St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Abel Frederick, soapmaker, bds. sw. c. and Adolph Clark av
Abel Henry, policeman, r. 409 s. 7th
Abel Joseph, teamster, r. and Poplar b. Ulrici Adolph
Abel Louis, r. and Miami b. Jefferson av. Carondelet
Abel Samuel, foreman Hardesty, Carter & Ransom, bds. 356 n. Main
Abel William, shoemaker, bds. ss. near Park av. Rossatti
Abel Zacharias, lab., r. ws. and Lafayette b. Jackson Columbus
Abele Mary, wid. Andrew, r. 227 s. 2d
Abeles Amalia, (Abeles, Taussig & Co.,) r. Carondelet av. sw. c. Park av
Abeles Conrad, r. 1 Carondelet av
ABELES, TAUSSIG & CO., Abeles, Amalia Taussig & Charles & Taussig, Morris dry goods, 5 Exchange Block s. Main
Abelmann Henry, lab., r. es. and 13th b. Jefferson Madison
Abeln Hermann, brickmaker, ws. and Menard b. Emmet Geyer av
Abeln John H., grocer, ss. same Park av. c. Mississippi, r.
Abeln Nicholas, brickmaker, r. and Menard b. Emmet Geyer av
Abenbring Frederick, lab., r. ss. and Spring b. 13th 14th
Aber Charles, clerk, 9 St. Charles
Aber Charles J., clerk Meyers & Voorheis, bds. Missouri Hotel
Abercrombie James, foreman John W. Amiss, r. 234 High
Aberder Peter, tailor, r. ss. and Convent b. 3d 5th
Aberhart Emil, machinist, r. 54 Montgomery
Abicht Catherine, wid. Frederics, r. al. b. and 11th 12th b. O'Fallon Biddle