St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Earley William, clerk, r. ns. and Destrehan b. 9th Bellefontaine road
Early James, lab., r. rear 151 s. 7th
Early John, moulder, J. T. Dowdall & Co
Early Jordan, baggageexpress, (col'd) r. 318 n. 7th
Early William H., pilot, bds. 80 Washington av
Earsloph Phiella, lab., r. and Hamtramek b. Emmet Lafayette
East James, carpenter, bds. 210 Market
East William C., painter, 62 Franklin av
East William R., carpenter, 207 n, 5th, bds. Market
Easterley Ezra, patent medicine, 224 Chesnut se. c. 3d, r. Chesnut
Easterly George B., clerk, Pomeroy & Benton, bds. r. 242 Chesnut
Easterly Thomas M., (Easterly &,Brown) r. 60 Jefferson
Easterly & Brown, Easterly (Thomas M. Brown) Thos, B. farming implements, 79 Locust
EASTERN HOTEL, Lee, George prop., 110 n. 3d
Easton Alton R., county commissioner, r. St. Charles c. Alby
Easton Charles F., barber, r. 258 s. 5th
Easton Warren M., printer, r. 206 n. 6th
East St. Louis Transfer Co., (Agler Fitzmorris) 13 Exchange Building
Eastwood Thomas J., carpenter, r. 280 n. 8th
Eaton Charles H., silverplater, 53 Washington av. r.
Eaton Francis E., silverplater, 53 Washington av. r.
Eaton Harry K., physician, r. sw. c. and Mulberry 3d
Eaton Henry K., bds. 131 s. 5th
Eaton James, carpenter, bds. al. bet. and 8th 9th O'Fallon
Eaton James, silverplater, 53 Washington av., r.
EATON LUCIEN, lawyer, rooms 2d sw. c. Pine, ns. Olive b. 11th 12th
Eaton Nathaniel J., agt. Board of Underwriters, r. 249 Pine
Eau Justin, painter, 84 n. 10th
Eavans Patrick, tailor, r. ws. and 8th bet. Wash Carr
Ebard Francis, lab., bds. near Carondelet av. Chippewa
Ebard Frederick, lab., r. ss. Chippewa nr. Nebraska
Ebbed Casper, teamster, r. 409 n. 9th
Ebbed Otto, riverman, r. 387 n. 9th
Ebbing William, bricklayer, bds. 681 Broadway
Ebel George, baker, ws. and Douchouquette b. Congress Carondelet av., r.
Ebel Martin, peddler, r. ws. and Koscinsko b. L'esperance Picotte
Ebeling William, wagonmaker, 402 n. 9th, r.
Ebenrick Franz, brickmoulder, r. Salisbury nr. 15th
Ebenrick Gerhard, r. and Salisbury b. 14th 15th
Eberhard, Augustus W., constable, r. ss. and Wash b. 21st 22d
Eberhard Charles, lagerbeer, 145 Market, r.
EBERHARDT WILLIAM, hotel prop., 37 and 39 Walnut
Eberle Catharina, wid. George, r. ns. and Soulard bet. Fulton Decatur
Eberle Charles, lab., r. ns. and Picotte b. Jackson Columbus
Eberle Charles, liverystable, 267 s. 2d furniture s. 2d, r.
Eberle George, marketmaster, r. ns. and Soulard b. 7th 8th
Eberle George J., bookkeeper, Peoples' Sav. Ass., r. ws. and Soulard b. 7th 8th
Eberle John, butcher, 13 South Mkt
Eberle Maria, wid. Andreas, r. se. c. and 2d Mulberry
Eberle Valentine, cabinetmaker, bds. 215 s. 2d
Eberley Joseph, bootmaker, bds. 52 s. 2d
Ebermann Theodore, baker, r. ns. Geyer av. nr. Menard