St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Lantern Manufacturers. Buck Myron M. & Co., 54 Vine.
Laundries. Brettell John K., and ws. Moore bet. Clark av Market, office n. 3d se. c. Pine.
Lawyers. RISK, T. F. No. 27 North 5th Street, Up Stairs.
Lawyers. Alexander Augustus W., 31 Pine
Lawyers. Allen Charles J. F., Chesnut nw. c. 2d
Lawyers. ALLISON H. T., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Barclay D. Robert, 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. BARRET OVERTON W., and McDonough's Buildings Olive bet. 3d 4th
Lawyers. Barret R. T. & J. R., McDonough's Building
Lawyers. Bates Edward R., 35 Olive
Lawyers. Bates & Woodson, 7 ½ s. 5th
Lawyers. Bay William V. N., 49 Chesnut
Lawyers. Bell Leverett, Main sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Bell Peter V., 44 Vine
Lawyers. Bennett Samuel A., 31 Chesnut
Lawyers. Berry Henry, 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Biddlecome William R., Main sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Bland Peter E., 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Blattau Charles F., and ss. Park av. bet. Carondelet av. 7th
Lawyers. Bogy Lewis V., 144 s. 5th
Lawyers. Boiling J. C., 19 s. 4th
Lawyers. Branscomb, Mills & Leeds, 23 Pine
Lawyers. Broadnax Amos, sw. c. and 3d Pine
Lawyers. Brown Joseph A,, Exchange Bank bldg., opp. P. O
Lawyers. Bryan Henry M., 41 Chesnut
Lawyers. Buchanan James A., 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Buck C. W. & R. H., 9 old P. O. bldg., 2d c. Chesnut
Lawyers. Buckner & Barret, 59 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Bullock Frederick W., 46 Chesnut
Lawyers. Bullock Walter R., 46 Chesnut
Lawyers. Burns J. N. & C. P., Custom House bldg., 3d c. Olive
Lawyers. BURT CALVIN C., 23 4th c. Chesnut
Lawyers. BURT EVELYN A., 284 Carondelet av
Lawyers. Cady Charles F., 59 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Campbell Given 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Carlisle James H., 29 Chesnut
Lawyers. Carrington William C. P., 3d se. c. Pine
Lawyers. Carroll Charles C., 11 s. 4th
Lawyers. Casselberry E., 36 Pine
Lawyers. Chester Thomas C., 47 n. 3d
Lawyers. Clark William B., 46 Chesnut
Lawyers. Cline George W., 52 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Cobb Henry, 73 Chesnut
Lawyers. Colman Charles D., 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Colt James B., Pine ne. c. 3d
Lawyers. Colvin John W., 62 Chesnut
Lawyers. Conran John P., 3d se. c. Market
Lawyers. Comfort & Manter, 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Cooke William M., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Cox Nathaniel, 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Crane Arba N., 58 ½ s. 4th
Lawyers. Cullen Matthew R., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Currier Warren, 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Davis Thomas G. C., 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Decker Ernst W., 47 Olive
Lawyers. Decker & Voorhis, 47 Olive
Lawyers. Dedman Henry N., 27 Pine
Lawyers. DENISON GEORGE, 4 old P. O. bldg., 2d se. c. Chesnut
Lawyers. Dick Franklin A., 12 s. 5th
Lawyers. DOAN & EATON, 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Dowe William D., Chesnut ne. c. 4th
Lawyers. Drake Charles D., and sw. c. Pine 3d
Lawyers. Dubreuil Etienne, 53 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Duke Basil, and Chesnut b. 3d 4th, Kennett's bldg
Lawyers. Duke Basil W., and Chesnut bet. 3d 4th, Kennett's bldg
Lawyers. Evans John B., 71 Market
Lawyers. Farish Edward T., 41 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Farrar Benjamin, 47 s. 4th
Lawyers. Field Roswell M., 58 ½ s. 4th
Lawyers. Filbert William F., 157 Carondelet av
Lawyers. Finkelnburg Gustavus A., 47 Chesnut
Lawyers. Flournoy John, 47 Olive
Lawyers. Francis Arthur G., 41 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Frischey John Q. A., 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Fullerton Joseph S., 47 Olive,
Lawyers. Gantt Thomas T., 41 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Gardner A. M.& S. H., 49 Chesnut
Lawyers. Gareschè Alexander J. P., 41 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Garesché & Bakewell, 41 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. GARLAND HUGH A., Chesnut se. c. 3d
Lawyers. Gerrard James, 47 n. 3d
Lawyers. Gibson Charles, 31 Pine
Lawyers. Gillespie James L., 39 Pine
Lawyers. Glover & Richardson, 7 s. 5th
Lawyers. GOFF JAMES B., St. Louis Bank bldg., 3d ne. c. Olive.
Lawyers. Goodlett George W., 3 s. 4th
Lawyers. Goodlett John A., 3 s. 4th
Lawyers. Grace Thomas, 41 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Grammar Gottlieb C., 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Gray Melvin L., se. c. and 2d Chesnut
Lawyers. Green E. R., room 8 Pine sw. c. 3d,
Lawyers. Grover William N., 3d ne. c. Olive
Lawyers. Gurnee C., 3d sw. c. Chesnut
Lawyers. Hale & Mason, 23 n. 4th
Lawyers. HAMILTON ALEXANDER, Chesnut se. c. 3d
Lawyers. Hart Henry N., 47 n. 3d
Lawyers. Hart R. S., sw. c. and 3d Pine
Lawyers. Havens Joseph E., 46 Chesnut
Lawyers. Hayden Charles S., Main sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Hazlett Samuel, 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Hickman B. F., Custom House bldg
Lawyers. Higdon John B., 34 Vine
Lawyers. Hill Britton A., 47 Chesnut
Lawyers. Hill David W., sw. c. and Pine 3d
Lawyers. Hitchcock Henry, 47 Olive,
Lawyers. HOLLIDAY SAMUEL N., room 2 Kennett's bldg
Lawyers. HOMES WILLIAM, 7 old P. O. bldg., 2d c. Chesnut.
Lawyers. Holmes Nathaniel, 47 Chesnut
Lawyers. Huffman Wyott C., 29 ½ n. 3d
Lawyers. Hume & Gottschalk, Pine ne. c. 3d
Lawyers. Hunt Charles L., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Jamison William C., 52 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Jecko Joseph, 47 n. 3d
Lawyers. Jenkins James E., 31 Pine
Lawyers. Jewett Daniel T., 81 Market
Lawyers. Johnson & Tucker, 3d ne. c. Olive
Lawyers. Johnson & Wielandy, 27 n. 5th
Lawyers. Jones Horatio M., Court House
Lawyers. Jones James C., 50 Chesnut
Lawyers. Jones William C., Chesnut ne. c. 4th
Lawyers. JONES JONATHAN, 3d se. c. Washington av
Lawyers. JONES, SHERMAN & HOMES, 7 2d se. c. Chesnut, r.
Lawyers. Kayser Alexander, 63 Elm
Lawyers. Kehr Adolph, 80 Market
Lawyers. Keim Isaac H., 23 n. 4th
Lawyers. Kellam Armistead R., 43 ½ Cherry
Lawyers. KENNEDY F., 99 Chesnut
Lawyers. Kenny William J., 22 n. 5th
Lawyers. Kinsey Lawrence K., 36 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Knight James K., room 2 2d se. c. Chesnut,
Lawyers. Knox, Smith & Sedgwick, 38 n. Main
Lawyers. Kribben & Kehr, 3d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Krum & Harding, 47 Olive
Lawyers. LACKLAND WILLIAM H., 52 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Lackland, Cline & Jamison, 52 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Lamme Joseph, 4th ne. c. Washington av
Lawyers. Leduc Lewis, Jr., 36 ½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Leighton George E., 8 Olive
Lawyers. Leonard Abiel, 7 s. 5th
Lawyers. Levi S. J., 71 Chesnut
Lawyers. Lewis M. D., 66 Cherry
Lawyers. LEWIS & PIGNERO, 29 ½ Franklin av
Lawyers. Lynch Alexander, 5th nw. c. Biddle
Lawyers. McBride James J., Pine se. c. 3d
Lawyers. McClellan, Moodey & Hillyer, 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. McCord Luther A., 47 n. 3d