St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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CampHermann,teamster,r. rear 242 Wash
CampJohn, rooms 35 s. 3d
CampJohnP.,ag't carriage maker, 33 n. 3d, r. same
CampJoseph,lab.,bds. 364 n. 3d
CampWilliam,r.O'Fallon ne.c. 9th
CampbellAlexander,trader,r.Lombard near Main
CampbellAlexanderJ.,(A. J. Campbell & Co.)r. 41 s. 7th
CampbellArchibald,agent Rollin Clark,Main c. Biddle, bds. Bellview House ns. Manchester rd
CampbellCharles,blacksmith,r. 372 s. 2d
CampbellChristian, gunmaker, nr. Market
CampbellDaniel,lab., bet. 22d and 23d
CampbellDaniel,teamster,r. 441 Broadway
CampbellDavid,lab.,r. 181 n. 9th.
CampbellDavid,shipcarpenter,r. 243 n. 14th
CampbellGeorgeW.,physician, 327 s. 5th, Paul bet. Chouteau av. and Hickory
CampbellGiven,lawyer, 97 Chesnut, bds. Planters' House
CampbellHorace,watchman,r. 56 Spruce
CampbellHugh,(Robert Campbell & Co.)r.Washington 16th
CampbellIda,wid. Andrewr. 145 Green
CampbellJames,lab., alley. bet. 6th and 7th and Biddle and O'Fallon
CampbellJames,milkman near Bremen av. and 20th
CAMPBELLJAMESA.,inventor and manfr of self-feeding lightening card press, 158 n. 4th, bds. Paul bet. Chouteau av. and Hickory(See advt.)
CampbellJamesC.,physician, 171 Morgan, r. same
CampbellJamesM.,(Campell & Morehouse)r.Louisville, Ky
CAMPBELLJAMESM.,lumber,Broadway c. Howard, r. 463 n. 8th
CampbellJesse,iron roller,r.12th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
CampbellJohn,barkeeper,n.Levee bet. Biddle and Ashley
CampbellJohn,carpenter,bds.Clark 12th and 13th
CampbellJohn,ropemaker,r.ws12th nr. Madison
CampbellJoseph,carpenter, bet. Park av. and Marion
CampbellJoseph,contractor,bds.U. S. Hotel
CampbellPeter,bricklayer, alley near 11th
CampbellPeter,saloon, 367 n. Main, r. same
CampbellRichardD.,printer,bds. 125 n. 5th
CampbellRobert,clerk,r. 170 Market
CampbellRobert,(Robert Campbell & Co.)r. 20 Lucas place
CampbellRobertB., clerk Robert Campbell & Co.bds.5th c. Wash
CampbellSamuel,watchman,r.Clark 12th and 13th
CampbellStephenJ.,student,bds 138 n. 3d
CampbellSylvesterD., engineer P. R. R.,bds. 164 s. 4th
CampbellTerrence,candlemaker,r.Kosciusko bet. Barton and Victor
CampbellTristram,gunmaker, bet. Market and Walnut
CampbellWilliamH.,(Hugh, Boyle & Co.)r. 87 s. 15th
CampbellWilliamJ., bookkeeper Gee & Black, near Madison
CampbellWilliamP.,cooper, bet. Madison and Jefferson
CampbellWilliamP.,stonecutter,bds.nw.c.Wash and 24th
CampbellZuia,carpenter,Franklin Pratte and Beamont av
CAMPBELL A. J. & CO.,Campbell(A. J.tea and coffee 41 s. 7th
CAMPBELL ROBERT & CO.(Robert and Campbell)Hughdry goods 119 n. Main(See advt. p. 54)
Campbell & Morehouse Campbell(JamesM. and Morehouse)Lewiscement roofers, 140 Green
CampeAugust,tailor, 3 n. 3d, r. same
CampenHenry,saloon, under Barnum's Hotel, r. 361 n. 9th
CampionJohn,clerk,bds.Home Restaurant
CampionRufus,recruiting officer, 11 s. 4th
CanahanJoseph,lab., alley bet. 10th and 11th and Biddle and O'Fallon
CanallyJohn,lab.,r. 44 Collins
CanaryEdward,lab.,bds. 35 Biddle
CanaryThomas,laborer,, bet. Chouteau av. and Hickory
CanavanRichard,lab.,bds. 179 n. 8th
CandeMathias,stonecutter,bds.20th sw.c. Clark
CaneJames,carpenter,es.10th bet. Market and Walnut
CaneJohn,lab.,bds. rear 231 n. 14th
CaneMichael,lab.,bds. rear 231 n. 14th
CaneWilliamH.,(col'd) barber, 57 s. 10th
CanerHenry,soapmaker,r.Olive nw.c. Garrison av
CanfieldGeorge,(Canfield & Brett,)r.ns.O'Fallon b. 23d and 24th
CANFIELD & BRETT,Canfield(George and Brett,)JosiahW.carpenters,Mound, nw.c. Broadway
CanfieldThomas,lab.,r. rear 53 O'Fallon
CanfordCatharine,wid., av.b. 23d and 24th
CankinJohn,lab.,bds. 228 n. 8th
CanmanDenia,wid. Simpsonr. 19 Myrtle
CanmanGideon,clothing, 220 and 223 Market
CanmannJoseph,clothier, 114 s. 2d
CanmannJacob,grocer, 13 n. Levee, Bremen av. near M'Guire market
CanmannLeopold,clothier, 114 s. 2d, r.ns. Myrtle b. 2d and Main
CanmannMarks,clerk, Jacob Canmann,r. 71 Myrtle
CannadaThomas,plumber,bds. 272 Broadway
CanneJoseph,tailor,Soulard, sw.c. Fulton
CanneValentine,tailor,bds.Soulard, sw.c. Fulton
CannellThomas,turner,bds.15th, c. Franklin av
CannertyJames,lab., 31 n. 10th
CanniffPatrick,collar maker,bds. 43 n. 12th
CanningDaniel,shoemaker, 206 Biddle, bds. same
CanningJohn,shoemaker,bds 206 Biddle
CannonChristopher,porter,r. 110 Biddle
CannonGeorge,schoolteacher,r. 115 O'Fallon
CannonJamesC.,miller, 22 Spring
CannonJesseR.,collector,bds. 135 Washington av
CannonJohnE., bookkeeper, J. W. Booth & Son,bds. 215 n. 6th
CannonM. H.,boarding, 135 n. 3d
CANNONOLIVERJ., miller,bds. 277 Broadway
CannonOthniel,r. 135 n. 3d
CannonPatrick,boarding house, 319 Washington av
CannonPatrick,carriage driver, rooms 63 Chesnut
CannonPatrick,lab., alley b. 8th and 9th and Biddle and O'Fallon
CannonPeter,shoemaker, 125 Morgan
CannonThomas,carriage driver, rooms 63 Chesnut
CannonThomas,carpenter,r. 244 n. 10th
CannonWilliam,lab., b. 21st and 22d
CanslerAlbert,broom maker, b. Columbus and Jackson
CantellJohn, salesman, Shapleigh, Day & Co.,bds.King's Hotel
CantellMichael, salesman, Shapleigh, Day & Co.,bds.cor.5th and Wash
CantienyEsaias,baker,r. 231 Broadway
CantienyNicholas,(Philip Cantieny & Bro.,)r. 231 Broadway
CantienyPhilip,(Philip Cantieny & Bro.,)r. 231 Broadway
CantienyRichard, clerk, Philip Cantieny & Bro.,r. 231 Broadway
Cantieny Philip & Bro.,(Philip and Nicholas,)confectionary, 231 Broadway and 40 Washington av
CantillonWatkinsJ., clerk, A.Walsh,bds. 74 Washington av
CantillonDaniel,lab.,r. 766 Broadway
CantlingMaurice,lab.,r.18th b. O'Fallon and Cass avenue
CantsteinerFrank,lab.bds.19th, sw.c. Monroe