St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Burgin John, clerk, r. ss. and Mulberry bet. 3d 4th
Burgmeier Anton, lab., bds. 280 n, Market
Burgoltz Henry W., fire depot, r. No. 3 engine house bet. Elm Myrtle
Burgoyne David N., dry goods and clothing, 44 n. Main, r. n. 8th
Burgstate Henry, bricklayer, bds. 80 Franklin av
Burgy Sebastian, saloon, 830 Broadway, r.
Buriem Joseph, finisher, r. ws. and Fulton bet. Park av Barry
Burk Bridget, wid. James, r. 199 n. 2d
Burk Finley, riverman, (col'd) bds. es. al. bet. and 8th 9th n. Walnut
Burk Francis, boarding, 220 n. 2d
Burk Henry J., fire depot, r. N.o. 3, engine house, bet. Elm Myrtle
Burk J. J., telegraph operator, bds. 302 Broadway
Burk James, carpenter, r. 64 n. 17th
Burk James, drayman, r. n. and 10th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Burk James, lab., r. 3 Waddingham
Burk John, drayman, r. al. bet. and 12th 13th, s. Cass av
Burk John, lab., r. 4 Waddingham
Burk John, packer, John J. Roe &
Burk John, porter, r. al. bet. and 11th 12th, s. Cass av
Burk John, steamboatman, r. 322 s. 11th
Burk Patrick, clerk Alton Packet Co., bds. N. Y. dining saloon
Burk Patrick, lab., r. and Christy av. bet. 22nd 23d
Burk R. A., clerk, bds, 302 Broadway
Burk Richard, cooper, r. 109 O'Fallon
Burk Richard, lab., r. 93 Wash
Burk Thomas, lab., r. 14 Myrtle
Burk William, lab., bds. 41 s. Levee
Burkart Louis, lab., bds. ws. and Decatur bet. Lafayette Soulard
Burkart Wolfgang, watchmaker, r. ws. and Decatur bet. Lafayette Soulard
Burkdolph Christian, teamster, r. and Lami, bet. Jackson Columbus
Burke Alexander, lab., r, al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th 8th
Burke Anna C., teacher, bds. 82 n. 16th
Burke Anthony, lab., r. es. near Lewis O'Fallon
Burke Catharine, wid. Patrick, washerwoman, r. es. and 21st bet Morgan Franklin av
Burke Catharine, wid. Ulick, dry goods, 39 n. 12th
Burke Charles, lab., r. nw. c. and 20th Biddle
Burke Christian, blacksmith, r. 150 s. 2d
Burke Christopher, blacksmith, r. 2d, c. Poplar
Burke Cornelius, butcher, 12 Biddle Market, r. Marphy's addition
Burke Cornelius, lab., r. 872 Broadway
Burke Daniel, lab., bds. es. and 9th bet. Malinckrodt Destrehan
Burke Dominick, carpenter, bds. 72 Morgan
BURKE EDMUND, employment office, 66 Chesnut, r. ss. Carr bet. 21st 22nd
Burke Edward, porter, r. es. al. bet. and 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Burke Edmund, stonecutter, r. 146 Orange
Burke Edmund, laborer, r. 138 n. 9th
Burke Edward, lab., r. es. near 14th Webster
Burke Edward, painter, 102 Olive
Burke Ellen, wid. Garret. r. rear O'Fallon bet. 22nd 23d
Burke Francis, r. ss. and Morgan, bet. Beaumont Pratte av
Burke Frances, L., wid. William r. 61 Mullanphy
Burke George, plasterer, r. 40 Gay
Burke James, carpenter, r. 135 Gay
Burke James, carpenter, r. 51 n. 17th
Burke James, lab., r. near Buchanan 12th
Burke James, lab., Hickory se. c. 8th
Burke John, bartender, r. 339 Morgan
Burke John, drayman, r. es. and Barlow bet. Chouteau av. Gratiot
Burke John, lab., r. 168 n. 10th
Burke John, lab., r. n. and Levee b. Biddle Ashley
Burke John, Iab. r. 178 Green
Burke John, lab., r. ss. and Wash bet. 24th Pratte av
Burke John, lab., r. ss. and Biddle bet. 20th 21st
Burke John, soda maker, r. alley bet. Spruce Clark av. 14th 15th
Burke Joseph, lab., r. es. al. bet. and 9th 10th, Biddle O'Fallon
Burke Lawrence, gardener, r. al. bet. and Park av Carroll, Rosatti 13th
Burke Lawrence D., grocer, same Wash, ne. c. 7th, r.
Burke Margaret, wid. r. 183 Christy av
Burke Margaret, wid. Patrick, r. rear 87 n. 9th
Burke Martin, (Boyd, Burke & Co.,) r. 105 n. 16th
Burke Martin, drayman, r. sw. c and Wash 21st
Burke Mary, wid. John,saloon 9 Morgan, r.
Burke Mary, wid. Peter, dress maker, 17th nw. c. Market
Burke Matthew, carpenter, r. ss. and Carr bet. 23d 24th
Burke Michael, drayman, r. Rutgers, se. c. 8th
Burke Michael, lab., bds. 94 n. Levee
Burke Michael, lab., bds. rear 87 n. 9th
Burke Michael, lab., r. es. al b. and Walnut Clark av
Burke Michael, lab., r. 21st ne. c. Morgan
Burke Michael, watchman, r. ss. Rutgers nr. 6th
Burke Osborn, horseshoer, ws. n. and 2d bet. Jefferson Madison, r. 10th bet. Madison Chambers
Burke Patrick, clerk, bds. and Clark av. b. 20th 21st
Burke Patrick, lab., bds. rear 87 n. 9th
Burke Patrick, lab., r. near Main Mulberry
Burke Patrick, laborer, r. 241 n. 2nd
Burke Patrick, lab., r. ns. near Hempstead n. 1st
Burke Patrick, lab., r, ss. and Orange b. 22nd 23d
Burke Patrick, saloon, 87 and 94 n. Levee
Burke Patrick, plasterer, r. ns. Cass av. nr. 11th
Burke Peter, painter, 17th nw. c. Market
Burke Peter, stonecutter, r. rear 160 n. 10th
Burke Richard, cooper, 109 O'Fallon
Burke Richard A., foreman, H. J. Chase & Co., bds. Washington Hotel
Burke Sarah E., teacher, bds. 82 n. 16th
Burke Thomas, carpenter, r. ns. and Division bet. 24th 25th
Burke Thomas, chipper, r. al. bet. and 7th 8th Biddle
BURKE THOMAS, com., prod. 27 and 29 Commercial, r. ss. Clark av. bet. Adolph Mercer
Burke Thomas, drayman, r. and Spruce bet. 12th 13th
Burke Thomas, lab. bds, rear 87 n. 9th
Burke Thomas, lab., r. al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon, 7th 8th
Burke Thomas, lab., bds. and 14th Angelica
Burke Thomas, lab., r. Lewis se. c. O'Fallon
Burke Thomas, lab., r. and O'Fallon bet. 18th 19th
Burke Thomas, lab., r. ws. alley bet. Smith Bates, Lewis Main
BURKE THOMAS, Rev., r. ws. Decatur nr. Park av
Burke Walter, policeman, r. ss. Rutgers nr. 9th
Burke Wensel, r. and Rosatti bet. Lafayette Soulard
Burke William, carpenter, bds. 16th sw. c. Market
Burke William, lab., bds. 66 s Main
Burke William, lab., r. ns. and Carr bet. 20th 21st
Burke William, watchman, r. c. and 21st Carr
Burke William S., painter, r. 17th nw. c. Market
Burkel Jacob, baker, 359 Carondelet av
Burkhard George, tailor, 242 s. 2nd
Burkhardt John G., dry goods, 124 s. 2d, r.
Burkhardt John H., boot and shoes, 116 s. 2nd, r.
Burkhart Ann M. wid., Simon, r. 133 Bildde
Burkhart John, porter, John Hefty
Burkhart Martin, glassblower, bds. es. and Columbus bet. L'esperance Picotte
Burkhart Meinard, boarding, 133 Biddle
Burkhart Raphael, cooper, bds. 133 Biddle
Burkholder John, sexton, r. 90 Walnut
Burkman John, carpenter, r. and Walnut bet. Pratte Beaumont avs