St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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ChildsFrancisC.,teacher, 249 Olive
ChildsFrancis,teacher,r. 249 Olive
ChildsNathaniel, b. Clark av. and Eugenia
ChildresFanny,(col'd) wid. Thomas,r. 42 Orange
ChilesFranklinP.,(Chiles & Bassett) rooms 5th sw.c. St. Charles
ChilesHenryT.,(Chiles & Carr)r. 104 Elm
ChilesJohn,(Chiles, Goff & Scott)bds.Planters' House
CHILES & BASSETT,Chiles(FranklinP. and Basset.) mers. 146 n. 2d
Chiles & Carr,Chiles(HenryT. and Carr) mers., 58 n. Levee
CHILES, GOFF & SCOTT,Chiles,(JohnGoffThomasJ. and Scott.)Joseph pork and produce, 54 n. Commercial
ChinnElijah,(col'd,)lab., and 5th, nr. Spruce
ChinnHenryC., collector Bellefontaine Cemetery, office,r. 186 Locust
ChipmanEliza,, bet. Warren and Montgomery
ChipmanJames,cook,, bet. Warren and Montgomery
ChisholmJohnK.,book agt, agt,r. rear 69 St. Charles
ChippendaleJohn,machinist, Destrehan and Angelrodt
ChippendaleMaryAnn,widow John, Destrehan and Angelrodt
ChistJacob,confectioner, 216 Franklin av
ChoiselAugust,shoemaker,r. 148 s. 3d
CholineWilliam,driver,r.Palm bet. 9th and 10th
ChollarJames,bookkeeper,bds. 133 n. 5th
ChollarMartinU., bookkeeper, Gaylord, Son & Co.,)bds.Monroe House
ChottPeter,tailor, bet. 7th and Fulton
ChotyMax,bartender,r.20th, se.c. Estelle
ChounerJoseph,barkeeper,bds.19th, bet. Biddle O'Fallon
ChoutavierCharles,bartender,r. 60 Almond
ChouteauCharles,baker,r. 63 Franklin av
ChouteauCharlesP.,(J. J. O'Fallon & Co.,) and (Pierre Chouteau, jr. & Co.,)r. 93 Olive
ChouteauEdwardA.,r. 216 s. 7th
ChouteauGabrielS.,r. 73 s. 6th
ChouteauJ. Gilman,(Chouteau & Edwards,) 11th and 12th
ChouteauJulia,(col'd,)r. 56 Plum
ChouteauPeterS.,r. 308 Morgan
ChouteauPierre, jr.,(Chouteau, Harrison & Valle,) and (Pierre Chouteau, jr. & Co.,)r. 172 Market, se.c. 7th
ChouteauSophie,widow Auguste P., bet. Chouteau av. and Gratiot
ChouteauSylvester,r. 87 s. 8th
Chouteau P. jr. & Co.,(Pierre, jr. and Chauteau,)CharlesP. furs, 18 Washington av
CHOUTEAU & EDWARDS,Chouteau(J. Gillman and Edwards,) mers., 48 n. Commercial and 24 n. Levee
CHOUTEAU, HARRISON & VALLE,Chouteau(Pierre, jr.,Harrison,JamesValleFelix and Valle,)Jules Laclede Rolling Mill, office 146 n. 2d.(See advt. p. 54)
Chowlcarpenter,bds. 32 Wash
ChrestSebastian,mason,r.DeKalb bet. Barton and Victor
ChrisensonJohn,shoedealer,bds. 132 Broadway
ChrismerJosephA., salesman John H. Muller, bet. Franklin av. and Morgan
ChrisaliusChristian, porter, Empire Stove works,r.Lafayette near DeKalb
ChristAdam,moulder,bds.I. M. Hotel
CHRIST CHURCH,Locust, c. 5th
ChristFrederick,baker, 659 Morgan
ChristJacob,carrier of Herald, variety store, 316 Franklin av.,r. same
ChristJacob,stonecutter,bds. 95 Franklin av
ChristJacob,tailor,r. 72 s. 4th
ChristJulius,cooper,bds. 150 n. 14th
ChristWilliam,lab., and L'esperance, and Jackson and Columbus
ChristenJoseph, engineer, Hatch, Griffith & Co.,r.ns.Miller bet. Jackson and Columbus
ChristenJacob,coffeehouse, 726 Broadway, r. same
ChristensenChristian,tobacconist,r.sw.c.Madison and 10th
ChristeryJohn,carpenterr.15th nw.c Wash
ChristhiserJohn,cooper,8th nw.c. O'Fallon
ChirstianChristian,lab., nr. Marion
CHRISTIAN CHURCH,ns.5th bet. Franklin av. and Wash
ChristianFrederick,musician,, and Columbus near Marion
ChristianHenry,quarryman,bds.Carondelet Anna and Sidney
ChristianJohn, bet. Davis and O'Fallon
ChristianMohr,patternmaker, bet. 15th and 16th
ChristianNathanM., foreman E. Jaccard & Co.,r 28 Orange
ChristieWilliam,carpenter,bds.Keelty's Hotel
ChristmanBernard,shoe shop, 226 Franklin av.,bds. Franklin av.,se.c. 13th
ChristmanFrances,widow Jacob,r. rear 493 s. 7th
ChristmanFrederick,barkeeper,2d, sw.c. Chesnut
ChristmanGeorgeA.,bricklayer, bet. Spring and Wright
ChristmanJacob,saloonkeeper, 27 n. 2d, r. same
ChristmannFrank,stonecutter,r.Congress nw.c. Trudeau
CHRISTMANNJACOB,beer saloon, 71 n. 3d, r. same
ChristmannJacob,tailor, 185 Franklin av.,r. same
ChristmannJohn,bellmaker,bds.Marine Hospital
ChristmannJohn,carpenter, bet. 20th and 21st
ChristmannMary,widow Frederick,r. 77 n. 15th
ChristmannPhilip,clerk,r. 185 Franklin av
ChristmarAnna,widow W.,r. 56 Wright
ChristoffJacob,laborer,bds.21st, ne.c. Christy av
ChristofferFrederick,stoves and tin ware,Buel, ne.c. Lafayette, r. Easton, ne.c. Sidney
ChristophJohnJ.,bartender,bds.Walnut sw.c. Commercial
ChristophelJohn, beer saloon, Rock Springs,r. same
ChristopherFrancis,dairyman, bet. Park av. and Mary
ChristopherFrederickW.,saddler,ns.Sidney bet. Easton and Jackson
ChristopherJames,barkeeper, bet. Wash and Carr
ChristopherJohn,(Christopher & Richards)r. 123 Chesnut
ChristopherLewis,moulder,r.Buel sw.c. Marion
ChristopherWilliam,tinner,r.ns.Sidney bet. Easton and Jackson
Christopher & Richards,(ChristopherJohn and Richards,Eben jun.,) grocers, 9 n. 2d
ChristyAlexander,contractor, 184 Wash
ChristyAndrew,(Ferry Co.)bds.Planters' House
ChristyCalvinM., salesman Woods, Christy & Co.r. 71 n. 5th
ChristyCharlesL.,(Waters & Christy)r. 207 Locust
ChristyJames,(L. A. Benoist & Co.)r. 207 Locust
ChristyJohn,cooper,bds. 210 s. 2d
ChristyJohn,roofer,r.nw.c.Decatur and Arrow
ChristyJohnG.,(Waters & Christy)r. 12 n. 13th
ChristyJ. H.,painter,bds. 265 Franklin av
ChristyMargaret,widow William,r. 207 Locust
ChristyWilliamT.,(Woods, Christy & Co.)r. 71 n. 5th
ChromannFrederick,cabinetmaker, 231 s. 2d, r. same
ChrystopherJacob, foreman Mississippi iron foundry,r.Buel bet. Emmet and Geyer av
ChsurerHenry,laborer, bet. Julia and Soulard