St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
DonleyDavid,drayman,r.ns.Biddle near 25th
DonleyWilliam,driver,r.Branch b. 12th and 13th
DonDinnis,lab.,sw.c.17th and Angelica
DonnathyJamesA.,(Donnathy & Eldred)r. 78 Locust
Donnathy & EldredDonnathy(JamesA.Eldred)Jarvisintelligence office, 78 Locust
DonnebergFrederick,drayman, b. Benton and Warren
DonneganJohn,lab.,r. rear 411 n. Main
DonnellanJohn,r. 10 Collins
DonnelleyArthur,lab.,bds. 45 n. 12th
DonnelleyChristopher,contractor,r.s.14th bet. Poplar and Randolph
DonnelleyMary,wid. Patrick,r. 67 5th
Donnellycooper,bds. 79 Biddle
DonnellyCharles,lab.,r. rear 144 n. 17th
DonnellyDaniel,miller, Molony & Tilton
DounellyDavid,drayman, Barnard & Co.,r.ns.Biddle b. 24th and 25th
DonnellyEdwardS., clerk Kennent & Co
DonnellyHugh,lab.,r. 156 n. 16th
DonnellyJames,porter, Pinese.c.7th
DonnellyJeremiah,stonecutter,, near 20th
DonnellyJohn,J., and 11th, near Blow's factory
DonnellyMargaret,dressmaker, 264 n. 12th, r. same
DonnellyMaryA.,grocer, 310 Biddle, r. same
DonnellyMichael,grocer,ne.c.17th and Benton
DonnellyMichael,lab.,bds. 9 Morgan
DonnellyP. R.Rev.,r.St. Louis Cathedral
DonnellyPatrick,drayman,r. 316 Biddle
DonnellyPatrick,drayman, Barnard & Co., b. Carr and Biddle
DonnellyPatrick,mason, at Alexander McLagan 's
DonnellyPatrickH.,bds. 158 n. 14th
DonnellyThomas,lab.,bds. 97 n. Levee
DonnellyThomasP.,grocer,se.c.6th and O'Fallon, r. same
DonnellyWilliamB.,clerk,bds.Missouri Hotel
DonnelyBarny,driver, 209 n. 6th
DonnelyJoseph,lab., and 9th, nr. O'Fallon
DonnerCharles,confectioner, 54 Market
DonnerbergHenry,lab.,r. 43 Centre
DonnersGeorge,engineer, bet. Labadie and Webster
DonnivanMichael,lab.,r. 95 Carr
DonnohoeJohn,lab., near Jackson
DonnolyJames,teamster, and Walnut, w. of 7th
DonnovanDanielJ.,clerk,P. O.
DonoghueThomas,lab.,bds. 211 n. 8th
DonoghueWilliam,tailor,r. near 874 Broadway
DonohoJamesR.,brass founderse.c.2d and Carr, r. 155 Christy av
DonohoMagdaline,wid. Francis,r. 155 Christy av
DonohoeFrank,plasterer,bds. 151 n. 8th
DonohoeJohn,cooper,r. 49 Elm
DonohoJohn,lab.,r. 176 n. 10th
DohohoMartin,lab., bet. 22d and 23d
DenohoeMichael,r. 151 n. 8th
DonohoePatrick,lab.,r. 190 Wash
DonohoeTerrence,r. 147 n. 8th
DonohueThomas,mason,r.13th s. of Cass .av
DonohueBartholomew,lab., near Madison
DonohueCornelius,lab.,r. 2 s. 9th
DonohueCornelius,lab.,r.Picotte bet. Carondelet av. and Jackson
DonohueDaniel,lab.,r. 53 s. 14th
DonohueJohn,drayman,r.22d bet. Division and O'Fallon
DonohueJohn,lab., bet. Webster and Chambers
DonohueMichael,carpenter,bds. 2 s. 9th
DonohueMichael,lab., b. Webster and Chambers
DonohueMichael,lab.,r. 278 Chesnut
DonohueOwen,shoemaker, 333 Morgan, r. same
DonohuePatrick,lab.,r.O'Fallon bet. 19th and 20th