St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Lawyers. McDonald Nathaniel, 14 and 15 Gay's bldg
Lawyers. McDonald Robert S., 64 Chesnut
Lawyers. McGibbon David, 47 n. 3d
Lawyers. McLure Christopher, C., Chesnut nw. c. 3d
Lawyers. McPherson William M., 4th ne. c. Olive
Lawyers. McRee Fergus S., 31 Pine
Lawyers. Magenis Arthur J., 49 Chesnut
Lawyers. Magúire George A., 7 s. 5th
Lawyers. Mantz Charles A., 3 s. 4th
Lawyers. Marshall George, 59½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Martin Alexander, Pine sw. c. 3d
Lawyers. Martin William J., 34 Vine
Lawyers. Mason William T., 31 Pine
Lawyers. Mathivét Eugene, 33 Pine
Lawyers. Mauro Charles G., Chesnut ne. c. 4th
Lawyers. Mauro Philip C., 50 Chesnut
Lawyers. Meany Edward A. 25 n. 5th
Lawyers. Meredith Fletcher M., 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Minor Francis W., 31 Pine
Lawyers. Montfort Warren, Court House
Lawyers. Morehead Philip C., 93 Pine
Lawyers. Munford James E., 81 Market
Lawyers. Myers N. C., Pine sw. c. 3d
Lawyers. Nelson Thomas S., Arnott's bldg
Lawyers. Owen Benjamin G., 27 Pine
Lawyers. PAGE JOHN Y., 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. Partridge George, 47 Olive,
Lawyers. Payne Arthur L., Chesnut nw. c. 3d
Lawyers. Peacock Eber, 35 Pine
Lawyers. Pearce Daniel B., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Picot Louis G., 23 n. 4th
Lawyers. PIGNERO EDMUND A., 29½ Franklin av
Lawyers. Platt Oliver H., 47 n. 3d
Lawyers. Polk Trusten, 29 Chesnut
Lawyers. Pratte Bernard A., 32½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Primm Wilson, 53½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Rankin John H., 38 n. Main
Lawyers. Rannels Charles S., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. REYNOLDS THOMAS C., Custom House bldg
Lawyers. Rice J. T., 8 old P. O. bldg. 2d c. Chesnut
Lawyers. RISK T. F., 27 n. 5th.
Lawyers. Robinson W. Mason, 31 Pine
Lawyers. Romyn William J., 22 n. 5th
Lawyers. Sanders Augustus O., 45 n. 3d
Lawyers. Sanders Rufus K., 45 n. 3d
Lawyers. SAWYER GEORGE Y., 65 Chesnut
Lawyers. Schuler J. J., and Robinson Court, bet. Park avenue Rutgers
Lawyers. Schrœder Herman, 63 Carondelet av
Lawyers. Shands Edward W., 10 old P. O. bldg. 2d c. Chesnut
Lawyers. Sharp & Broadhead, Main sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Shepley John R., 8 Olive
Lawyers. Shreve & Boyce, 66 Chesnut
Lawyers. Simmons Samuel, 12 s. 5th
Lawyers. Simmons, Woerner & Billings, 42½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Skinner J. Warburton, Market se. c. 4th
Lawyers. Sloss & Lane, 10 n. 5th
Lawyers. Sondhelm Simon, 418 Broadway
Lawyers. SPENCER R. HENRY, Custom House bldg
Lawyers. Spies Frederick, 75 Chesnut
Lawyers. Stanton & Swain, 15 Chesnut
Lawyers. Sterling A. N., 4th se. c. Market
Lawyers. Stewart Wiliam S., 11 s. 4th
Lawyers. Stickney William W., and ne. c. Pine 2d
Lawyers. Straat John N.. se. c. and 3d Pine
Lawyers. Stremmel Philip, 35 n. Market
Lawyers. Strong George P., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Stryker Joseph W., 35 Pine
Lawyers. Sumrall Joseph K., 46 Chesnut
Lawyers. TAUSSIG & ROMBAUER, rooms 2 and 3 Chesnut se. c. 2d,
Lawyers. Taylor James, Jr., 33 Chesnut
Lawyers. Thompson John B., 27 Pine
Lawyers. Thompson J. West, 47 Olive
Lawyers. Tillson Charles H., room 1 Chesnut se. c. 2d,
Lawyers. Todd Albert, 22 n. 5th
Lawyers. Tucker Samuel B., 158 n. 12th
Lawyers. VanWagoner Garret S., room 6 Pine sw. c. 2d,
Lawyers. VanWormer Abram A., 2d sw. c. Pine
Lawyers. Vail James H., Court House
Lawyers. Vastine Joseph P., 4 n. 5th
Lawyers. VOULLAIRE SEYMOUR, 36½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Walker John W., Chesnut sw. c. 3d
Lawyers. Watters James D., 38 n. Main
Lawyers. Weissinger George, Olive sw. c. Main
Lawyers. Whittlesey Charles C., 32½ Chesnut
Lawyers. WICKHAM & SNEAD, Chesnut se. c. 3d
Lawyers. Williams Henry W., 76 Chesnut
Lawyers. Wingate R. F., 97 Chesnut
Lawyers. WISE ISAAC T., 48½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Witham John T., 126 n. 3d
Lawyers. Wood William T., 10 and 11 Gay's bldg
Lawyers. Woods David C., 33½ Chesnut
Lawyers. Wright U. & J. T., 66 Chesnut
Lawyers. Wyman Charles H., 2 sw. c. Pine
Lead-Pipe and Sheet LeadMnfr. Collins Morris, Main nw. c. Almond
LEATHER AND FINDINGS. Ackermann Frank J., 96 Carondelet av
LEATHER AMTD FINDINGS. Galibert T. & Co., 48 Commercial n. Levee.
LEATHER AMTD FINDINGS. How John, 170 n. Main
LEATHER AMTD FINDINGS. Meyer & Braun, 19 and 21 n. Main.
LIGHTNING RODS. McLeods Patent, mnfrd. Broadway c. Ashley
LIGHTNING RODS. McMurray, Winkelmaier & Co., Chesnut ne. c. 10th.
LIME KILNS Augustine Edward, and ws. Carondelet av. bet. Barton Sidney
Lime, Plaster and Cement. Porter, Stewart & Scott, 33 n. Levee Commercial.
LITHOGRAPHERS. JANICKE & ROBYN, Practical lithographers and Engravers 51 Chesnut Street, N. E. cor. 3d, St, Louis, Mo.
LITHOGRAPHERS. Janicke & Robyn, 3d ne. c. Chesnut.
LITHOGRAPHERS. McLean Alexander, 3d sw. c. Pine.
LITHOGRAPHERS. Schrader Theodore, 7 Chesnut.
Livery Stables. Albright James F., 121 n. 3d
Locksmiths and Bell Hangers. Cooper & Green, 133 n. 3d
Looking-Glass and Picture-Frame Makers Boggs J. R., 57 n. 4th.
Looking-Glass and Picture-Frame Makers Flint Silas B., 18 and 20 s. 4th.
Looking-Glass and Picture-Frame Makers Schliek P. Joseph, 157 Franklin av
Looking-Glass and Picture-Frame Makers Spencer Samuel & Co., 82 n. 4th n. 5th.
Lottery Offices. Berger Louis A., 6th nw. c. Market
Lottery Offices. Wood, Eddy & Co., 12 s. 4th
Lumber Dealers. Hall & Co., 6th sw. c. O'Fallon
Lumber Dealers. Mincke J. H. & Brother, P. RR. c. Tayon av
Lumber Dealers. Reis Valentine & Son, 104 Carondelet av
Lumber Dealers. Rowe Joseph, 423 Broadway