St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Commission Merchants. Hammerstein & Schild, 46 s. Main
Commission Merchants. Harding, Given & Co., 74 n. 2d
Commission Merchants. Hewes E. D. & Co., 14 s. 4th
Commission Merchants. Hyde & Patterson, 18 and 20 Elm n. Main
Commission Merchants. Jewell George, 124 n. 2d
Commission Merchants. Lamb & Quinlan, 57 s. Main
Commission Merchants. Mason & Wetherell, 9 City Bldgs.
Commission Merchants. Meyer & Meister, 6 s. 2d
Commission Merchants. Roberts & Morton, 88 n. 2d
Commission Merchants. Samuel & Allen, 132 n. 2d
Commission Merchants. Schneider A., 36 s. Main
Commission Merchants. Shepherd & Pugh, 1 n. Levee
Commission Merchants. Small & Co., 119 n. 2d
Commission Merchants. Spaunhorst & Co., 175 and 177 n. Main
Commission Merchants. Sweet G. B. & Bro., 6 City Bldgs
Commission Merchants. Teichmann & Co., 50 s. Main
Commission Merchants. Thompson H. M. & Co., 174 n. Main
Commission Merchants. Tyler Charles H. & Co., 17 Market
Commission Merchants. Von Phul, Waters & Co., 127 n. 2d
Commission Merchants. Walsh Austin, 63 and 65 Locust.
Commission Merchants. Wind Charles A. & Co., 153 n. 3d.
Commission Merchants. Woodward Henry M., 13 s. Main
Commission Merchants. Young William, 208 High
Commissioners of Deeds. Goff James B., St. Louis Bank Bldg.
Composition Ornament Makers. Boggs Joseph R., 57 n. 4th.
Composition Ornament Makers. Spencer Samuel & Co., 82 n. 4th n. 5th
Confectionery and Fruit Stores. Guenaudon Eugene, 5th se. c. Olive.
Confectionery and Fruit Stores. Huss Herman H., 194 and 196 Franklin av
Confectionery and Fruit Stores. Pezolt Lawrence, 35 5th
Confectioners, Wholesale. Blanke & Brother, 166 Market
Confectioners, Wholesale. Guenaudon Eugene, 5th se. c. Olive.
Confectioners, Wholesale. Mepham M. S. & Brother, 166 n. 2d
Constables. Detert John H., and Biddle b. 5th 6th
Conveyancers. Goff J. B., St. Louis Bank Bldg., 3d ne. c. Olive.
Conveyancers. Olshausen Arthur, 22 Market
Coopers. Conant & Peabody, ns. and Florida b. Main 2d
Coopers. Mepham James B., ws. and Main bet. Chambers Webster
Coopers. Miller & Howard, al. b. and 2d 3d Vine.
Coopers. Ming, Meegan & Co., 68 n. Leeve
Coopers. Schafer Henry, ns. and Dodier b. 16th 17th
Coopers. Tamm & Meyer, 31 n. Main
Coopers. Thomas J., es. and Jackson b. Lafayette Emmet
Copper, Dealers in. Bridge, Beach & Co., 37 n. Main
Coppersmiths. Bridge, Beach & Co., 37 n. Main
Coppersmiths. Sweney & Schneider, 223 n. Main.
Cordage, Rope and Twine. Davis S. C. & Co., 7 n. Commercial.
Cordage, Rope and Twine. January D. A. & Co., 143 and 145 n. 2d
Cordage, Rope and Twine. Orme, Burgesser & Co., 170 n. 2d
Cordage, Rope and Twine. Small & Co., 119 n. 2d.
Cordage, Rope and Twine. Von Phul, Waters & Co., 127 n. 2d.
Cordage, Rope and Twine. Warne, Cheever & Co., 25 n. Main
COSTUMER. Nicholls H. A., Mrs., 162 Market
Cotton-Batting Factory. Gambrill & Mariott, Dorcas nr. Arsenal Park
Cotton-Press Manufacturers. Gaty, McCune & Co., and Main 2d bet. Cherry Morgan
(H. M. Woodward, Ingersolls, (H. M. Woodward,agent,) 13 s. Main
CURTAIN GOODS. Conzelman G., 50 n. 5th
CURTAIN GOODS. Singer & Weinzettel, 48 Market s. 3d
Cutlery, Fancy, Dealers in. Warne, Cheever & Co., 25 n. Main
Cutlery, Fancy, Dealers in. Wilson, Bro. & Co., 61 n, Main.
Cutlery, Table, Dealers in. Dings F. & Co., 39 n. Main
Cutlery, Table, Dealers in. Meier Herman H., 159 Broadway c. Green.
Cutlery, Table, Dealers in. Tooly J. W. & Co., 53 n. Main
Cutlery, Table, Dealers in. Warne, Cheever & Co., 25 n. Main
Cutlery, Table, Dealers in. Wilson, Bro. & Co., 61 n. Main
Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c. Appleby & Crapo, 60 n. 4th
Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c. Brown Nicholas, 41 n. 4th
Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c. Long Enoch, 100 Market, 4th se. c. Market
Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c. Scholten John A., 273 s. 5th
Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c. Troxel W. L., Locust sw. c. 4th
Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c. Vogel William, 44 Market
Dental and Surgical Instrument Maker Leslie A.M., 79 Market
DENTISTS. Bywater & Comstock, 20 St. Charles
DENTISTS. Forbes & Burgh, 51 n. 6th
Desks and Office Furniture. Albro Henry, 247 Broadway.
Desks and Office Furniture. Anderson Charles W., 73 Olive.
Desks and Office Furniture. Harlow William M., 46 and 48 Market.
DIE SINKERS. Weber John S., 21 Chesnut.
DISTILLERS. Still well, Powell & Co., 12 n. 2d
Distilling Works, Manufacturer of. Sweney & Schneider, 223 n. Main