St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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CollinsOwen,lab.,r. alley b.10th and 11th n. of O'Fallon
CollinsOwenT., salesman P. Crow & Sons,bds. 78 n. 11th
COLLINSOZRO, proprietor King's Hotel,Vine ne.c. 2d
CollinsPatrick,bookkeeper, rooms 185 n. 12th
CollinsPatrick,barkeeper,r. 285 Franklin av
CollinsPatrick,lab.,r. 19 Spruce
CollinsPatrick,lab.,r. 93 n. 10th
CollinsPatrick,lab.,r. alley bet. Franklin av. and Wash and 7th and 8th
CollinsPeter,books and stationery, 82 n. 3d, r. same
CollinsPeter,lab., b. 24th and 25th
CollinsPierce, clerk, T. H. A. & St. L. R. R.,2d nw.c. Poplar
CollinsRichard,lab.,r. 154 n. 16th
CollinsRobert,peddler,r. 143 n. 14th
CollinsSarah,wid. Thomas,r. 64 s. 16th
CollinsTerrence,machinist,bds.ns.e.Brooklyn b. 1st and 2d
CollinsThomas,brickmaker,bds.23d se.c. Franklin av
CollinsThomas,currier,c.Easton and Barton
CollinsThomas, engineer, Iron Mountain Steam Forge,Lami c. Columbus
CollinsThomas,moulder,r. 10 Florida
CollinsThomas,moulder,r. 59 Madison
CollinsThomasL.,teamster,r.ns.Montgomery bet. 9th and Broadway
CollinsTimothy,bricklayer,, bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
CollinsWilliam,roller, near Allen av
CollinsWilliam,lab, and Carr, n. 7th
CollinsWilliamA.,bds. 133 n. 5th
CollinsWilliamT.,engineer, b. Lafayette and Soulard
Collins & Lupton,Collins(JohnM. and Lupton,)Johncarriage manf. 197 s. 4th
COLLINS, KELLOGG & KIRBY,Collins,(CharlesKellogg,SamuelN.Kirby,EliabB.Kirtland CharlesB. and Goldsmith,)Bernard dry goods, 137 n. Main
CollmenCasper,lab.,r. 155 al.b. 8th and 9th, near Carr
CollotonPeter, clerk, Peter McCaul,r. 235 n. 2d
CollumEdmond,teamster,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
CollumJohn,teamster,r.18th b. Davis and Cass av
CollungPhillip,barber,ns.Soulard b. Menard and Rosatti
ColmanBenjamin, bookkeeper, H. & R. B. Whittimore & Co.,r. 210 n. 6th
ColmanCharlesD., lawyer, (Colman, Henderson & Co.,) 97 Chesnut, r. 128 n. 10th
ColmanElizabeth,wid. Henry, and Buchanan and 11th & Bellefontaine rd
ColmanJames,miller,r.Targee bet. Market and Clark av
ColmanMartin,boatman, and 13th s. of Cass av
ColmanRudolphE.,clerk,r. 171 Broadway
COLMANSAMUELM.,agent real estate, 46 n. 3d, r. 226 Chesnut
ColmanThomas,plasterer,r. 249 n. 8th
ColmanWilliam,carriage painter,bds. 43 Gay
COLMAN, HENDERSON & CO.,Colman(CharlesD.HendersonJamesA. and McNair,)C. J.spoke, felloe, and hub mnfs. 85 s. 7th.(See advt. p. 54)
ColmeirSophia, janitor, Chauteau School,r.9th nwc. Park av
ColmeyerHenry,miller,, b. 20th and 21st
ColnanMichael,lab.,r. rear 291 Carr
ColnerJohn,tailor, and 9th, near Geyer avenue
ColneosJohn,millwright,r. 400 n. 9th
ColpAndrew,trunkmaker, and Columbus, near Miller
COLTJAMESB.,lawyer,ne.c.2d and Pine, r,ns. Olive, bet. 11th and 12th
ColtonGeorgeA.,r. 232 Olive
ColthurstRichard,stonecutter,bds.12th ne.c. Pine
ColtmanSamuel,glazier,r. 72 Biddle
ColumbeckHenry,wagonmaker,Menard b. Lafayette and Emmet
ColverWilliamC.,blacksmith,r.19th nw.c. Warren
ColvertJohnB.,riverman,r.Magazine and Glasgow av
ColvilDawsonW.,bds.,sw.c.10th and Walnut
ColvillPeter,clerk,r. 81 Spruce
ColvilleIsabella,wid, Samuel,bds.s.16th bet. Walnut and Clark av
ColvinD. Wcarpenter,bds. 34 s. 10th
COLVINJOHNW.,lawyer, 62 Chesnut, r. 226 Pine
ColvinMadison,foreman city stable,bds. 272 Broadway
ColvinMatthew, foreman, J. F. Albright, rooms 121 n. 3d
ColwellBernard,lab.,r.Poplar b. 12th and 13th
ComafordMichaelclerk, H. Seimeyer,r. 72 n. Levee
ComansMichael,lab., and 9th, and Biddle and O'Fallon
CombRichard,clerk,bds.ns.Morgan bet. 5th and 6th
ComboyMichael,Anderson & Lamoureaux,r.Clark 10th and 11th
CombsThomasC., salesman, Woods, Christy & Co.,bds.Everett House
COMERTHOMAS,grocer, 433 Broadway, r. same
ComersJohn,lab.,John How,c.Easton and Barton
ComesPeter,painter,bds. 245 Broadway
ComeskyCharles,foreman Gas Works, 4th bet. Convent and Hazel
ComfortJamesH.,(Comford & Manter,)r. 235 Olive
ComfortParley, bet. 12th and 13th
ComfortPatrick,teamster,r.ns.Carr bet. 22d and 23d
COMFORT & MANTER,Comfort(JamesH. and Manter,)FrancisH.attorneys, 97 Chesnut
CommarChristian,musician,r. 218 n. 11th
CommenskyCharles,(Schermann & Co.,)r.Broadway
CommerEdward,clerk, 2d Carondelet av and Mississippi av
COMMERCIAL AGENCY, (John McKillop & Co.,)Pine nw.c. Main
ComminsRichard, porter, Scott & Brothers
CommisskeyPhillip, 240 bet. 2d and Main
CommaneEdmund,barkeeper,Patrick Pierce
CommonsThomas,lab,r. 424 n. Main
CommorickJohn,ostler, 27 Franklin av
CommyHenry,lab,r. 111 n. 11th
CompagniotteOliver,carpenter,nw.c.Targee b. Clark av. and Spruce, r. 266 Morgan
CompagniottePaul,carpenter,bds. 31 n. 12th
ComptonBenjaminS.,Monroe House, bds, same
ComptonJohnR.,paper hanger, 246 Market, r. Randolph b. 12th and 13th
COMPTONRICHARDJ.,engraver, 52 n. 4th, r. 258 s. 7th
ComptonWilliamF.,Rev.,bds. 71 s. 14th
ComstockAnson,(A. Comstock & Son,)r. 91 Washington av
ComstockCharlesR.,(A. Comstock & Son,)r. 91 Washington av
ComstockEdwardA., salesman, A. Comstock & Son,r. 91 Washington av
ComstockEphraimH.,penny post,bds. 76 Olive
ComstockEzraY.,(William Young & Co.,)r.New York City
ComstockHenryG.,penny post,bds. 78 Olive
ComstockIsaac,(Bywater & Comstock,) dentist, & Comstock,) dentist,bds. 83 Collins