's building, r. 173 Olive
BROWNJOSEPHM.,clothier, 172 n. Main, r. 36 Howard
BrownJosephTh., near Webster
BrownLewis,(col'd) porter,r.Randolph b. 12th and 14th
BrownLouis,painter, rooms 197 n. 4th
BrownLouisa,wid. Charles, seamstress, b. Carondelet av. and Jackson
BrownM.,(J. E. Cross & Co.)r.Dayton, Ohio
BrownMargaret,wid. Daniel,bds, 50 s. 10th
BrownMargaret,wid. John,r.Ulrici b. Poplar and Randolph
BrownMarthaH. P.,r. 182 n. 7th
BrownMary,wid. Herman,r. 108 n. 11th
BrownMary,wid. John,r. 104 n. 7th
BrownMaryE., saleswoman, Rosenheim & Collins,bds. 105 Washington av
BrownMaryJ.,wid. William,r. 347 Morgan
BrownMatilda,wid. James,r. rear 531 Broadway
BrownMaurice,contractor,bds.O'Fallon House s. 7th
BrownMorris,(Brown & Bro.,)r. 155 Franklin av
BrownNicholas,lab.,r.Davis b. 18th and 19th
BrownNicholas,photographer, &c., 41 n. 4th, r. 59 n, 8th
BrownPatrick,lab.,r. 449 Market
BrownPatrick, moulder, J. T. Dowdall & Co
BrownPatrick,plumber, b. Spruce and Poplar
BrownPatrickB.,clerkHoratio Page,
BrownPeter,wagonmaker,bds. 245 Wash
BrownRay, ticket agent O. & M. R. R., 99 s. 14th
BrownRichardcontractor, 183 n. 13th, r. same
BrownRichard,pattern-filer, b. Angelrodt and Buchanan
BrownRobert,carpenter, b. Chambers and Madison
BrownRobert,lab.,r.18th b. Mullanphy and Cass av
BrownSamuel,tinner,Oliver D. Filley
BrownSamuel,(Tuttle & Brown)r. 11 n. 11th
BrownSamuelB., cashier J. E. Cross & Co.,Chesnut nw.c. 11th
BrownSarah,school teacherBuel nw.c. Soulard, r. Papin nr. 14th
BrownSarah,wid. James,r. 46 n. 10th
BrownSimon,driver,bds. 133 n. 5th
BrownSquire,(col'd) drayman,r.Pratte Chouteau av
BrownStephen,lab.,Lami street planing mill