St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Dirk Adam, laborer, r. and Mulberry bet. Main 2d
Dirk Charles, laborer, Paciffc Mills, r. ss. and Lombard bet. 2d 3d
Dirlane Henry, tinner, 193 s. 7th, r.
Dirmel Frank J., blacksmith, bds. I. M. Hotel
Dirnberger Joseph, boatman, r. 200 n. 9th
Dirow Patrick, laborer, r. 317 s. 2d
Dirsch John, wagon mnfr., bds. rear 472 Carondelet av
Disch Frederick, laborer, same Crittenden nw. c. 10th, r.
Disch Laver, laborer, Phoenix Brewery, 2d Carondelet av. c. Lafayette
DISCIPLE CHURCH, Washington av. bet. and 4th 5th
Disdell Martin, laborer, r. ss. and Park av. bet. 2d Carondelet av. Mississippi av.
Disharoon Thomas L., bds. 45 Locust
Dishom Henry, medical student, r. Marine Hospital
Dishley Albert, ropemaker, es. and Carondelet bet. Lami Barton
Disse Henry, physician, 109 n. 9th, r.
Disser Antonio, pianomaker, bds. and Market bet 19th 20th
Disser Charles, wagonmaker, r. ss. and Market bet. 19th 20th
Dissier Francis, grocer, 42½ s. Levee, r.
Disteli Jacob, butcher, bds. 232 s. 2d
Dister John, teamster, r. 176 n. 9th
Ditch John, machinist, 134 n. 17th
Diter Jacob, laborer, r. ws. near Rosatti Allen av
Ditmaun Bernard, laborer, r. es. near Jackson Wood
Ditmar Lawrence, cabinetmaker, r. al. bet. and Chambers Webster es. Broadway
Ditrich Dominica, laborer, bds. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 22d 23d
Dittmann George, shoemaker, sw c. and 20th Market, r.
Dittmann George F., boots and shoes, 24 Market, r. s 7th.
Dittmar George, laborer, r. 85 n. 10th
Dittmar Henry, blacksmith, ws. and Carondelet av. bet. Allen Russell avs
Dittmer Charles, carriage driver rooms 63 Chesnut
Dittmer John H., r. ws. and Broadway bet. Penrose Angelica
Dittrick James A., (J. A. Dittrick & Co.) rooms 206 Broadway
Dittrick James A. & Co., Dittrick (James A. Hopkins) Andrew B. dry goods, 206 Broadway
Ditz Adam, saddler, r. s near 7th Russell av
Ditz Andrew, lab., r. s. near 7th Russell av
Ditz Jacob, lab., r. s. near 7th Russell av
Ditz Mary, wid. Conrad, r. s. near 7th Russell av
Dirloch Jacob, sailor, r. es. and Menard bet. Park av. Marion
Diven Alexander S., (Diven, Stancliffe & Co.,) bds. Planters' House
DIVEN, STANCLIFFE & Co., Diven, (Alexander S. Stranciffe, Lewise J. Morris William W. Eldridge Edwin Hathaway) Samul G. contractors, R. R. Kennett Buildings
Divine Martin, moulder, bds. 103 n. 10th.
Divine William, butcher, r. 88 Mulberry
Divis Henry, carpenter, r. rear es. Buel bet. Soulard Lafayette
DIVOLL IRAH, lawyer supt. Public Schools, rooms 18 s. 6th
Dix Edmund F., captain, bds. 140 n. 14th
Dix Henry A., pilot, r. 125 Wash
Dix Samuel W., engineer, r. 28 s. 8th
Dixen John, sailmaker, r. 99 n. 9th
Dixon Barney, laborer, r. alley ne. O'Fallon 8th
Dixon Henry, bricklayer, r. 308 9th
Dixon Hugh, laborer, bds. n. and 18th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Dixon John (Dixon & Maude) bds. ws. and 6th bet. Green Morgan
Dixon John, sailmaker, r. alley bet. 11th 12th s. Cass av