St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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ClarkFrancis,boatman,r. 255 n. 8th
ClarkF. S.,carpenter,bds. 272 Broadway
ClarkGavin,printer,bds. 481 Broadway
ClarkGeorgeO.,printer, b. Columbia and Bates
ClarkGeorgeW.,cooper, op. N. M. R. R. track
ClarkHenryF.,(Sterling, Stansbury & Co.)r. 169 Locust
ClarkHenryL., bookkeeper, Young Bros. & Co.,r. 70 n. 5th
CLARKHENRYL.,real estate, 48 Chesnut, r. Lucas pl.sw.c. 18th
ClarkHenryL.Mrs.,costumer, 75 n. 5th, r. same
ClarkHugh,lab.,r. 18 Spruce
ClarkJames,miller,r.sw.c.10th and Lafayette
ClarkJames,(James Clark & Co.)r.New Jersey
ClarkJamesC.,(J. C. Clark & Co.)bds.Planters' House
ClarkJamesE.,(Hearsum & Clark)bds. 379 Market
ClarkJohn,gasfitter,bds. 157 n. 3d
ClarkJohn,lab.,r. 47 Wright
ClarkJohn,lab.,r. 26 Morgan
ClarkJohn,lab.,r. rear 231 n. 14th
ClarkJohn,(Morrell & Clark)r.b.6th and 7th and Wash and Franklin av
ClarkJohn,moulder,bds. 347 n. 9th
ClarkJohn,painter, av. and Wash
ClarkJohn,pattern filer,bds. 347 n. 9th
ClarkJohn,peddler,r. 63 Christy av
ClarkJohn,peddler,bds. 319 n. 6th
ClarkJohn,teamster,bds. 404 Morgan
ClarkJohn,variety goods, 769 Broadway, r. same
ClarkJohnD. B.,bds, 107 Pine
CLARKJOHNW,,secy.millers & mnfrs.' ins co.,r. 247 Olive
ClarkJoseph,bds 14 n. 13th
ClarkJosephJ.,physician, 107 Pine, r. same
ClarkJosephW.,(Clark Bros. & Co.)r. at Boston
ClarkLathucia,wid. Charles A.,r. 80 s. 6th
ClarkLawrence,peddler, 168 n. 11th
ClarkLewis, 194 Carondelet av
ClarkLewisE.,bricklayer,r. 5 n. 10th
ClarkLouis,engineer,r.Market b. 13th and 14th
ClarkLutherC.,(Clark Bros. & Co.)r. at N. York
ClarkLyman,lab.,bds. 357 Market
ClarkMary,wid. Joseph,r. 197 Chesnut
ClarkMosesE.,carpenter,bds.Spruce b. 12th and 13th
ClarkNathanielH.,(N. H. Clark & Co.)r. 13 Papin
ClarkOwen,watchman,ne.c.7th and Carr
ClarkOzroV., barkeeper , new War Eagle,r. 143 Christy av
ClarkPatrick,candlemaker,c.Kosciusko and Barton
ClarkPatrick,driver,r.ns.Anna b. Columbus and DeKalb
ClarkPatrick,lab.,r. 26 Morgan
ClarkPatrick,lab.,bds. 380 n. 2d
ClarkPatrick,lab.,nw.c.Buchanan and Bellefontaine road
ClarkPatrick,lab., and O'Fallon nr. 7th
ClarkPatrick,lab.,r.ns.Sidney b. Columbus and DeKalb
ClarkPhilip,gardener, av.b. 13th and 14th
ClarkRichardW.,carpenter, b. Columbia and Bates
ClarkRobertB.,(W. G. Clark & Co.)bds. 166 Pine
ClarkRobertP.,produce, 59 n. Levee and 8 Commercial r. 400 Morgan
ClarkR. B., rooms Washington av.nw.c. 4th
CLARKROLLIN,St. Louis agricultural works,Main nw.c. Biddle, r. Garrison av.sw.c. Washington av.(See advt. p. 96)
ClarkSamuel,drayman,bds. 213 Broadway
ClarkSamuel,marble dealer,r. 134 n. 13th
ClarkSamuelV.,carpenter,r. 207 n. 6th
ClarkSarah,wid. Phineas,r. 63 Mound
ClarkSchool,s.7th b. Hickory and Labadie
ClarkSophiaS.,teacher,bds. 165 Pine
ClarkStephenT.,plasterer,r. 63 Mound
ClarkTerrence,carriage driver,bds. 214 Morgan
ClarkThomas,boilermaker,bds, 380 n. 2d
ClarkThomas,boot and shoe maker, 222 Market, r. same
ClarkThomas,carpenter,bds. 363 Market
ClarkThomas,drayman,r. 74 Biddle
ClarkThomas,lab.,r. 52 Hickory
ClarkThomas,lab.,bds. 64 n. 10th
ClarkThomas,lab.,r. 370 Biddle
ClarkThomas,prod. dealer,r. 226 Biddle
ClarkWilliam, drayman, Ryan & Louthan,r.ns.Spring b. 21st and 22d
ClarkWilliam,machinist,r. 36 Mullanphy
ClarkWilliam,painter,bds. 54 s. 6th
ClarkWilliamA.,(Marshall & Co.)r. 65 Mullanphy
ClarkW. A.,carpenter, b. 20th and 21st
ClarkWilliamG.,(W. G. Clark & Co.)r. 163 Pine
CLARK JAMES & CO.,James & Clark)DanielB.leather and findings, 153 n. Main
CLARK J. C. & CO.,Clark(JamesC. & Adie)JamesE.real estate agts., 47 Olive
Clark N. H. & Co.,Clark(NathanielH. & McKown)JosephO. furnishing goods, 120 n. 3d
CLARK W. G. & CO.,(WilliamG. & ClarkRobertB. and Seymour)Manville saw mill,n.2d sw.c. Warren
CLARKE, BROS & CO.,Clark,(JosephW.Clark,LutherC.Dodge,Edward and Chase,)Edward bankers,Main, sw.c. Olive
ClarkeAndersonJ., clk, Mellon & Co., room. Kennett's bldg
ClarkeB. H.,collar maker,Buel bet. Lafayette and Emmet, bds. same
ClarkeCatharine,wid. George, confectionery, 320 Franklin av.,r. same
CLARKE,CHARLESB.,architect,2d se.c. Chesnut bds. Chouteau av.nw.c. 16th
ClarkeCharlesS.,upholsterer, rooms Kennett's bldg
ClarkeCharlesS.,(Clarke & Schuler) and (Clarke & Henry,)r. 14 n. 13th
ClarkeDanielA., bookkeeper, Clark & Co.,bds.Barnum's Hotel
ClarkeElizabeth,wid.bds. 40 St. Charles
ClarkeGilesT.,salesman, Capen & Denny,bds.Virginia Hotel
ClarkeHannahH.,wid. William,r. 153 s. 7th
ClarkeHenry,(col'd) riverman,r. 6 al.b. 5th and 6th, near Cerre
ClarkeJohn,junk dealer, 84 O'Fallon, r. same
ClarkeJosephO.,(Clarke & Henry,) rooms Kennett's bldg
ClarkeLawrence,junk dealer,r. 84 O'Fallon
ClarkMary, wid. William, coffee saloon, 62 Walnut
ClarkeM., painter, Theodore Selorgne
CLARKEROBERTL., publisher of "Clarke's Counterfeit detector,"Main sw.c. Olive.(See advt.)
CLARKESIMON,(Clark & Bro.) 134 n. 13th
ClarkeSimon,engineer, bet. Jackson and Columbus
ClarkeSydenhamR., secretary, Am. Ins Co.,r. 138 s. 5th
ClarkeThomas,confectioner, 131 Green, r. same
CLARKETHOMASH., United States Pension Agt, 74 n. Levee, r. Ange av.b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
ClarkeWilliam,drayman,r.ns.Spring bet. Mercer and Naomi
CLARKEWILLIAMB,lawyer, 46 Chesnut, r. same
ClarkeW. Edward, paying teller, St. Louis B. & L. Assn., and Pine
CLARKE & BROTHER,(Simon & Thomas,) marble bet. Olive and Locust
CLARKE & CO.,Clark,)( mer. 30 s. Main, bds. Barnum's Hotel
CLARKE & HENRY,Clark(CharlesS. and E. Dun,Henry,)ham excelsior fur mattresses, 26 n. Commercial and 10th, se.c. Washington av