St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
EMIG JOHN B., board trustees St. Louis University, Rev., sec. r. same
Emig Louis, teamster, r. se. c. and 13th Poplar
Emig Ludwig, saddler, r. ws. al. b. and Jackson Columbus Marion
Emil Ferd., bookkeeper, r. ws. and Barlow b. Chouteau av. Orchard
EMIL ULRIC, cashier People's Savings Association Elm Savings Association sec. people's Ins.Co r. and Buel b. Park av. Marion
Emile Karst, with Clark Bros. & Co., r. 143 Morgan
Emle Adolph, coachtrimmer, r. 172 Biddle
Emley William, carpenter, bds. Missouri Hotel
Emma John, engineer, bds. se. c. and 14th Market
Emmekeffe Mary, wid. Henry r. se. c. and 14th Monroe
Emmel Ferdinand, bookkeeper, Ryan & Louthan, r. near Barlow Chouteau av
Emmel Frederick, clerk, P. J, Harmon, . bds. 180 s. 4th
Emmersberger William, lab., r. 84 n. 16th
Emmerling Charles, carpenter, r. ns. and Wash bet. 22d 23d
Emmerson Daniel L., foreman in Kingslands & Ferguson's foundry r. 19th sw. c. Warren
Emmerson Emeline, wid. Garret, 40 bds. Collins
Emmerson John, auctioneer, bds. Biddle House
Emmet Michael, lab., r. 274 Market
Emmett Milton B., photographer, r. ss. and Hebert bet. 15th 16th
Emming Jacob, lab., r. 411 n. 9th
Emoratta Julia, wid., r. 23 s. 6th
EMPIRE FLOUR MILL, Hazard, (William T. pro.) Broadway c. Labeaume
Empire Stove Works, ne. c. and Main Almond
Empson John H., cooper, 92 Biddle, r. Biddle
Emser Frank, teamster, r. 12 Almond
Emshaus Heinrich, lab., r. n. Green c. 19th
Emshoff Henry, clothing, 241 n. 13th, r.
Emshoff John, lab., r. 202 n. 11th
End Jacob, lab., r. al. nr. and Mulberry b. 3d 4th
Ende August G., patternmaker, r. c. and 8th Park av
Ender Charles, blacksmith, r. rear 98 Carondelet av
Enders George, candlemaker, r. ws. and Missouri av. b. Park Chouteau avs
Enders John C., barber, r. ss. Market nr. 20th
Enders William F., (W. F. Enders & Co.) r. Hickory nw. c. St. Ange av
ENDERS WILLIAM F. & CO., (William F. Enders and john w.Bigelow Enders (William F. Bigelow) John W. who. clothing 62 n. Main
Enderle Amelia, wid. Francis, saloon, 100 s. 2d
Enderlein Ernest, saddler, bds. 1226 Broadway
Enderley Mathews, lab., r. es. n. and 16th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Endirlen Susan, wid. Barthold r. ws. al. b. and Malinckrodt Destrehan
Endlech Peter, cabinetmaker, r. 7th nw. c. Marion
Endler Fritz, painter, bds. 62 Morgan
Endly John, teaming, r. 28 Mulberry
Endly Thomas, teamster, r. 28 Mulberry
Endoff Charles, blacksmith, r. es. alley bet. Carondelet av. 7th nr. Carroll
ENDRES JACOB, music store 52 n. 4th, r. Elm
Endres, John, clerk, bds. 42 bds. Market
Endress Simon, bricklayer, r. ws. and Moore bet. Market Clark av
Endress William, clerk, bds. 361 Franklin av.
Engan Charles, tanner, r. ss. and Anna bet. Columbus Jackson
Engel Catherine, seamstress,wid.henry, r. es. Columbus ne. c. Soulard
Engel Frederick W., constable, 150 n. 5th, r. n. 12th
Engel George, porter, Scarritt & Mason, r. Hickory nw. c. Paul
Engel Gottlieb, cabinetmaker, bds., 18th nw. c. Warren
Engel Gottlieb, bricklayer, bds. es. al. bet. and Decatur Buel nr. Lafayette