St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Ames John, blacksmith, J. T. Dowdall & Co.
Ames John, lab., J. T. Dowdall & Co.
Ames Joseph M., bookbinder, r. 122 Olive
Ames William G., carpenter, r. ws. alley bet. 10th 11th nr. Howard
AMES HENRY & CO., and (Henry and Edgar Ames) provision dealers, 920 Broadway n. Main
Amick Ellen, widow, William, bds. ws. and 13th bet. Spruce Poplar
Amick Pleasant, trav. agent, r. 54 w. Brooklyn
Amiss Alpheus, dunnage, r. 63 Olive
Amiss Alpheus, (Wetherill & Amiss) 34 n. Levee
AMISS JOHN W., boots and shoes, 63 Olive, bds. n. 7th
Amlin Michael ostler, bds. 272 Broadway
Amman Ulric, stone cutter, r. ws. 3d sw. c. Elm
Ammann John A., saloon, and Decatur, b. Lafayette Emmet, r.
Ammann John B., engine driver, r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d
Amo George L., moulder, r. 487 Broadway
Amor Eugene, miller, r. 183 n. 8th
Amos Thomas, r. 186 n. 8th
Amos William, waiter, Planters' House
Amps John, gardener, r. ss. Park av. City Commons
Amram George, cap maker, r. 219 Market
Amrhein Adam, lab. r. 124 2d s.
Amrin Anton, carpenter, r. ns. and Sidney, b. Columbus DeKalb
Amshoff Frederick, r. 202 n. 11th
Amson Adolph, dry goods, 153 Franklin av. r.
Anable Woodbridge, bookkeeper, Manny Drake & Co., r. 114 n. 9th
Anacker Charles, butcher, r. ns. and Montgomery, b. 9th Broadway
And William, ship carpenter, r. es. alley b. Jackson Columbus, Carroll
Anderson Alexander C., (S. M. Edgell & Co.,) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Anderson Alexander G., clk. Fiske, Knight & Co., bds. Virginia Hotel
Anderson Alonzo W. show-case maker, r. es. 11th b. Montgomery Warren
Anderson Archibald B., collector, bds. 94 Pine
Anderson Arthur C., bookkeeper, John W. Amiss, r. 84 Olive
Anderson Arthur C., salesman, John W. Amiss, r. ns. and Biddle, b. 16th 17th
Anderson Benjamin, builder, r. 49 n. 15th
Anderson Charles H., printer, bds. Missouri Hotel
Anderson Charles R., saw-mill, n. and 3d ne. c. Salisbury, r. n. 9th, b. Salisbury Farrar
ANDERSON CHARLES W., show-cases, 73 Olive, r. es. 11th, b. Montgomery & Warren ;
Anderson David, grocer, cor. and St. Charles Alby
Anderson David, salesman, 11 Locust, r n. 6th
Anderson David, (Anderson & Watson,) r. Kirkwood
Anderson E. J., boatman, bds. 325 n. 6th
Anderson Elias F., carpenter, r. near Elliot, n. Market
Anderson Eliza, widow, Garret, r, 22 n. 14th
Anderson Frank, riverman, (col'd.) r. 14 alley, near Cerre, b. 5th 6th
Anderson G. pastor 2d Baptist Church, Rev. r. 281 Olive
Anderson Garret, clk. Gray & Crawford, bds. 22 n. 14th
Anderson George, locksmith, bds. 14 Biddle
Anderson George, carpenter, ss. and Edmond, b. 9th 10th
Anderson George, locksmith, bds. 166 n. 5th
Anderson George G., librarian ass't Mer. Lib. Ass'n. r. ws. and 14th, b. Olive Pine
Anderson George H., bookkeeper, H. Blaksley, bds. 254 Pine
Anderson Hiram, carpenter, r. 101 n. 10th
Anderson Horace, teller, William H. Barksdale & Co., r. ws. near Pacific, Pratte av
Anderson James, furniture, 176 n. 7th r.
Anderson James, salesman, bds. 186 Market
Anderson James M., salesman, Atkin & Bro. r. 121 Walnut
Anderson James S., salesman, Capen & Denny, r. 169 n. 5th
Anderson John, carpenter, r. rear 146 n. 10th
Anderson John, carpenter, bds. 94 Morgan
Anderson John, ship carpenter, r. ss. and Edmond b. 9th 10th
Anderson John F., carpenter, bds. 120 s. 4th
ANDERSON JOHN J., and president (John J. Anderson & Co.,) Bank of St. Louis, r. 97 Walnut
Anderson John J., Jr., clerk John J. Anderson &Co., r. 97 Walnut
Anderson John R., bricklayer, bds. 221 Wash
Anderson John S., foreman Charles W. Anderson, r. 73 Olive
Anderson John S., tailor, r. 11 n. 9th
Anderson Josiah, and editor (Anderson & Gonter,) St. Louis Price Current, r. ne. c. and 9th Malinckrodt
Anderson Julia, wid. James, nurse, r. 234 Franklin av
ANDERSON KIRK, reporter Republican,
Anderson Leslie T., messenger U. S. Express, 12 n. Main
Anderson Moses S. machinist, r. 10 Brooklyn
ANDERSON NATHANIEL K., ed. asst. Mo. Republican, 89 n. 4th
Anderson Reuben L., (John J. Anderson & Co.,) r. ns. and Chouteau av. b. 13th 14th
Anderson Richard, Rev., (col'd.) r. 34 Gay
Anderson Robert, (Goodwin & Anderson,) r. 4 Union Place ss. Papin, b. 14th 15th
Anderson S. J. P., pastor Rev., Central Presbyterian church, r, nw. c. and 8th Locust
Anderson Samuel, merchant, bds. 191 n. 6th
Anderson Samuel, carpenter, bds. near Gravois rd. Grand av
Anderson T. J., boatman, bds. 325 n. 6th
Anderson Thomas, driver, r. 56 Spruce
Anderson Thomas A., collector Crow, McCreery & Co. 55 Main r. Pine
Anderson Timothy, driver, (col'd) r. 130 Orange
Anderson Warren M., (Anderson & Lamoureux,) r. and Market, b. 2d 3d
Anderson William, painter, r. and Cerre b. 5th 6th
Anderson William, printer, r. and 6th b. Spruce Elm
Anderson William, plasterer, bds. 43 n. 12th
Anderson William, riverman, (col'd,) r. 425 Morgan
ANDERSON WILLIAM, boots and shoes, 30 Franklin av.
Anderson William F., (Anderson & Lamoureux,) r. 117 Walnut
Anderson William H., (Tatum & Co.,)
Anderson William H., cooper, r. es. and Broadway, b. Monroe Ferry
Anderson William H. H., librarian asst. Mer. Lib. Asso.. r. ws. and 14th b. Olive Pine
ANDERSON JOHN J. & CO., Anderson, John J. Anderson, Reuben L. Gaylord, Erastus H. bankers, Main nw. c. Olive.
ANDERSON & GONTER, Anderson, and (Josiah and Gonter, Charles G. newspaper pub. and job printers, 8 Olive
ANDERSON & LAMOUREUX, Anderson, William F. Lamoureux, Moses dry goods, 24 s. Main
Anderson (David Watson,) John T. com. and fordg., ANDERSON & WATSON, 26 n. Commercial
Andfeld William, saddler, r. 7th ne. c. Lafayette
Andle Ernst, saddler, bds. 72 Washington av
Andler Charles, maltman, 2nd Carondelet c. Lafayette
Andras Anton, lab., r. 253 Carondelet av
Andras Christian, carpenter, r. al. b. and 11th 12th s. Cass av
Andre George H., jr., painter, and Glasgow av St. Charles road