St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
DillonJohn,butcher,ss.Locust w. of Garrison av.,r. same
DillonJohn,butcher,r.ns.Christy av.b. 23d and 24th
DillonJohn,butcher, 30 and 32 Lucas Mkt., r. Cass av.c. Beaumont
DillonJohn,drayman, Gamble, Mercer bet. Gamble av. and Spring
DillonJohn,drayman,r.Spruce bet. 18th and 19th
DillonJohn,lab.,r. rear Cozzens nr. High
DillonJohn,riverman,r. 80 Almond
DILLONJOHNP.,saloon, 184 Washington av.,r. same
DillonMichael,boots and shoes, 801 Broadway, r. same
DillonMichael,gasfitter,r. 68 Centre
DillonMichael,lab., av.,b. 23d and 24th
DillonMichael,shoe store, 275 Morgan, r. same
DillonPhillip,lab.,r. 518 nr.n. Main
DillonRichard,blacksmith,r. 597 Broadway
DillonRichard,lab.,r.n.Levee b. Biddle and Ashley
DillonSamuel,clerk, 90 and 92 Olive
DillonStephen,lab., near Lewis
DillonThomas,butcher,r.nw.c.16th and Wright
DillonThomas,lab.,r. 165 St. Charles
DillonThomasF.,(Siedekum,Stover Dillon,) & Dillon,) 16th and 17th
DilschneiderAdams,shoemaker,r,ws.s.7th, near Geyer av
DIMICKHORACEE.,gunmaker, 38 n. Main, r. 69 s. 4th
DimmickM. H.,porter, 32 n. 6th
DimondJohn,bricklayer,bds. 314 Broadway
DimondJohn,(Rose, Neill & Dimond,)bds.8th se.c. Olive
DimseyJ., waiter, Monroe House,r. same
DinanJohnW.,(Dinan & Dorrell,)r. 5 n. 4th
DinanThomas,tinsmith,bds. 213 n. 8th
Dinan & Dorrell,Dinan(JohnW. and Dorrell,)Benjaminsaloon, 5 n. 4th
DinberryJoseph,bds. 302 Broadway
DinckelmanFrankH.,bds. 166 Franklin av
DinckelmanHenry,grocer, 166 Franklin av.,r. same
DineenDavis,lab.,r.n.18th bet. O'Fallon and Cass avenue
DinertJoseph,distiller,r.ns.Soulard near Jackson
DingCharles,cooper,bds. 381 Franklin av
DingelhoffMin,lab.,bds. 520 Morgan
DinglerPeter,lab.,r.L'esperance b. Carondelet av. and Jackson
DingsCharles,carpenter,bds. 12 n. 8th
DingsFrederick,(F. Dings & Co)r. 12 n. 8th
DINGS F. & CO.,Dings,(FrederickZiockWilliam and Lenz)Augusthosiery and fancy goods, 39 n. Main.(See advt. p. 166)
DininsAndrew,cooper, av. and Spruce
DininsJobn,sodamaker, av. and Spruce
DININSMICHAEL,Pacific House, 82 s. 14th, r. same
DininsNicholassodamaker,r. 88 and 90, s. 14th
DinkelBarbara, wid. John, and Carr and 17th and 18th
DinkelmanJohnH. R.,grocer, 88 Biddle, r. same
DinkelmannFrederick,saloon. 1031 Broadway
DinkleJohn,chairmaker,bds 248 n. 6th
DinklerLeo,taxidermist,O'Fallon dispensary, r. same
DinnemanGeorge, cigarmaker, J. A. Day
DinspeerJohn,porter,r. 122 Carr
DinwoodyWilliam,bricklayer,r. rear 214 Wash
DionisioJohn,cigarmaker,nr. Walnut 19th., bds. 17 Walnut
DionysiusHenry,bookkeeper, W. Morrison
DippelWilliam, porter, S. Meyberry & Bro.,r.sw.c.Wash and 8th
DiraufJohn,shoemaker,r.6th bet. Hickory and Rutgers