St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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BrownTheodoreM.,music teacher,bds. 39 n. 6th
BrownThomas, clerk, Runyan, Brown & Co.,r.Kirkwood
BrownThomas,boatman, and Washington 7th
BrownThomas,(col'd) lab., and Columbus nr. Barry
BrownThomas,lab.,r. rear ns.O'Fallon b. 22d and 23d
BrownThomas,moulder,r. rear 233 s. 3d
BrownThomas,tailor, and 9th nr. Cass avenue
BrownThomas, treasurer O. & M. R. R., and (Runyan, Brown & Co.,)r. 224 Locust
BrownThomasB.,(Easterly & Brown) b. Franklin av. and Wash
BrownWalterA.,carpenter, rear 93 n. 11th, r. 138 n. 13th
BrownWilliam,barrel factory,es.10th b. Walnut and Clark av., 10th b. Market and Clark avenue
BrownWilliam,carpenter,r.ns.Soulard b. 8th and 9th
BrownWilliam,furniture dealer, 141 n. 7th, r, same
BrownWilliam,lab.,bds. 135 Collins
BrownWilliam,lab., and Columbus nr. Marion
BrownWilliam,photographist, 70 n. 4th, r. Park 8th
BrownWilliam,stucco work,bds. 45 Poplar
BrownWilliamH.,(A. J. McCreery & Co.)bds.Virginia Hotel
BrownWilliamH.,physician, 290 Morgan, r. same
BROWNWILLIAMJ., bookkeeper Hope lns. Co.,bds. 241 Pine
BrownWilliamJ.,salesman,r. 100 s. 5th
BrownWilliamM , clerk, Yeatman, Robinson & Co., Charles b. 9th and 10th
BrownWilliamP.,bds. 109 n. 3d
BrownWray, agent O. & M. R. R,r. 105 n. 13th
Brown & Bro.,Alexander and Brown,)Morrisclothiers, 155 Franklin av
BROWN & CO.,(Isaac V. and James G.)silks and fancy goods wholesale, 78 n. Main
Brown & Meyer,BrownSamuelC. and Meyer)GeorgeH.saloon,Gravois road nr. Grand av.,r. same
Brown, Higgs & Co.,Brown,DewittC. W.HiggsAugustusT. and general com. mers., 23 Vine
BrownJamesA.,(Brown & Co.)r. 236 n. 5th
BrowneRobertH.,(Triplette, Browne & Co.)r. 138 Chesnut
BROWNE & CO.,Browne,JamesA.MartinJamesC. and Reynolds)WilliamJ.whiteners, 47 Pine
BrownellJames,bartender, 53 Olive, r. same
BrownellL.,musician,bds. 354 Broadway
BrowneyJohnH.,tobacconist,r. 148 Wash
BrownfieldCharlesE.,moulder,es.11th near Angelrodt
BrownfieldDavid,moulder, road nr. 9th
BrowningAndresJ.,foundryman,r. 34 Hazel
BrowningBenjamin,painter, rooms 123 n. 3d
BrowningEbenezer,printer,r. 118 n. 6th
BrowningRobert,sawyer,r.sw.c.Spruce and 13th
BrownleeDavid,(Brownlee, Homer & Co.,)bds.Virginia Hotel
BrownleeJohn,brickmaker,r. 443 n. Main
BrownleeJohnA.,prest.Merchants' Bank of St. Louis and (Brownlee, Homer & Co.,) and prest. Millers' and Mnf'rs ins co.,r.8th sw.c. Pine
BROWNLEE, HOMER & CO.,Brownlee,JohnA.RexJohn and Tracey,)CharlesF.who. druggists. 75 n. Main, and 72 Commercial alley
BROWNLOWCHARLESV.,sculptor, 31 n. 2d, r. same
BrownsbergerJohnB..saddler,bds.Denison House
BrownsellIsaac,boots and shoes, 167 Franklin av.bds. 73 n. 9th
BroyowskyJoseph,shoemaker,ss.Soulard bet. Buel and Menard
BruaGeorgeB.,boarding 27 n. 6th, r. same
BRUCEELIW.,com. mer. 102 n. 2d r. 188 Olive
BruceGeorge,brickmoulder,r.Adolph, nw.c. Estelle
BruceHenryE.,confectioner,bds.ns.Morgan bet. 12th and 13th
BruceJames,confectioner, 180 Market, r same
BruceLawrence,stonecutter,bds. 96 Olive
BruchAdam,r.Main ne.c. Mulberry
BruchAdam,cabinetmaker,r. 114 n. 13th
BRUCHFREDERICK,boarding, 82 s. Main
BRUCHJOHN,boarding and saloon,ne.c.Main and Mulberry
BruekaFrederick,lab.,r. 162 n. 13th
BruckerAdam,(Muhlfeld & Brucker,)r. 344 Broadway
BruckerCharles,clerk,bds.Pratte avenue, ne.c. Morgan
BruckerJoseph,r. 152 s. 2d
BruckerJoseph, jr., salesman, McClelland, Scruggs and Co.,r. 152 s. 2d
BruckmanLewis,(Taussig and Bruckman)r.s.9th bet. Barry and Marion
BruckmannHenry,lab., lab.,bds.Soulard ne.c. Rosatti
BruckmeierHenry,translator,r. 71 s. 7th
BrucknerAdam,lab.,r. 196 Biddle
BrucksJohn,machinist,bds 241 s. 4th
BruderHenry,harnessmaker,r. 127 Franklin av
BruderJohn, porter, Manny, Drake & Co., r.ssBenton, bet. 13th and 14th
BruderJohn,tailor,r. 215 Carondelet av
BruderlinAlbert,carpenter,r. 267 n. 12th
BruderlinJacob,carpenter,r. 267 n. 12th
BrudnaFrank,shoemaker,Marion se.c. Fulton
BrueckmannPhillip,shoemaker,r. 287 Carondelet
BruecknerFelix,(Bruckner and Wies,)Ferdinand druggists, 65 s. 7th
BrueggemannAdolphus,baker,bds. 456 n. Main
BrueggemanaBernard,tailor, 313 s. 2d, r. same
BrueggemannHenry,tailor, bet. 7th and Fulton
BruehlMichael,cooper, bet. Chambers and Madison
BruelheidePeter,shoemaker, rooms 182 Biddle
BruemanFrederick,carpenter, 173 O'Fallon
BruenJohn,flour packer,r. 7 Lebeaume
BruenJoseph,r. 34 Orange
BruenellHenry,contractor, bet. Emmet and Lafayette
BrueningFerdinand,brewer, bet Franklin av. and Wash
BrueningLouis,(Wetekamp and Bruening,) bet Franklin av. and Wash
BruensAugust,oilcloth painter, w. of High
BruerConrad,lab., 174 n. 13th
BruerJacob,lab,, av. near Decatur
BruffBenjaminF., bookkeeper, United States Express Co.,bds. 118 n. 9th
BrugelMichael,soda driver,bds.Market ne.c. 13th
BrugenHenry,teamster, near n. Market
BrugenthiesJoseph,lab.,bds. 164 n. 10th
BrugerLina,wid., John,r. 114 n. 16th
BruggemanErnst,tailor,r. 282 Franklin av
BRUGGEMANNAUGUST,cigars and tobacco 163 Franklin av.r. same
BruggemannBernard,brickmaker, bet. Bellefontaine and 11th
BruggemannBernard,gardener,r.Shenandoah and Compton av
BruggemannHenry,wagonmaker,bds.Rock Springs
BruggemannJohnF. W.,lab., bet. Emily and Pratte av
BruggemannJohnH.,tailor and clothier,Soulard ne.c. Decatur, r. same
BruggerhoffFrederick,market master, b. Hickory and Rutgers
BruggermannHenry,lab.,bds. 484 n. Main
BruggingGeorgeW.,shoemaker,r. 95 O'Fallon