St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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CaswellBenjaminF.,painter,r.Carondelet Ohio and Victor
CaswellDavid,carpenter, bet. 24th and 25th
CaswellTheodoreA.,cigars and tobacco,4th, ne.c. Chesnut, r. 88 Washington av
CatanJohn,lab.,bds. 35 Biddle
CatesJ. B.,cashier Union Bk.,bds.Everett House
CATHEDRAL OF ST. LOUIS,Walnut, b. 2d and 3d
CathwallHenry,ironmoulder,ss.Angelrodt bet. Broadway and 2d
CatherwoodEdwinC.,(W. L. and E. C. Catherwood,)r. 186 Olive
CatherwoodHenryH., salesman, W. L. and E. C.Catherwood,r. 186 Olive
CatherwoodRobertH.,r. 186 Olive
CatherwoodWilliamL.,(W. L. and E. C. Catherwood,)r. 186 Olive
WilliamL.CATHERWOOD W. L. and E. C.,(WilliamL. and EdwinC.,)liquors and cigars, 39 and 41 n. 2d
CatingMaurice,ostler, bet. Clark av. and Market
CATLINDAN, Mound City tobacco works,r. 325 n. 7th
CatlinDaniel,(Luce & Catlin,)bds. 325 n. 7th
CatlinEdward,bookkeeper 38 Locust, r. 325 n. 7th
CatlinEphron, clerk, M. W. Alexander,r, 325 n. 7th
CatlinHomerD., bookkeeper, Kingslands & Ferguson room 12 101½ Locust
CatlinJamesG., bookkeeper, Hening & Woodruff, rooms 18 St. Charles
CatlinTheron, clerk, William L. Felix,r. 325 n. 7th
CatonDavid,stonemason,r. 259 n. 9th
CatonMichael,lab.,r.O'Fallon, nw.c. 17th
CatonPatrick,lab.,r. 168 n. 10th
CatterRhodo,intelligence office,r. 219 Market
CattoJoseph,fruit, 42 Olive, r. 44 Olive
CattreinFrederick,bookkeeper, Hardesty, Carter& Ransom
CauchoisMaxim, salesman, Brownlee, Homer & Co.,bds. 292 Pine
CaughlanDavid,bds. 306 n. 6th
CaughlanJohn,shoemaker, and 9th and Biddle and O'Fallon
CaughlanWilliam, porter, L. M. Patchin & Co
CaughlinAdamC.,(Cordry, Laughlin & Co.,)r. 306 n. 6th
CaughlinJames,steamboatman,r. 26 O'Fallon
CaughlinPatrick, foreman, Gas Works
CaughlinWilliam,lab.,r.ns.Bates b. Lewis and Main
Caukland John,com, mer.,r. 153 s. 7th
CaulclesureAlfred,mate,r. 113 Wash
CaulfieldMichael, bartender, Joseph Shannon,bds. 79 n. Levee
CaulfieldMichael,lab.,r. 12 5th and 6th, nr. Cerre
CauntBenjamin,harnessmaker,r.9th, c. Chambers
CauntJames,lab.,r. 200 s. 5th
CausackFarrell,tailor,r.10th, sw.c. Carr
CavanaghArthur,r. 294 Chesnut
CavanaghDaniel,r. 102 Christy av
CavanaghDaniel,mason,r.ns.O'Fallon bet. 22nd and 23d
CavanaghJohn, jr.,stonecutter,bds. 9 n. 9th
CavanaghJohn, sen.,stonecutter,bds. 9 n. 9th
CavanaghJohn,tailor, bet. 9th and 10th
CavanaghJohn,woodcarver,r. 109 Brooklyn
CavanaghMichael,mason,r.nsO'Fallon bet. 22nd and 23d
CavanaghPatrick,bds. 45 Locust
CavanaghPatrick, clerk, A. Walsh,bds. 35 Locust
CavanaghPatrick,lab.,bds. 68 Center
CavanaghRichard,bricklayer,bds. 45 n. 3d
CavanaghRosanna,nurse,r. 298 chesnut
CavanaghTimothy,mason,r. 102 Christy av
CavanaghThomas,quarryman,bds.14th Angeliea
CavanaghWilliam,lab.,r.ns.Smith nr. Main
CavanaghWilliam,lamplighter,r. 9 n. 9th
CavananJohn,cooper,r. 10 nr. O'Fallon
CavanaughArthur,lab.,r. 270 n. 7th
CavanaughCaroline,wid. John,r. 109 w. Brooklyn
CavanaughCatherine,wid. Darby,r. rear 315 s. 3d
CavanaughDenisD.,lab.,r. alley bet. 6th and 7th, Biddle and O'Fallon
CavanaughEdward,lab.,r. 317 Washington av
CavanaughGarrett,bricklayer,bds. 287 n. 6th
CavanaughIgnatiusG.,r. rear 131 O'Fallon
CavanaughJames,moulder,r. 17 n. 5th
CavanaughJohn,architectr. 109 West Brooklyn
CavanaughJohn,cooper,r.10th ne.c. O'Fallon
CavanaughJohn,stonemason, bet. Angelrodt and Buchanan
CavanaughJohn,tailor,bds. 149 Walnut
CavanaughJohn,teamster,bds. 382 Broadway
CavanaughJoseph,stonecutter, bet. 24th and Pratte av
CavanaughThomas,lab.,bds. 233 n. Main
CavanaughThomas,lab.,r. 21 Collins
CavanaughThomasH.,physician,r. 21 n. 12th
CavanaughWilliam,moulder,bds. 237 n. 9th
CaveenDaniel,r.n.Main bet. Madison and Jefferson
CavenaughDaniel,lab.,r, rear 293 s. 5th
CavenaughJohnW., cutter, M. Douglas,bds. 137 n. 6th
CavenderJohn,r. 187 s. 3d
CavenderJohnS.,r. 187 s. 3d
CavenachPatrick,bricklayer, av.b. 2nd Carondelet av. and Mississippi av
CavenorJohn,clerk, 137 s. 6th
CavettEdwinP.,lightning rods,r.nw.c.Moore and Clark av
CavettGeorgeWashington,engineerr.nw.c.Moore and Clark av
CavetteHenryA., clerk, Foster Brothers
CaviezelJoseph,broommaker,bdsse.c.Wash and 13th
CaviezelPaul,foreman, R. Castleberg,bds.Washington avne.c. 5th
CavinDennis,lab.,r. 4 Warren
CawdhraCharles,tailor,r. 29 s. 6th
CawiJohn,(John Cawi & Co.,)r. 174 n. 9th
CawiJohnCawi John & Co.,Cawi(John and Braun,)Henrywhitewasherswhitewashers, 174 n. 9th
CawleyPatrick,boatman,r.13th s. of Cass av
CayonAdolph,lab.,bds.ns.Destrehan bet. 9th and Bellefontaine
CayonAmahe,r.ns.Destrehan, bet. 9th and Bellefontaine Road
CayonAntoine,lab., Malinckrodt and Destrehan, Bellefontaine Road and 9th
CayonMichael,constable, nr.s. Mk't
CaytonFrancisM.,pilot,r.ns.Thomas nr. Glasgow av
CazenavePeter,bartener,bds.13th n. 3d
CearewJohnJ.,news dealer,King's Hotel, bds. same
CearusWilliam,steward,Barnum's Hotel
CearyAnthony,watchman,r. 896 Broadway
CeasarPhillip,upholsterer, b. Gold and Maynard
CecilSamuelB.,(M. B. Curtis and Co., )r. 237 Morgan
CederichFrank,lab.,r.ns.Franklin 20th and 21st
CeidlerTheodore,carpenter,r. 147 n. 14th
CeiglerHenry,finisher,r. 37 Wash
CeileyJohn,lock smith, 192 Franklin av
CelisDe SamuelP.,(Fernandez & Celis,) 6th and 7th
CelisSebastian,(Fernandez & Celis,) 6th and 7th
CellaDominico,sculptor,r. 45 n. 7th
CellaJoseph,vermicelli mnfr., 1 n. Levee, r. same
CellaLouis,fruit, 90 n. 7th and St. Charles
CelleAugustin,tailor,r. 201 n. 11th
CenneficJohn,quarryman,, nr. North Market
CENTENARY M. E. CHURCH,Pine sw.c. 5th