St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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ClineLouis,confectioner,bds. 29 s. 7th
ClineMary,wid. Frederick,bds. 20 s. 15th
ClineNicholas,blacksmith,bds. 160 Carondelet av
ClineThomas,drayman,r.Lynch sw.c. Menard
ClineWilliam,grocer, 244 n. 6th, r. same
Clinefelter,George,steamboatman, rooms 30 Vine
ClinefelterGeorge,bartender,r.Summit av,se.c. Pacific
ClinemannJacob,lab., gas works
ClinesAdam,lab., b. Harper and Dorcas
ClinesJohn,gunsmith, b. Harper and Dorcas
ClineschmitTheodore,shipping clerk,r. 129 Carr
ClingerCharles,carpenter,bds. 92 Carr
ClingerGeorge,auctioneer,bds. 302 Broadway
ClingerGeorgeW.,salesman, Sewell & Brother,bds.Washington Hotel
ClingerJohn,carpenter,bds. 92 Carr
ClingerRobert,carpenter,bds. 92 Carr
ClintonJohn,laborer,r. 114 Morgan
ClintonJohn,lab.,r. rear 84 n. 19th
ClintonJohn,shoemaker,r. 17 Chambers
ClintonJoseph,clerk, 282 Morgan, bds. 268 Franklin av
ClintonJoseph,lab., and 11th nr. Biddle
ClintonJoseph,shoemaker,bds. 17 Chambers
ClintonMrs.,wid.,r. rear 179 Franklin av
ClintonPhillip,clk, James Gaffney,bds. 34 s. 10th
ClintworthHenry,porter,r. 140 Carr
ClittsAugust,marble polisher, and Carr
ClitzJoseph,porter,r.esBuel b. Soulard and Lafayette
ClogstonHenryG.,bds. 203 Locust
ClokeMartin,driver, bet. 24th and 25th
ClokeyMatilda,wid. Robert,r. 120 Biddle
CloneyEdward,carriagedriver,r. 108 Morgan
CloneyJohn,carriage painter,bds. 96 Olive
CloonanHugh,lab.,r. rear 71 s. 8th
CloseEdwinJ.,salesman,bdsne.c.Chesnut and 11th
CloseLouisa,wid. Andrew, bet. Ann av. and Arrow
ClosePhillip,millwright,es.11th bet. Cass av. and O'Fallon
CloseWilliamP.,engineer,r.10th nw.c. Mound
ClouneyJohn,lab.,bds.Pacific House s. 14th bet. Poplar and Randolph
ClouseDominicius,lab.,r.13th s. of Cass
CloussRudolph,moulder,bds. 272 Broadway
CloverHenryA.,J'dge Criminal Court,Court House
ClowIsaac,gasfitter,bds. 55 n. 8th
ClowLewisE.,(James Everett & Co.,)r. 35 Howard
ClowryRobertC.,sup'tSt. L. & M.River tel.,bds. 106 s. 4th
CloystermanHenry,teamster,r.Jackson cor. Lami
ClucasJames,sexton,r.12th b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
ClucasThomas,carpenter, and 13th, s. of Cass av.
ClumpFrancis,butcher, 14 City Market r.ns, Christy av.b. 24th and 25th
CluneMichael,clerk,bds. 140 n. 3d
ClunnenHugh,teamster, and 8th, Clark av. and Spruce
CluskeyThomas,teller, Union Bank, rooms 12, 102½ Locust
CluteCatharine,wid. Henry,r.7th bet. Lafayette and Geyer av
ClutzEli,agt.Henry Clutz,bds. 166 s. 5th
ClutzHenry,grocer, 349 Broadway, r. Penn
ClyGeorgeW.,clerk,r. 914 Broadway
CoadWilliam,carpenter, bet. Spruce and Clark av
CoadyWilliam,drayman, Lyon, Shorb & Co.,bds.Collins nr. Cherry
CoanMichael,stonectter,r. 68 s. 7th
CoalmanJohn,engineer,r. 141 Carondelet av
CoaleSamuelA. Sr.,salesman, Porter, White & Co.,bds.Everett House
CoartRobert,mate, b. Carr and Biddle
CoateHarriet,wid. John,Bellevue House ns. Manchester road
CoatesJohnW.,butcher, 13 city market, Franklin avb. 26th and 27th
CoatesMatthew,miner,bds.Spruce b. 12th and 14th
CoatesWilliamI.,ass't. foreman, Rollin Clarke, 350 n. Main
CoatesWilliam,salesman, Ticknor, Robbins & Co., rooms 138 n. 4th
CoatlyRichard,lab.,bds. 128 Biddle
CobbDavid, jr.,bookkeeper, John How,r.r. 89 n. 10th
COBBHENRY,lawyer, 73 Chesnut, bds. Barnum's Hotel
CobbJohn,carpenter, bet. Penrose and Ferry
CobbLuther,lab.,bds.r. 867 Broadway
CobbWilliam,shipcarpenter,bds.Panama House
CobbWm. H.,bds. 77 St. Charles
Cobb & Ward
CobbsHenry,bds. 106 n. 4th
CobinJohn,sergt. Police 1st wardr. 199 Carondelet avenue
CoblensJohnZ.,(Seidy & Coblens)r. 245 n. 8th
CoburnJohn,sodamaker,bds. 176 n. 12th
CoburnMargaretta,wid. Alexander,r. 176 n. 12th
CobyFrederickA.,(F. A. Coby & Fieckert) A. Coby & Fieckert)r. 41 Market
Coby F. A. & Fieckert,Coby(FrederickA. & Fieckert)FredricsaloonMarket, nw.c. 2d
CochJulius,(Coch & Doll)r. 59 Franklin av
Coch & Co.,Coch(JuliusW. & Doll)FrederickW.tinners, 59 Franklin av
CochranEdward,lab.,r.ns.Maiden Lane near reservoir
CochranHenryS.,tinner,bds. 228 Pine
CochranJames,boilermaker,r. 260 n. 7th
CochranJames,harnessmaker,es.Broadway near Cass av
CochranJames,tinner,bds. 229 Pine
CochranJames,tobacco inspector,r. 222 Morgan
CochranJaneE.,wid. Stephen,r. 228 Pine
COCHRANJOHNC.,architect, 65 Chesnut, bds. Revere House
CochranMaryM.,wid. William,r.ns.Cass avenue c. 9th
CochranPatrick,clerk,bds. 302 n. 2d
CochranPatrick,lab.,r. 321 n. 2d
CochranRobert,carpenterbds. 270 Franklin av
CochranRobert,tinsmith,ns.Biddle nr. 24th
CochranSamuelC.,bookkeeper, J. J. Roe & Co.r. 127 Wash
CochranStephenJ.,salesman,bds. 228 Pine
CochranSusanI.,teacher, Chouteau School, b. Gratiot and Cerre
CochranThomas,tinner, 346 Broadway
CochranThomas,tinner,r. 81 Spruce
CochranWilliam,cook,r. 6 Green
CochranWilliam,R. H. Davis & Co.bds.Barnum's Hotel
CochranGeorgeJ.,bookkeeper, McEnnis & Co., and Wash
CockayneHannahM.,saleswoman, Joseph McIlwainebds. 176 Market
CockelAugust,carpenter,r. 310 s. 3d
CockerJohn,supt.St. Louis cotton b. Carroll and Soulard
CocksMichael,lab., av.b. 24th and Pratte av
CocksoolWilliam,machinist,r.Soulard c. Menard
CodaEdward,watchman,bds. 157 Walnut of 7th
CodarThomas,bricklayer,r.Menard b. Lafayette and Emmet
CoddingJohnO.,carpenter,r.10th nw.c. Mound
CodeJosephL.,cabinetmaker,bds. 53 O'Fallon
CodeskiJohn,cloth weaver, nr. Marion
CodeyEdward,bookkeeper, b. Webster and Labeaume