St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Cunningham Monroe T., collector at Building and Saving Association r. Compton Hill
Cunningham Owen, moulder, bds. Biddle c. 2d
Cunningham Patrick, waiter Monroe House, r. same
Cunningham Patrick, blacksmith, r. 17th sw. c. Christy av
Cunningham Patrick, blacksmith, r. 36 n. 16th
Cunningham Robert, teamster, r. ss. and Market b. 20th 21st
Cunningham Terry M., bookkeeper, Charleville & Mast r. es. and 12th b. Howard Brooklyn
Cunningham Thomas, grocer, 299 n, 7th. r.
Cunningham, Thomas, lab., r. 44 Cherry
Cunningham Thomas, pressman, A. O. Brannin & Co., r. c. and Kosciusko Barton
Cunningham Thomas, trader, bds. 14th nw. c. Randolph
Cunningham Thomas, riverman, r. al. bet. and 12th 13th Carr Biddle
Cunningham Thomas, waiter Monroe House, r. same
Cunningham Timothy, boatman, r. 257 s. 2nd
Cunningham William M., lab., r. 29 Chambers
Cunnis Gramp, lab., r. 4 Waddingham
Cuno Charles A., (Cuno, Mense & Meyer,) r. 183 s. 3d
Cuno Frederick A., hairworker, r. 73 s. Main
CUNO, MENSE & MEYER, Cuno, (Charles A. Mense, John F. Meyer, Charles F. Meyer Warren dry goods, 29 n. Main
Cupfershness Joseph, filecutter, bds. Rutgers, nw. c. 8th
Cupp William, Pilot, bds. 1156 Broadway
Cuppe Henry, cigarmaker, r. 284 s. 5th
Cuppell Benedict, clerk, Augustine Leverour bds 215 Market
Capples Samuel, (Cupples and Marston,) r. in country
CUPPLES & MARSTON, Cupples (Samuel Marston, jr,) Thomas who. wooden and willow ware 55 and 57 n. 2d
Cupps John L., boatman, 258 n. 8th
Curby James, fruit dealer, r. bet. and 9th 10th Morgan Franklin av
Curdde Anthony, tailor, r. Bremen
Curlet Henry, lab, r. 129 n. 15th
Curley Edwards, lab, r. al. bet. and Franklin av. Wash 7th 8th
Curly John, mason, at Alexander McLagan's
Curly Michael, drayman, Howard & Hinchman, bds. Western Rouse
Curley Michael, stonecutter, bds. es. and 22d bet. Carr Biddle
Carly Martin, lab., r. 199 n. 2d
Curly Thomas, watchman, r. 36 Gay
Curne Isaac, r, es. al. bet. and Franklin av. Wash
Curran Bridget, wid. John, r. ns. Mullanphy nr. 8th
Curran Catharine, wid. Peter, r. es. and 11th bet. Clark av. Walnut
Curran John, lab., r. es. and 9th bet. Warren Montgomery
Curran John, lab., r. bet. and Main 2nd nr. Mulberry
Curran Mary, wid. Henry, bds. 325 s. 2d
Curran Mary, wid. Matthias, r. 5 Poplar
Curran Michael, grocery, 75 Carr, r.
Curran Patrick, ostler, r. ns. al. bet. and Market Walnut
Curran Peter, grocer and rectifier, r. 278 n. 6th
Curran William, lab., r. 199 s. 2nd
CURRAN WILLIAM, boarding, 325 Broadway
Carran William, steamfitter, r. es. and 2d bet. Convent Rutgers
Curran William, gasfitter, r. 325 s 2d
Curran William, teamster, bds. 363 Market
Curran William, (McLaughlin & Curran,) r. 254 Market
Curran Henry, conductor, hook and ladder co., bds. 165 Washington av
Currey A. B., Rev. bds. ns. and Chambers bet. 14th 16th
Currey Robert, machinist, r. ws. and Menard b. Carroll Soulard
Currie G. H., peddler, bds. 302 Broadway
Currie John, marble cutter, bds. 23 Gay
Currier Edward, driver, r. 56 Spruce
Currier Phillip W., agent St. L. R. R., r. and 10th bet. Salisbury Malinckrodt
CURRIER WARREN, lawyer, 33 Chesnut, r. Morgan
Currier James, lab, r. es. al. bet. and 9th 10th Biddle O'Fallon
Curry Daniel, engineer, r. Allen av. sw. c. 7th
Curry Francis, clerk, r. and Spruce b. 18th 19th
Curry James, blacksmith, r. ws. near 9th, Mullanphy
Curry John J., (Butler & Chase,) 243 Broadway, r. n. 5th
Curry John W., carpenter, bds. 245 Broadway
Curry John W., carpenter, bds. es. and 19th b. Jefferson n Market
Curry Robert, machinist, St. Louis Bagging and Rope Factory
Curt Gustav E., bakery, 734 Broadway, r.
Curta William, carpenter, r. Menard nr. Emmet
Curtis Amanda S., wid. Cyrus, r. 8 n. 8th
Curtis Charles, merchant, r. 73 s. 14th
Curtis Claudius, carpenter, bds. 384 Market
Curtis David G., M. D., bds. 124 n. 12th
Curtis Eliza, wid. Louis, bds. es. and Decatur b. Park av. Barry
Curtis Frank, clerk, Curtis & Hiles, r. 82 Olive
Curtis Frank, clerk, Curtis & Hiles, r. se. c. and 7th Labadie
Curtis Franklin, lamp and oil, 130 n. 3d, r. St. Charles
Curtis George W., lamp dealer, 249 75th, r. Olive
Curtis George W., agt. Breckenridge Coal Oil Co., bds. 249 Olive
Curtis Henry H., salesman, Scarrett & Mason, r. Locust c. Garrison av
Curtis Hugh, lab., r. ns. and Franklin b. 24th Pratte avenue
Custis James, driver, r. 56 Spruce
CURTIS JAMES, silverplater, 20 Olive, r.
Curtis John, brickmaker, bds. c. and Clark av. Pratte avenue
Curtis John B., engineer, r. 29 Chambers
Curtis Mathew B., (M. B. Curtis & Co.) bds. Clifton House
Curtis Phillip, drayman, (col'd) r. ss. and Olive b. Garrison Compton av
Curtis Rinaldo I., physician, bds. 124 n. 12th
Curtis Samuel C., pilot, r. Magazine nr. Fillmore
Curtis W. P., lawyer, ne. c. and 4th Chesnut, r. Olive
Curtis William, cooper, r. 132 n. 6th
Curtis William, engineer, r. 172 Carr
Curtis William H., carpenter, r. ns. Cozzens e. High
Curtis William J., jeweler, r. 132 n. 6th
Curtis William P., (Curtis & Douglass) 7th se. c. Labadie
Curtis Zedekiah B., (Curtis & Hiles) r. se. c. and 7th Labadie
Curtis & Douglass, Curtis (William P. Douglas) James M. agents and collectors, Chesnut ne. c. 4th
Curtis & Hiles, Curtis (Zedekiah B. Hiles) Charles A. Empire Saw Works, ws. n. 29 Main b. Florida Mullanphy, office n. Main
Curtis M. B. & Co., Curtis, (Mathew B. Hegeman Frederick Cecil) Samuel B. fish dealers, s. of end n. Market
Curtiss Theron E., land agent, 29½ n. 3d, bds. Olive
Cary Daniel, engineer, r. ws. Fulton nr. Decatur
Cusk Farrell, cutter, r. 140 n. 10th
Cusack John, mason, A. McLagan's
Cusack James, tinner, bds. ws. and 10th b. Walnut Market
Cushan Patrick, carpenter, r. and Bellefontaine rd. bet. Dock Harrison