St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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CookThomas,lab., and Walnut w. of 8th
CookThomasM.,lab..nrMaguire Market
CookThomasS.tailor,r. 27 s. 6th
CookWarren, clerk, N. M. R.R.,bds. 259 n. 8th
CookWilliam,(Cook & Mathews)r. 52 Pine
CookWilliam,lab.,bds.ns.Chouteau nr. Pratte av
CookWilliam,machinist,ns.Cass 8th and 9th
CookWilliamM.,auctioneer,bds. 70 Brooklyn
CookZachariah,(col'd) riverman, and 12th nr. Carr
Cook M. & Co.,CookMichael and SchwabeCharlesT.boot and shoe mnfrs., 42 n. Main
Cook M. & Co.,CookWilliam and Mathews)Georgedyers and scourers, 52 and 54 Pine and 47 Green
CookeEdwardJ.,clerk, Charles b. 9th and 10th
CookeHenry,cigarmaker,r. 277 n. 12th
CookeJohn,carpenter,r, rear 265 Market
CookeJohn,teamster, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
CookeJohnW. E.,shoemaker,r. 170 n. 14th
CookeWilliam,blacksmith,r. 270 n. 2d
CookeWilliam,shoemaker,r. 270 n. 13th
COOKEWILLIAMM.,lawyer, 33 Chesnut, 8th b. Gratiot and Cerre
CooklyJohn,teamster, b. 11th and 12th
CoolemanHerman,lab.,r.Carr nw.c. 9th
CooleyGeorge,carpenter,bds. 682 Broadway
CooleyJacobE.,boatman,r.ns.Thomas nr. Pratte avenue
CooleyMartinC.,(Cooley & Tower)r. 309 Chesnut
CooleyS.,tailor,bds. 283 n. Main
COOLEY & TOWER,CooleyMartinC.Tower,)GeorgeF.who. grocers, 140 n. 2d
CoolhanJames,baker, 32 n. 6th
CoolidgeCurtis,r.Papin sw.c. 14th
CoolidgeEdwardR., clerk, Greeley & Gale,bds.Barnum's Hotel
CoolidgeJohnA., clerk, Greeley & Gale,r.Papin sw.c. 14th
CoolishareJoseph,lab.,r. 100 Carr
CoombsGuy,shoemaker,r. 150 n. 5th
CoombsMarkA.,carpenter,r. 745 Broadway
CoonGeorge,lab., b. Bates and Smith
CoonJacob,fireman,r. rear Buel b. Lafayette and Emmet
CoonJoseph, and 9th nr. Geyer av
CoonRodman,carpenter,bds. 191 n. 6th
CoonanGeorge,tailor,r. 30 Spruce
CoonceCharles, clerk, Wilson, Levering & Waters,r. 199 Pine
CoonceMary,wid. Felix,r. 199 Pine
CoondeGeorge,bricklayer,bds. 91 n. 9th
Cooneycarriagemaker,bds. 83 Franklin av
CooneyBernard,brickmaker,r.Geyer av.b. Rosatti and Menard
CooneyJames,butcher, 1 n. Market, Walnut nr. Leffingwell av
CooneyJohn,lab.,al.b.Morgan and Green nr. 7th
CooneyMichael,cattle dealer,ne.c.22d and Carr
CooneyMichael, clerk, T. Cooney,bds. 22 s. Levee
CooneyPatrick,blacksmith,bds.ns.Franklin av.b. 6th and 7th
CooneyPatrick,butcher, 7 Lucas market, r. Pratte av.c. Adams
CooneyThomas,boarding, 22 s. Levee, r. same
CooneyWilliam,mason, b. Wash and Carr
CooneyWilliam,machinist,r.Maiden Lane nr. 21st
CoonmanJacob,carpenter, b. 20th and 21st
CoonsAndrewJ., physician, McDonough's bldg.,r. 259 Morgan
CoonsEdward,farmer,ss.Manchester Grand avenue
CoonsF.,porter,bds.St. Louis House
CoonsLouisS.,clerk, Republican,r. 208 n. 10th
CoonsMary,wid. David, David,r.Carondelet b. Chippewa and Winnebago
CoonsPhillip,boarding, 98 n. 5th
CoopEdward,moulder,r.ns.Emmet bet. Jackson and Columbus
CoopElizabeth,wid. John,r.ns.Emmet b. Jackson and Columbus
CoopardHenry,chairmaker,bds. 248 n. 6th
CoopeRobert,woodcarver,bds. 287 n. 7th
Cooper rooms. 91 Market
CooperAlbert,carpenter,bds. 384 Market
COOPERALLAN, Directory compiler. R. V. Kennedy & Co
CooperAnthony,teamster,r.15th b. Howard and Mullanphy
CooperAnton,lab.,bds.Davis nr. Natural Bridge plank rd
CooperCharles,moulder,r. 221 Green
CooperEdward,r. 52 n. 7th
CooperGeorge, fireman, P. R. R.,bds.sw.c.Pratte av. and Cooper
CooperGeorge,lottery office,4th nw.c. Green, r. 68 n. 11th
CooperGeorgeB.,carpenter,bds. 22 n. 12th
CooperHenryC.,land agent, 7 n. 4th, bds. Planters' House
CooperJacob,upholsterer,r.s.7th nr. Ann av
CooperJamesS., bookkeeper, E. A. Damon & Co., b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
CooperJohn,carpenter,bds. 13 Wash
CooperJohnM.,merchant, and Gratiot
CooperJohnW.,carpenter,r. 13 Wash
CooperLeonidasS., salesman, Hanenkamp & Hynes,bds. 22 St. Charles
CooperLloydJ., salesman, James A. Rogers & Son,r.ns.Benton b. 11th and 12th
CooperMary,wid. George,r. alley b.3d and 4th, near Walnut
CooperRichardH.,(Cooper & Green,)r. 192 Washington av
CooperRobert, agent P. & O. R. R.,r. 87 n. 10th
CooperWilliamB.,ship carpenter,r. 1402 Broadway
CooperRichardH. locksmiths and bellhangers, COOPER & GREEN, 133 n. 3d
CoopmanGeorge,carpenter,r.Allen avsw.c. 7th
Coops,Jeanette,wid.,r. 202 n. 8th
COOSEMANSFERDINAND,Rev., Prest.St. Louis Universityr. same
CoosherFerdinand,finisher,r.ns.Marion b. 8th and 9th
CooterJohn,(col'd) lab., b. Market and Clark av
CopeCharles,driver,r. rear ss.Cozzens, w. of High
CopeJohn, clerk, G. M. Holbrook, rooms 16 n. 4th
CopeLouis,driver,bds. rear ss.Cozzens, w. of High
CopeseyLawrence,lab.,r.sw.c.Soulard and Columbia
CopfLeopold,blacksmith, alley b.Jackson and Columbus, near Marion
CopicJohn,gilder,r. 91 Biddle
CopleyJohnS.,boatman,bds. 351 n. Main
CopleyM.,boatman,bds. 351 n. Main
CoppDavidH., clerk, Allen, Copp & Nisbet
CoppHenryW., bookkeeper, John How, rooms 5th, ne.c. Chesnut
CoppSamuel, jr.,(Allen, Copp & Nisbet) and agent Mutual Life Ins. Co.,N. Y., r. 108 Walnut
CoppTimothyD.,(T. D. Copp & Co.,)r.New York
CoppWilliamH.,student,bds. 69 Olive
COPP T. D. & CO., T. D. & CO.,Copp,TimothyD.Pearson,JohnDouglass,)Dan'lD.butter, cheese and com. 3 Market
CoppingerPatrick,lab.,r.St.Charles b. 18th and 19th
CoppingerRobert,lab.,r.n.10th, nw.c. Carr
CoppmanDeiderich,teamster,, near Mullanphy
CopsonBenjamin,broom square b. Wash and Carr, bds. 15th, se.c. Franklin av.
CoquerilleHarriet,dressmaker, 144 s. 6th