St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
DressmeierHenrylab.,lab.,r.Salisbury nr. 15th
DresteAndrew,baker, 494 s. 3d, r. same
DrewCharles,(C. Drew & Co)r. 235 Franklin av
DrewJacob, bookkeeper, Evans & Howard,r.Clark av.e. of 16th
DrewJohnR.,gasfixtures, 60 n. 5th, r. 61 n. 16th
DrewJohnW.,(C. Drew & Co)r.16th sw.c. Lucas
DrewTimothy,lab.,bds. 254 Market
DREW C. & CO.,CharlesDrew and Drew)JohnW. publishers, and booksellers, 125 Locust
DrewerCharles,lab.,r.ns.Jefferson bet. 14th and 15th
DrewerSidney,carpenter,bds. 351 Broadway
DrexeliusAdam,brickmaker,r.ns.Ann av.b. Summer and State
DrexeliusJohn,brickmaker,r.ns.Ann av.b. summer and State
DrexeliusPeter,lab.,r.ns.Ann Summer and State
DrexellHenry,cigarmaker, and Hazel
Dreyarconductor, St. Louis R. R..,r. 445 Carondelet av
DreyerFrederick,porter, C. A. Wind & Co.,r.9th nw.c. Biddle
DreyerGustavusW.,(Dreyer & Ulrici)r. 188 s. 5th
DreyerJohn,(Menne & Dreyer)r. 202 Market
DREYER & ULRICI,GustavusW. Dreyer and Ulrici)Rudolphdistillers, 217 s. 2d, office 11 Pine
DreyselLudwig,blankbook manfr.,ns.Olive b.n. Main and Levee, r. Geyer av.sw.c. Decatur
DrickesHenry,cigarmaker,bds. 101 n. 5th
DrienHenry,drayman, Springer & Wannall,r. 163 St. Charles
DrienRichard,coppersmith,bds. 189 s. 2d
DrifcamperBernard,rivermann,bds. 138 O'Fallon
DriggsGeorgeW.,clerk,r. 202 n. 5th
DrillerHerbertF.,clerk P. O
DrillerHiramJ.,boatman, and 11th n. of O'Fallon
DrillingWilliam,tailor,r.ns.Montgomery bet. 14th and 15th
DrinerWilliam,merchant,r. 109 n. 8th
DriukardHartwell,clerk, and 9th near O'Fallon
DrinnermannCharles,saloon, 190 n. 4th, r. same
DriscollCornelius,marblecutter,r. rear 233 n. 14th
DriscollEdward,ostler, and 10th, Clark av. and Walnut
DriscollJames,plasterer, bet. 21st and 22d
DriscollJeremiah,carpenter,bds.17th nw.c. Franklin av
DriscollJeremiah,porter,r. 84 n. 9th
DriscollMary,wid. Daniel,r. rear 233 n. 14th
DriscollMary,wid. Timothy,r. 233 n. 9th
DriscollPatrick,blacksmith, 388 Broadway, r. same
DriscollTimothy,currier,r.ns.Lami bet. Congress and Jackson
DriseJohn,lab.,r.11th b. Market and Clark av
DriskelLawrence,lab.,bds.14th c. Angelica
DriskellJeremiah,porter,r. 168 n. 9th
DriskellJohn,quarrykeeper,r.14th c. Angelica
DritekCharles,bricklayer,bds.nsLafayette b. Jackson and Columbus
DrivieHenry,coaldealer,9th b. Carr and Biddle
DroachGeorge,lab.,r.s.7th nr. Ann av
DrochtartGerard,teamster,r.ns.Arrow b. 7th and 8th
DrochtertHermann,cooper,bds. 714 Broadway
DroegeChristian,lab.,Wash se.c. 13th
DrofstkiJohn,lab., nr. Ann av
DrogeChristian,lab., b. Madison and Jefferson
DrogeGerhard(Buddecke & Droge) bet. Parker and Marion
DrohanSimon,ale and porter bottler,bds. 287 n. 7th
DrohenThomas,lab.,r.18th b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
DroskerHenry,saddler,r. 308 s. 5th