St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Andre George, lab., and Glasgow av St. Charles road
André Michael, r. 145 n. 3d
Andreas Conrad, (Kerwin & Co.,) r. 101 9th
ANDREAS FREDERICK, boarding and saloon, 10 Myrtle
Andreas Joseph, lab., r. al. b. and 13th 14th, O'Fallon
Andreas Louis, boarding and saloon, 60 s.
Andrees Paul, tailor, 369 Market, r.
Andres Joseph, lab., r. Buel, sw. c. Soulard
Andrew Martha A., seamstress, r. es. and 10th, bet. Webster Labeaume
Andrew William C., carpenter, r. 236 n. 10th
Andrews Charles, bds. Monroe House
Andrews Charles W., saloon, near 3d, P. O., r. e. s. Ham, bet. Chouteau Hickory
Andrews David C., carpenter, 7 n. 9th, r.
Andrews Francis, saloon, 20 s. Levee, r.
Andrews Francis, grocer, r. and Clark av., bet. 14th Targee
Andrews George L., book-keeper Field Brothers, bds. 6th, sw. c. St. Charles
Andrews John H., (Parks & Andrews) r. 96 Elm
Andrews Joshua L., (Heincker & Andrews) r. n. s. and Wash. bet. 13th 14th
Andrews M. E., hardware, bds. 212 n. 5th
Andrews Margaret, wid. Henry, r. s. and 7th, bet. Gratiot Papin
Andrews Martin E., (M. E. Andrews & Co.) bds. sw. c. and 5th Carr
Andrews Morey T., (Moody, Michel & Co.) r. at Carondelet
Andrews Moses L., machinist, bds. 10 Brooklyn
Andrews Thomas, foreman Ladd's planing mill, bds. 190 Locust
Andrews Thomas, coppersmith, r. n. s. Bernard, nr. Emily
Andrews William, clerk, r. 70 n. 3d
Andrews William T., (col'd) 117 Morgan
agt's Jackson's Michigan Wagon Co., Andrews, Martin E. Jagger David B. Greenleaf, George H. hardware and cutlery, and agt'sJackson's Michigan Wagon Co., r. 98 Broadway
Audrup John, collar maker, and Morton, bet. Chouteau av Hickory
Andrup Mary C., r. and Morton, bet. Chouteau av Hickory
Andrus Charles, pedlar, bds. 163 Broadway
Andrus George, candle maker, r. and Missouri av., bet. Chouteau Park avs
Andry William, painter, r. 156 Franklin av
Andtres Conrad, carpenter, r. ss. and Franklin av., bet. 22d 23d
Angel Frances, widow Joseph, r. Hickory, nw. c. Paul
Angel George, porter, r. Hickory, nw. c. Paul
Angelbeck Frederick, grocer, Maclinkrodt, c. same Bellefontaine, r.
Angelke Andros, baker, bds. 129 n. 13th
Angell Almeron S., (King, Angell & Co.,) r. Lami, se. c. DeKalb
Angelmann Adam, engineer, r. 170 Carr
ANGELO FRANCIS, musician, 57 Olive, r. Pine
Angelo Michael, musician, 269 Pine
Angelrodt Ernst C., and Consul for the German States, (Angelrodt & Barth,) r. in Europe
ANGELRODT & BARTH, com. mer., Angelrodt Ernst C. Barth, Robert com. mer., 12 City Buildings
Angeolina Joseph, hair, manfctr 29 n. 5th r. Washington av
Augerer Frederick, bricklayer, r. 173 n. 13th
Angermuller Heinrich, shoemaker, bds. ns. and Vine, bet. Main Second
Angermuller Hermann, bootmaker, bds. 16 Olive
Anglegan Patrick, driver, r. ns. and Anna, bet. Columbus DeKalb
Anglum John, clerk, 116 n. 3d
Angman Anton, policeman, r. 334 s. 3d
Anheisel Peter, lab., r. ss. near Rutgers, 7th
Anheuser Eberhard, (Schaeffer, Anheuser & Co.,) r. and Myrtle, bet. 5th 6th
Anheuser Edward J., r. and Myrtle, bet. 5th 6th
Anheuser Wm., foreman, Schaeffer, Anheuser & Co.
Anholdt Michael, lab., r. ws. and Jackson, bet. Victor Sidney
Anheuser Elizabeth, wid. Joseph, r. es. near Jackson, Marion
Anible Woodbridge, clerk, bds. 114 n. 9th
Annan Samuel, physician, 222 Pine, r.
Annan, Thomas B., architect, bds. 70 n.
Annas Charles L., lumberman, bds. 499 Broadway
Annemire Martha, wid. Henry, r. ss. and Salisbury, bet. 11th Bellefontaine Road
Anning Charles, salesman, r. 71 s. 7th
Anselme Francis, liquor store, 102 n. 7th
Anselm Albert, reporter Handels-Zeitung, r. and 11th, b. Park av. Marion
Ansler Lorenz, lab., r. alley, near 3d, bet. Convent Hazel
Anslinger John, clerk, r. 163 Carondelet av
Ansorg Samuel, dep. constable, bds. se. c. and 21st Franklin av
Ansted Jacob, driver, r. ws. near Jackson, Barry
Anstey James, butcher, r. ns. and Washington av., bet. Leffingwell Beaumont
Anthers Christ, butcher, bds. ss. Gratiot, w. Tayon av
Anthrop Frederick W., lab., bds. 111 n. 9th
Anton Frederick, cigar maker, r. 93 s. 3d
Anton Richard, tobacconist, 198 n. 5th
Antoine, Catharine, washing, (col'd,) alley, bet. 3d 4th, Market
Antoine Constant., cooper, bds. s. and 13th, bet. Spruce Poplar
Antoine Simmons, lab., r. ss. and Laclede av., bet. Pratte av., Beaumont
Antonio Brothers, (Guilielmo, Lorenzo, and and Philip Alphonzo) equestrians, r. 33 Lebeaume
ANZEIGER DES WESTENS, proprietor, H. Bœrnstein, 16 n. 3d
Aon Mary, wid. Charles, r. alley bet. Main 2d, Elm
Aorstkotta August, cooper, r. es. n. and 16th, b. O'Fallon Cass av
Aorstkotta Caspar H., cooper, r. es. n. and 16th, bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Aorstkotta William, blacksmith, r. es. n. and 16th, bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Apath Antoine, cooper, bds. 236 s. 2d
Apel Henry, tailor, r. 112 Carondelet av
Apel Herman, boarding, 69 n. Levee, r.
Appel Elizabeth, wid. William, r. ws. near Columbus, Wood
Appel Francis, barkeeper, John Obertin
Appel Frank J. lab., bds. Jackson, ne. c. Emmet
Appel Frederick, bricklayer, r. ns. near Sonlard, Jackson
Appel John, lab., r. ss. and Laclede, bet. Beaumont Leffingwell av
Appel Mary A., dress maker, ns. and Monroe, bet. 13th 14th, r.
Appelbaum George, lab., r. alley, bet. 12th 13th, Benton Market
Appelbaum Jonn, iron moulder, r. ns. near Carroll, Buel
Appelbaum Joseph, stove moulder, r. 418 n. 9th
Applebaum George, lab., r. nw. c. and Jefferson 14th
Applebaum Joseph, stove moulder, r. 229 n. 8th
Applegate John, engineer, bds. ne. c. and Main Mulberry
Appelhaus Henry, boatman, r. 95 O'Fallon
Appler Augustus C., printer, r. 97 Orange
Appleton George D., (Crow, McCreery & Co.,) r. 141 Locust
Apprederis Emil, paper hanger, 347 Broadway
APPREDERIS JOSEPH, saloon, 347 Broadway, r.
Aprras Frank, bricklayer, r. ns. near Carroll, Closey
Aralan Joseph, fruit stand, r. 115 n. 5th
Arance Elizabeth, wid. John, r. and Columbus bet. Barton Victor
Arbe Peter, ware cleaner, r. n. and 2d. bet. Florida Mullanphy