St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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CaistanMary, wid. John,r. 208 Franklin av
CAJACOBCHARLES,tinsmith, 62 s. 2nd, r. 84 3rd
CajacobPhillip,confectioner,r. 84 s. 3d
CalaghanPatrick,lab.,r.c.Lami and Columbus
CalahanPatrick,porter, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
CalahanTimothy,lab., and 12th s. of Cass av
CalahanWilliam,lab.,r. 61 Orange
CalcuttWilliamB.,painter,r. 268 n. 8th
CaldwellAndrewJ.,printer,bds. 198 Olive
CaldwellH.,riverman,bds. 302 Broadway
CaldwellHenry,machinist,bds. 51 Wash
Read,CaldwellJ.(Marsh & Caldwell)bds.Planters' House
CaldwellMaria,r. 198 Olive
CalebOliver,teacher,r. 33 n. 5th
CalhounAlexander,moulder, b. Bates and Smith
CalhounElizabeth, wid. David,r. 208 Washington av
CalhounNorwillJ.,com. mer. 2 City Buildings, r. 136 s. 5th
CaliharDennis,lab.,r. 190 Wash
CallAlbert, watchmaker, Prouhitt & Witt,r.9th nw.c. Spring
CallCharles,driver,bds.Lewellyn's House
CallJacob, tobacco roller, Goodwin, roller, Goodwin, Murray & Co
CallPhillip,drayman, bet. 24th and 25th
CallaganPatrick,lab., b. Penrose and Bremen av
CallaghanAnne, wid. Thomas,r. 100 Christy av
CallaghanCatharine,r. 100 Christy av
CallaghanCharles,lab.,bds.s.14th b. Poplar and Randolph
CallaghanDaniel,lab.,r. 848 Broadway
CallaghanJames,lab.,r. 44 Cherry
CallaghanJohn,(Keefe & Callaghan)r. 91 n. Levee
CallaghanJohn,lab.,r. 100 Christy av
CallaghanOwen,grocer, 852 Broadway, r. same
CallaghanPatrick,lab.,r. 100 Christy av
CallaghanPatrick,teamster,r. 46 n. 10th
CallaghanThomas,lab.,Biddle & O' and 7th and 8th
CallaghanWilliam,lab., b. Penrose and Bremen av
CallahanAnderson,cooper,r.ns.Soulard nr. 8th
CallahanAnderson,cooper,r.ns.Soulard nr. 8th
CallahanCharlesM.,barkeeper,bds.Planters' House
CallahanCornelius,lab.,r. 119 O'Fallon
CallahanCornelius,lab.,bds.7th nw.c. Carr
CallahanDaniel,driver, c. 19th
CallahanDenison,cooper,r. Soulard sw.c. Fulton
CallahanEdward, and O'Fallon
CallahanIgnatius,cooper,r.ns.Laclede av. near Wedge House
CallahanJohn,lab.,r. 458 n. Main
CallahanJeremiah,deckhand,r. 278 Chesnut
CallahanJohn, porter, J. & E. Walsh,r. Main bet. Green and Washington av
CallahanJohnC.,cordwainer,r. 150 Chesnut
CALLAHANJOHNP.,liquors, 47 n. Levee, r. Spruce b. High and Naomi
CallahanMartin,teamster,r. 157 n. 11th
CallahanMary,wid. Patrick, boarding,boarding, 35 Biddle
CallahanMary,wid. Timothy,r. 95 Christy av
CallahanMichael,lab.,r. 14 Myrtle
CallahanMichael,metertender, bet. Gratiot and Chouteau av
CallahanMichael,teamster,r.Lynch sw.c. Buel
CallahanPatrick,carpenter,r. 181 Orange
CallahanPatrick,lab., b. O'Fallon and Cass av
CallahanRichard,carpenter,r.ns.Orange bet 18th and 19th
CallahanTimothy,lab.,bds. 244 n. 6th
CallahanTimothy,lab.,r. 211 n. 13th
CallahanTimothyE.,r. 95 Christy av
CallaharC.,teamster,r. rear ns.n. Market b. 14th and 15th
CallaharJames,drayman,r. 441 n. Main
CallaherJohn,boatman,r. 20 O'Fallon
CallahonJoseph,lab.,r. 174 n. 10th
CallamerWilliam,ostler,bds. 15 Elm
CallanLawrence,lab., and Main and Florida and Mullanphy
CallananEdward,butcher,r. 962 Broadway
CallananEdward,lab.,ne.c.7th and Carr
CallananJohn,lab.,ne.c.7th and Carr
CallawayJohn,(Callaway, Lynch & Co.)r.Grand Fair grounds
CallawaySamuel,(Callaway, Lynch & Co.)r.Grand Fair grounds
Callaway, Lynch & Co.,Callaway,(John & Callaway,Samuel & LynchMichael & McFaddin)Henry lime dealers,es,Broadway b. Columbia and Florida
CallegherRobert, tinner, at James Beakey's
CalleherMichael,lab.,r.n.Market b. 18th and 19th
CallenEdward,lab., b. O'Fallon and Cass av
CallenJohn,lab., b. O'Fallon and Cass av
CallerhausVictor,lab.,r.ns.Soulard b. Menard and Rosatti
CallgaleJoseph,bartender,bds. 44½ n. Levee
CalliganJames,lab., and Mullanphy and 8th and 9th
CallighanHugh,machinist, nr. Convent
CallighanPatrick,lab., av. and O'Fallon e. of 7th
CallighanThomas,boarding, 54 Biddle, r. same
CallihanMichael,gasfitter,r.ns.Orchard b. Barlow and 11th
CallingWilliamH.,carpenter, & 16th on O'Fallon
CallinoskyJoseph,tailor, b. Geyer and Allen avs
CalmEmilC., salesman, J. C. Calm, b. Gratiot and Papin
CALMJAMESC.,dry goods, 64 Market, 6th b. Gratiot and Papin(See adv't)
CalmeyerFrederick, clerk, M. Cohn,bds.Cherry
CaloranThomas,lab.,r. 106 Biddle
CalvertEliza,wid. Clayborn,r. 56 Mound, up stairs
CalvertFleming,riverman,r. 96 n. 11th
CalvertHamlet,bookkeeper,bds.7th sw.c. Walnut
CalvertJesse,stencilcutter, 82 Locust, Clark av.b. 7th and 8th
CalvertJohn,lab.,r.Magazine and Glasgow av
CalvertJohnB.,carriage painter,r. 256 Morgan
CalvertNancyO.,wid. Benson,r. 79 s. 14th
CalveryJoseph,carpenter,bds. 176 s. 2d
CalveyPeter, and 9th and Biddle and O'Fal!on
CalvinThomas,riverman, and 9th & Biddle and O'Fallon
CalvyMichael,lab., and 9th and Biddle and O'Fallon
CambJohn,cooper,bds.Rosatti b. Lafayette and Soulard
CambischJacob,driver,bds. 5 Green
CamdenPeterG.,com. mer.,Morgan b. Leffingwell and Ewing av
CameronCharles, mason, at Alexander McLagan's
CameronDaniel,salesman, rooms 7th sw.c. Pine
CameronFrancis,r.9th b. Warren and Montgomery
CameronJamesR.,notary public, Court House
CAMERONJESSEC.,flooring and planing millns.Cass avbet. 8th and 9th, r. same
CameronJohn,plasterer,r. 39 St.Charles
CameronJohn,river mate,r. 255 n. 8th
CameronMalcolm,carpenter,bds. 191 n. 6th
CameronNathan,finisher,r. 96 O'Fallon
CameronNelsonW., bookkeeper Thomas H. West,bds.Labeaume bet. 9th and Broadway
CammanHenry, clerk, Cuno, Mease & Meyer,r, 183 s. 3d
CampAngelina,free col'dr. alley bet. Green and Washington av. near 7th
CAMPGEORGET.Camp & Maurice) rooms 11 s. 4th