St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
DwyerPatrick,lab.,r. alley b. L'esperance and Picottee and b. DeKalb and Kosciusko
DwyerPatrick,lab.,, alley b. Biddle and Ashley and Collins and Broadway
DwyerThomas,lab.,bds.O'Fallon b. 5th and 6th
DwyerThomas,lab.,r.16th b. Mullanphy and Cass avenue
DwyerThomas,lab.,r.Palm b. 10th and 11th
DwyerWilliam,boilermaker, alley b. Biddle and Ashley and Collins and Broadway
DwyerWilliam,for. com., 47 n. Levee, r. 182 Pine
DwyerWilliam,mate,r. 152 n. 11th
DwyerWilliamH.,carpenter,bds.Spruce b. 12th and 13th
DwyraThomas,lab.,Palm b. 9th and 10th
DwyreMichael,plasterer,r. 239 n. 2d
DyerAnn,wid.James,r. 29 Chambers
DyerHenry,expressman,r. 53 O'Fallon
DyerIsaacC.,bds. 38 n. 6th
DYERJOHND.,grocer, 282 Morgan, r. 16th b. Walnut and Clark av
DyerJohnN.,clerk,bds. 38 n. 6th
DyerMargaret,'Fallon b. 8th and 9th
DyerMichael, blacksmith,r.ns.P. R. R., b. Pratte av. and Toney
DyerMichael,lab., c. Pratte av. and Summit
DyerPatrick,lab., alley b. Franklin av. and Wash
DyerThomasB., b. Wash and Carr
DyerWilliam,grocer, 88 Franklin av.,r. 322 Morgan
DyerWilliam,physician,bds. 170 Market
DyerWilliamW.,bds.Monroe Houser
DykemanEdward,(Knoltkamper & Dykeman,)bds. 310 Broadway
DysonAbraham,r.Ham ne.c. Hickory
EACHESCharlesB.,(Eaches, Barrett & Co.,)bds.7th ne.c. Pine
Eaches, Barrett & Co.,Eaches,(CharlesB.BarrettJesseD. and Underhill,)Edwardcity weighers, 36 n. Commercial
EadsHenry,conductor,bds. 245 Broadway
EADSJAMESB.,(Eads & Nelson,) av.b. Susan and Henrietta
EadsJohnA.,Rev., near Park av
Eads & Nelson,Eads(JamesB. and Nelson,)WilliamS. 47 n. Main
EafingNicholas,peddler,r. alley b. 11th and 12th near Biddle
EadleAndrew,lab.,r. alley b. Fulton and Decatur and Barry and Marion
EaganAndrew,plumber,r.15th near Chesnut
EaganEdward,grocer, 58 n. 7th, r. same
EaganJames,riverman,r. 225 n. 12th
EaganJoanna,wid. Michael,r. 225 n. 12th
EaganPatrick,blacksmith,bds. 34 s. 10th
EaganPatrick,stonecutter,bds. 79 Biddle
EaganThomas,lab., b. Howard and Mound
EAGERSAMUELW., jr.,sec. of board of county commissionerscourt house, r. 232 Chesnut
EagleRobert, bookkeeper, Merchants' Bank,r.17th c. Hickory
EaglesGeorge,machinist,bds.sw.c.Pratte av. and Cooper
EaglesonCatherine,(col'd) wid. William,r.s.15th b. Clark av, and Spruce
EaglesonWilliamH.,builder,r. 15 s. 15th
EahartEdward,shoemaker,r. 22 Collins
EalTheodore,stonemason,r. alley b. 15th and 16th near O'Fallon
EalamJames,tobacconist, near Howard
EaleyTheobold,moulder,r. 27 Chambers
EalyEldredcarpenter, av.c. Compton avenue
EampseyMatthew,domestic,r. 6 n. 6th
EardelenChristian,cooper,r. 127 Biddle
EarhartGeorge,blacksmith, near 7th
EarlWilbur,bricklayer, b. Poplar and Spruce