St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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ConnellyPatrick,lab, and Lane, nr. 7th
ConnellyPeter,bds.Branum's Hotel
ConnellyPeter,lab.,, bet. Division and Biddle
ConnellyWilliam,clerk,r. 41 n. 12th
ConnelyBernard,lab.,r. rear 85 Elm
ConnelyJohn,moulder,r.22d b. BiddLe and O'Fallon
ConnelyMichael,lab.,r. rear 151 s. 7th
ConnerCatharine,widow John, and 2d near Florida
ConnerDennis,lab., 209 n. 5th
ConnerEllen,wid. James grocer, 219 Market, r. same
ConnerJohn,lab., bet. Webster and Chambers
ConnerJohn,lab., and Bates, nr. Lewis
ConnerJoseph,roller,bds.L'esperance sw.c. DeKalb
ConnerPatrick,lab., and Bates nr. Lewis
ConnerPatrick,ostler, av.,nr. 2nd Carondelet av
ConnerPeter,lab.,bds. 11 Morgan
ConnerThomas,lab., bet. 22nd and 23d
ConnerWesley,cooper,r. 153 Walnut
ConnerlyMichael,porter,Planters' House
ConnersCornelieus,lab., b. Benton and Warren
ConnersDavid,lab.,bds.199 n. 7th
Conners,James,drayman, and 11th
ConnersJames,gas works,bds 321 s. 2nd
ConnersJeremiahC.,boarding, 171 Market r. same
ConnersJohn,lab.,bds. 155 n. 11th
ConnersJohn,lab.,r. 154 n. 16th
ConnersJohn,lab, and 14th near Biddle
ConnersMichael,lab.,r. 128 Biddle
ConnersMichael,lab.,r. 11 Florida
ConnersRichard,planer,bds. 600 Broadway
ConnersWilliam,cooper,bds.ns.Manchester road, near Leffingwell av
ConnersWilliam,lab.,r. 62 Biddle
ConnersWilliam, porter, Sterling, Stansberry & Co., b. Market and Clark av
ConnertonJohn,lab., and Main nr. Bates
ConnertyJames,waiter,Planters' House
ConneryLawrence,stonecutter,bds,11th ne.c. Market
ConneryThomas,carpenter,bds.11th ne.c. Market
ConnezGermain,carpenter,r.Davis bet. 18th and 19th
ConniffThomas,grocer, 208 s. 2nd, r. same
ConnoleyAlexander,plasterer, and 14th nr. Biddle
ConnollyJoseph,machinist,r. 193 n. 14th
ConnollyJohn,teamster,r.ns.Carr bet. 20th and 21st
ConnollyMarcus,billiard table,bds 144 n. 3d
ConnolyPeter,engineer,bds.Berkley House
ConnorBensonG.,(Garnhart & Connor)r. 102 Locust
ConnorCatherine,wid. William,r. 21 Center
ConnorChristopher,plumber,bds. 25 Gay
ConnorDennis,carriage smith,r.n.8th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
ConnorEllen,wid. Michael,bds. 271 n. 6th
ConnorHenryC., watchmaker, Reno Beauvais,Gravois road ne.c. Loughborough
ConnorJames,drayman,r.bet10th and 11th on al.
ConnorJames,painter,bds. 25 Gay
ConnorJohn,drayman,r. 7 s. 13th
ConnorJohn,engine driver,bds. 155 n. 11th
ConnorJohn,lab., Biddle and O'Fallon, 7th and 8th
ConnorJohn,lab., and Cass av
ConnorJoseph,lab.,r. 95 Biddle
ConnorMary,wid. Cornelius,bds.Spruce bet. 12th and 13th
ConnorMary,wid. Edward, boarding, 1 Morgan r. same
ConnorMaurice,lab.,r.Davis, b. 18th and 19th
ConnorMichael,lab,,r,s.12th b. Poplar and Randolph
ConnorPatrick,riverman,bds. 181 n. 4th
ConnorSarah,wid, and 9th near Biddle
ConnorThomas,hatter,r. 163 n. 6th
ConnorTimothy,drayman,r.n.10th b. Cass av and O'Fallon
ConnorTimothy,lab.,,9th bet. Warren and Benton
ConnorWilliam,lab.,bds. 21 Center
ConnorWilliam,policeman,r. 139 n. 12th
ConnorWilliamH., clerk, O. & M. R. R.,bds. 309 Franklin av
ConnorsCharles,lab., b. Montgomery and Spring
ConnorsDennis,cooper,r, 38 s. 7th
ConnorsJames,lab.,r.ns.Morgan b. 8th and 9th
ConnorsJames,stonecutter, and O'Fallon nr. 13th
ConnorsJohn,lab.,r. 132 Wash
ConnorsJohn,stonecutter,bds.ns.Benton bet 16th and 17th
ConnorsMichael,lab.r. 41 Lombard
ConnorsMichael,lab.,r. 62 Plum
ConnorsMichael,lab., b. Cerre and Gratiot
ConnorsMichael,saloon, 83 n. Levee. r, same
ConnorsMichael,stonecutter,r.23d ne.c. Wash
ConnorsPeter,ostler, b. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
ConnorsRichard,lab.,r. rear 366 Market
ConnorsRobert,shoemaker,bds.8th ne.c. Green
ConnorsWilliam,policeman,r. 25 Gay
ConnryJames,lab.,r. 132 Collins
ConolyPatrick,grocer,ss.Wash, bet. 22d and 23d, r. same
ConolyTerrence,plasterer,r. 191 n. 12th
ConowayIsaacD., clerk, Atlantic Ins. Co.,r. 163 Chesnut
ConoverPatrick,carpenter, and 9th nr. O'Fallon
ConradAdam,grocer, 122 n. 7th, r. 116 n. 7th
ConradCharles,clerk,r.ns.Carr b. 24th and 25th
ConradChristian,lab., nr. Marion
ConradCossimer,tailor,bds. 279 s. 3d
ConradFrederick,cabinetmaker, 144 n. 12th
ConradGeorge,brickmaker,, b. Allen and Russell avs
ConradJoseph, clerk, R. Hercenrath,r. 229 Pine
ConradJoseph,notary public, 50 s. 2d, r.nw.c. 13th and Pine
CONRADJULIUS, recorder,ct. house, r. 229 Pine nw.c. 13th
ConradLouis,sausagemaker, nr. 22d
ConradPeter, and steamboat capt., (John E. Brooks & Co.)r. 129 s. 3d
ConradStephen,saddletree maker,r.Rosatti near Lafayette
ConradWilliam,slater,r. 421 Carondelet av
ConradXavier,gardener,r.Cass 23d
ConradesChristopher,chairmaker,bds. 248 n. 6th
ConradesHenryJ.,(Conrades & Logeman)r.8th nw.c. Carr
CONRADES & LOGEMAN,ConradesHenryJ., & Logeman)FrederickH.chair manufactory, 248 n. 6th
ConradiJacob,shoemaker,r. 716 Broadway
ConradsJulius,carpenter, av.b. Joab and Toney
ConradtCharles,butcher,bds. 386 Market
ConradtRebecca, nr. Leffingwell av
CONRANJOHNP.,lawyer,3d se.c. Market, r. Pine se.c. 12th
ConranPatrick,wagonmaker, and 11th nr. Market
ConranMichael,wagonmaker, and 11th nr. Market