St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Dressmeier Henry lab., lab., r. Salisbury nr. 15th
Dreste Andrew, baker, 494 s. 3d, r.
Drew Charles, (C. Drew & Co) r. 235 Franklin av
Drew Jacob, bookkeeper, Evans & Howard, r. of Clark av. e. 16th
Drew John R., gasfixtures, 60 n. 5th, r. n. 16th
Drew John W., (C. Drew & Co) r. 16th sw. c. Lucas
Drew Timothy, lab., bds. 254 Market
DREW C. & CO., Charles Drew Drew) John W. publishers, and booksellers, 125 Locust
Drewer Charles, lab., r. ns. and Jefferson bet. 14th 15th
Drewer Sidney, carpenter, bds. 351 Broadway
Drexelius Adam, brickmaker, r. ns. and Ann av. b. Summer State
Drexelius John, brickmaker, r. ns. and Ann av. b. summer State
Drexelius Peter, lab., r. ns. and Ann av. bet. Summer State
Drexell Henry, cigarmaker, r. al. bet. and Convent Hazel
Dreyar conductor, St. Louis R. R.., r. 445 Carondelet av
Dreyer Frederick, porter, C. A. Wind & Co., r. 9th nw. c. Biddle
Dreyer Gustavus W., (Dreyer & Ulrici) r. 188 s. 5th
Dreyer John, (Menne & Dreyer) r. 202 Market
DREYER & ULRICI, Gustavus W. Dreyer Ulrici) Rudolph distillers, 217 s. 2d, Pine
Dreysel Ludwig, blankbook manfr., ns. and Olive b. n. Main Levee, r. Geyer av. sw. c. Decatur
Drickes Henry, cigarmaker, bds. 101 n. 5th
Drien Henry, drayman, Springer & Wannall, r. 163 St. Charles
Drien Richard, coppersmith, bds. 189 s. 2d
Drifcamper Bernard, rivermann, bds. 138 O'Fallon
Driggs George W., clerk, r. 202 n. 5th
Driller Herbert F., clerk P. O
Driller Hiram J., boatman, r. al. b. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Drilling William, tailor, r. ns. and Montgomery bet. 14th 15th
Driner William, merchant, r. 109 n. 8th
Driukard Hartwell, clerk, r. al. b. and 8th 9th O'Fallon
Drinnermann Charles, saloon, 190 n. 4th, r.
Driscoll Cornelius, marblecutter, r. rear 233 n. 14th
Driscoll Edward, ostler, r. al. b. and 9th 10th, Clark av. Walnut
Driscoll James, plasterer, r. ss. and Wash bet. 21st 22d
Driscoll Jeremiah, carpenter, bds. 17th nw. c. Franklin av
Driscoll Jeremiah, porter, r. 84 n. 9th
Driscoll Mary, wid. Daniel, r. rear 233 n. 14th
Driscoll Mary, wid. Timothy, r. 233 n. 9th
Driscoll Patrick, blacksmith, 388 Broadway, r.
Driscoll Timothy, currier, r. ns. and Lami bet. Congress Jackson
Drise John, lab., r. and 11th b. Market Clark av
Driskel Lawrence, lab., bds. 14th c. Angelica
Driskell Jeremiah, porter, r. 168 n. 9th
Driskell John, quarrykeeper, r. 14th c. Angelica
Dritek Charles, bricklayer, bds. ns and Lafayette b. Jackson Columbus
Drivie Henry, coaldealer, and 9th b. Carr Biddle
Droach George, lab., r. s. 7th nr. Ann av
Drochtart Gerard, teamster, r. ns. and Arrow b. 7th 8th
Drochtert Hermann, cooper, bds. 714 Broadway
Droege Christian, lab., Wash se. c. 13th
Drofstki John, lab., r. es. Fulton nr. Ann av
Droge Christian, lab., r. ws. and 12th b. Madison Jefferson
Droge Gerhard (Buddecke & Droge) r. ws. and Buel bet. Parker Marion
Drohan Simon, ale and porter bottler, bds. 287 n. 7th
Drohen Thomas, lab., r. and 18th b. Cass av. O'Fallon
Drosker Henry, saddler, r. 308 s. 5th