St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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Cufner,Louis,varnisher,bds. 601 Broadway
CuhanBattle,woodsawyerr.ns,Lafayette w. Buel
CuhnJohn,harnessmaker,bds.ns.Chouteau av.b. 8th and 9th
CuissianMichael,cooper,r. 874 Broadway
CuisionThomas,drayman,r.Cass Webster avenue
CulbertsonJohn,(John Culbertson & Co)bds.ns,Poplar b. 13th and 14th
CulbertsonWilliamC.(J. Culbertson & Co.,)r.Ky
Culbertson John & Co.,(John and Culbertson,)WilliamC.lumber yard 465 Market
CulkinPatrick,ropemaker,r.ns.Sidney b. Carondelet av. and Easton
CulkinPatrick,ropemaker,b.Dorcas and Arsenal, 3d and 4th
CulkinThomas,ropemaker,,Sidney b. Carondelet av. and Easton
CulhaneThomas,blacksmith,bds. 34 s. 10th
CullEdward,lab.,r. 98 Carr
CullPatrick,moulder,r. 100 Carr
CullWilliam,lab..r.2d nw.c. Mullanphy
CullanPhillip,lab.,r. 4 Waddingham
CullanWilliam,bookkeeper, Guenadon, rooms 115 Olive
CullenChristian,stone mason,r.Park av.sw.c. Compton av
CullenClement, w. of Page
CullenFrank,stonecutter,bds.e.Warren nr. Pratte avenue
CullenHugh,grocer,r. 298 n. Market
CullenJames, drayman, MacKoy, Lythe & Co.,
CullenJames,milkman, av.w. Page
CullenJohn, porter, Bryan & Miltenberger, b. 2d and 3d
CullenJohn,quarryman,r.ns.Gratiot b. 10th and 11th
CullenJohn,lab.,bds. 164 n. 10th
CullenJoshua,carpenter,bds 266 n. Main
CullenMathewR.,lawyer, 33½ Chesnut, rooms same
CullenMaurice,lab., b. 16th and 17th
CullenPatrick,lab.,bds. 372 n. 2d
CullenPeter,lab., near Destrehan
CullertonJohn,teamster,bds. 164 n. 10th
CulletJohn,stonecutter,r. 144 n. 17th
CullenayMichael,teamster,bds.w.21st b.n. Green and Warren
CulleyD'Alembert,com. merchant,merchant, 42 n. Commercial bds. Monroe House
CallinEllen,wid. James,bds.12th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
CullinMichael,lab., and 13th s. of Cass av
CullinaWilliam,lab., and 10th
CullinaneJoseph,lab.,ral.Spruce bet. 12th and 13th
CullingFrederick,brickmaker,r.Rosatti c. Julia
CullingHenry,brickmaker,r.c.Rosatti and Julia
CullinnanRalph,clerk,bds. 13 n. 12th
CullionJames,watchman, bet. 23d and 24th
CullinanJohn,lab.,r.Gratiot bet. 12th and 13th
CulotonJames,shoemaker,bds. 327 Broadway
CulterOrsonJ.,carpenter,bds. 243 8th
CulverJamesM.,printer,bds. 80 s. 5th
CulverMary,seamstress,r. 2 n. 7th
CulvertJohn,marblecutter,r.10th ne.c. Carr
CulvenJohn,lab.,r. rear ss. Austin bet. 15th and 16th
CulvertJohn,marblepolisher.r.10th se.c. Carr
CumbrinkFritz, porter, Berthold, Smith & Co., bet Madison and Chambers
CummingsDaniel, waiter, Monroe House,r. same
CummingJesseH., pastor, Wesley Chapel, M.E.Church South,Chouteau 8th, bds.ns. Orchard bet. Barlow and Beckworth
CUMMINGSFRANK, (A. B. Wiggenhorn & Co.)grocer, 270 Franklin av.,r. 22d se.c. Wash
CummingsJameslab., and 11th
CummingsJamesA.,clerk, 270 Franklin av., bds. 22d c. Division
CummingsJohn,baker, 2 Spruce, Plum bet. Main and 2d
CummingsJohn,baker, 30 Plum
CummingsJohnR., salesman, St. Louis Glass Co.,bds. Frederick House
CummingsMarkF.,(Paschall & Cummings)r.Morgan ne.c. 10th
CummingsMary,wid Dennis,r.ns.O'Fallon bet. 22d and 24th
CummingsPatrick,boarding, 97 s. 2d
CummingsRichard,porter,r. 264 n. 14th
CummingsThomas,teamster, bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
CumminsAnna,teacher,bds. 8 s. 8th
CumminsBernardJ.,(Paris & Cummins)St. Charles sw.c. 6th
CumminsBridget,wid. Michael,r. rear 161 n. 9th
CumminsConrad,turner,r. 91 Carr
CumminsJohn,lab., and Morgan and 7th and 8th
CumminsJohn,mate,r. 207 n. 12th
CumminsJohnP.,bookkeeper,r.s.14th bet. Poplar and Randolph
CumminsStephen,tailor, 111 Locust, rooms same
CumminsStephenC.,tailor, 56 Pine, r. 8 s. 8th
CummiskeyPeter,blacksmith,r.2d bet. Howard and Mound
CummiskeyTerrence,boots and shoes,Morgan near 15th, r. 173 Carr
CumsteinFrederick,painter,r.ns.Orange bet. 21st and 22d
ComstockCornelia,bds. 96 n. 7th
CunieAnn,boarding 351 Broadway
CanibertCharles,waiter, Monroe Houser. same
CunniffBernard,grocer,ws.13th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av,.r. same
CuniffeBernard, rooms 92 n. Levee
CuniffeBernard,bds. 9 Washington av.
CUNIFFEMICHAELK.,grocer, 62 n. Levee, rooms City Hall
CuniffeThomas,lab.,bds. 418 n. Main
CuniffeThomas,saloon, 58 n. Leve, r. same
CunninghPeter,glassblower,bds.Lemp, bet. Arsenal and Cherokee
CunninghamAlexander,clerk,r.May se.c. Mary
CunninghamBernard,lab.,r.14th ne.c. Monroe
Cunningham.Carey, bookkeeper, Charleville & Mast
CunninghamCatherine,wid. Dennis,r. 144 n. 16th
CunninghamCharles,lab,rKosciusko bet. Barton and Victor
CunninghamDanielM.,agent for Fenn's Milk, 13 Commercial, bds. Pacific Hotel
CunninghamDavid,boatman,r. alley, bet. Biddle and O'Fallon and 7th and 8th
CunninghamEdward,marblepolisher,'Fallon and Cass av and 6th and 7th
CunninghamEdward,moulder,r. 324 n. 2d
CunninghamEdwardL.,carpenter,r. 168 n. 11th
CunninghamElla,wid. Thomas,r. 112 Carr
CunninghamHenrietta,wid. Henry,r. 153 Christy avenue
CunninghamJames,lab.,r. 78 O'Fallon
CunninghamJames,peddler,bds. 78 s. 2d
CunninghamJohn,grocer,n.Biddle b. 8th and 9th
CunninghamJohn,lab,r. 1393 Broadway
CunninghamJohn, waiter Monroe House,r. 108 Green
CunninghamJohn, waiter Monroe House,r. same
CunninghamJohnC. H.,deputy marshal, b. Garrison and Ewing av
CunninghamJohnH. C.,r. 149 n. 12th
CanninghamJohn, clerk, John O'Malley,bds.ns.Myrtle b. 2d and 3d
CunninghamJohn,lab.,bds. 351 Carondelet av
CunninghamMargaret,seamstress,bds.10th, opp Walnut
CunninghamMarks,lab,, near Howard
CunninghamMichael,teamster, b. 24th and 25th