St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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AndreGeorge,lab.,Glasgow av and St. Charles road
AndréMichael,r.145 n. 3d
AndreasConrad,(Kerwin & Co.,)r.101 9th
ANDREASFREDERICK,boarding and saloon,10 Myrtle
AndreasJoseph,lab., and 14th,near O'Fallon
AndreasLouis,boarding and saloon,60 s. Main
AndreesPaul,tailor,369 Market, r. same
AndresJoseph,lab.,r.Buel, sw.c. Soulard
AndrewMarthaA.,seamstress,, bet. Webster and Labeaume
AndrewWilliamC.,carpenter,r.236 n. 10th
AndrewsCharles,bds.Monroe House
AndrewsCharlesW.,saloon,3d,near P. O.,r.e.s. Ham, bet. Chouteau and Hickory
AndrewsDavidC.,carpenter,7 n. 9th, r. same
AndrewsFrancis,saloon,20 s. Levee, r. same
AndrewsFrancis,grocer,r.Clark av.,bet. 14th and Targee
AndrewsGeorgeL.,book-keeper Field Brothers,bds.6th, sw.c. St. Charles
AndrewsJohnH.,(Parks & Andrews)r.96 Elm
AndrewsJoshuaL.,(Heincker & Andrews)r.n.s.Wash. bet. 13th and 14th
AndrewsM. E.,hardware,bds.212 n. 5th
AndrewsMargaret,wid. Henry,r.s.7th, bet. Gratiot and Papin
AndrewsMartinE.,(M. E. Andrews & Co.)bds.sw.c.5th and Carr
AndrewsMoreyT.,(Moody, Michel & Co.) Carondelet
AndrewsMosesL.,machinist,bds.10 Brooklyn
AndrewsThomas,foreman Ladd's planing mill,bds.190 Locust
AndrewsThomas,coppersmith,r.n.s.Bernard, nr. Emily
AndrewsWilliam,clerk,r.70 n. 3d
AndrewsWilliamT.,(col'd)117 Morgan
ANDREWS M.E. & CO.,Andrews,MartinE.JaggerDavidB. and Greenleaf,GeorgeH.hardware and cutlery, and agt'sJackson's Michigan Wagon Co.,r.98 Broadway
AudrupJohn,collar maker,Morton, bet. Chouteau av and Hickory
AndrupMaryC.,r.Morton, bet. Chouteau av and Hickory
AndrusCharles,pedlar,bds.163 Broadway
AndrusGeorge,candle maker,r.Missouri av.,bet. Chouteau and Park avs
AndryWilliam,painter,r.156 Franklin av
AndtresConrad,carpenter, av.,bet. 22d and 23d
AngelFrances,widow Joseph,r.Hickory, nw.c. Paul
AngelGeorge,porter,r.Hickory, nw.c. Paul
AngelbeckFrederick,grocer, Maclinkrodt,c.Bellefontaine, r. same
AngelkeAndros,baker,bds.129 n. 13th
AngellAlmeronS.,(King, Angell & Co.,)r.Lami, se.c. DeKalb
AngelmannAdam,engineer,r.170 Carr
ANGELOFRANCIS,musician,57 Olive, r. 269 Pine
AngeloMichael,musician,269 Pine
AngelrodtErnstC.,(Angelrodt & Barth,) and Consul for the German States, Europe
ANGELRODT & BARTH,AngelrodtErnstC. and Barth,Robertcom. mer.,12 City Buildings
AngeolinaJoseph,manfctr hair,29 n. 5th r. 145 Washington av
AugererFrederick,bricklayer,r.173 n. 13th
AngermullerHeinrich,shoemaker,bds.ns.Vine, bet. Main and Second
AngermullerHermann,bootmaker,bds.16 Olive
AngleganPatrick,driver,r.ns.Anna, bet. Columbus and DeKalb
AnglumJohn,clerk,116 n. 3d
AngmanAnton,policeman,r.334 s. 3d
AnheiselPeter,lab.,,near 7th
AnheuserEberhard,(Schaeffer, Anheuser & Co.,)r.Myrtle, bet. 5th and 6th
AnheuserEdwardJ.,r.Myrtle, bet. 5th and 6th
AnheuserWm.,foreman, Schaeffer, Anheuser & Co.
AnholdtMichael,lab.,, bet. Victor and Sidney
AnheuserElizabeth,wid. Joseph,,near Marion
AnibleWoodbridge,clerk,bds.114 n. 9th
AnnanSamuel,physician,222 Pine, r. same
Annan,ThomasB.,architect,bds.70 n.
AnnasCharlesL.,lumberman,bds.499 Broadway
AnnemireMartha,wid. Henry,, bet. 11th and Bellefontaine Road
AnningCharles,salesman,r.71 s. 7th
AnselmeFrancis,liquor store,102 n. 7th
AnselmAlbert,reporter Handels-Zeitung,r.11th, b. Park av. and Marion
AnslerLorenz,lab.,r.alley, near 3d, bet. Convent and Hazel
AnslingerJohn,clerk,r.163 Carondelet av
AnsorgSamuel,dep. constable, and Franklin av
AnstedJacob,driver,,near Barry
AnsteyJames,butcher,r.ns.Washington av.,bet. Leffingwell and Beaumont
AnthersChrist,butcher,, w. Tayon av
AnthropFrederickW.,lab.,bds.111 n. 9th
AntonFrederick,cigar maker,r.93 s. 3d
AntonRichard,tobacconist,198 n. 5th
Antoine,Catharine,(col'd,) washing,alley, bet. 3d and 4th,near Market
AntoineConstant.,cooper,bds.s.13th, bet. Spruce and Poplar
AntoineSimmons,lab., av.,bet. Pratte av., and Beaumont
Antonio Brothers,(Guilielmo,Lorenzo, and PhilipAlphonzo)equestrians,r.33 Lebeaume
ANZEIGERDESWESTENS,H. Bœrnstein, proprietor,16 n. 3d
AonMary,wid. Charles,r.alley bet. Main and 2d,near Elm
AorstkottaAugust,cooper,, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
AorstkottaCasparH.,cooper,, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
AorstkottaWilliam,blacksmith,, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
ApathAntoine,cooper,bds.236 s. 2d
ApelHenry,tailor,r.112 Carondelet av
ApelHerman,boarding,69 n. Levee, r. same
AppelElizabeth,wid. William,,near Wood
AppelFrancis,barkeeper, John Obertin
AppelFrankJ.lab.,bds.Jackson, ne.c. Emmet
AppelFrederick,bricklayer,r.ns.Sonlard,near Jackson
AppelJohn,lab.,, bet. Beaumont and Leffingwell av
AppelMaryA.,dress maker,ns.Monroe, bet. 13th and 14th, r. same
AppelbaumGeorge,lab.,r.alley, bet. 12th and 13th, and Benton and Market
AppelbaumJonn,iron moulder,r.ns.Carroll,near Buel
AppelbaumJoseph,stove moulder,r.418 n. 9th
ApplebaumGeorge,lab.,r.nw.c.Jefferson and 14th
ApplebaumJoseph,stove moulder,r.229 n. 8th
ApplegateJohn,engineer, and Mulberry
AppelhausHenry,boatman,r.95 O'Fallon
ApplerAugustusC.,printer,r.97 Orange
AppletonGeorgeD.,(Crow, McCreery & Co.,)r.141 Locust
ApprederisEmil,paper hanger,347 Broadway
APPREDERISJOSEPH,saloon,347 Broadway, r. same
AprrasFrank,bricklayer,r.ns.Carroll,near Closey
AralanJoseph,fruit stand,r.115 n. 5th
AranceElizabeth,wid. John,r.Columbus bet. Barton and Victor
ArbePeter,ware cleaner,r.n.2d. bet. Florida and Mullanphy