St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
EvansJohn,machinist,r. 251 n. 8th
EvansJohnB.,lawyer, 71 Market, 9th b. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
EvansJohnB.,marblecutter,bds. 29 Gay
EvansJohnR., bookkeeper, Martin & Bro., rooms ns. Pine b. 5th and 6th
EvansJosephP.,carpenter,bds., 264 s. 7th
EvansMaryAnn,wid. John,r.O'Fallon nw.c. 17th
EvansPatrick,tailor,r. 204 n. 8th
EvansRobert,teamster,r. 216 n. 8th
EvansWilliamN.,(col'd) tobacconist,r. 179 Morgan
Evans & Carey,Evans(D.H. and Carey)Davidsaloon 126 and 128 n. 3d
EVANS, WILLIARD & CO.,Evans(DavidB. and Willard)ThomasC.auctioneers and com. mers., 69 Market
EvaritVance,painter,bds.,Commercial nw.c. Vine
EvelerHenry,lab.,r. rear 239 n. 13th
EvelerHenry jr.,boatman,r. rear 239 n. 13th
EvendorfCharles, and Walut nr. 7th
EvensJohnC.,(Evens & Howard) and (Evens & Parker)r.Olive ne.c. 14th
EVENS & HOWARD,Evens(JohnC., and Howard)RichardJ.mnfrs. fire brick, office Market nw.c. 10th
Evens(JohnC. and Parker)HenryL. brickmakers, Evens & Parker,Market nw.c. 11th
EverelSamuel,painter,bds. 83 Franklin av
EverestAbijah,carpenter,r.s.7th b. Choteau av. and Gratiot
EverettAlonzoR.,stovefinisher,bds. 471 Broadway
EverettGeorge,carpenter,r. 110 Carr
EverettJames,boarding, 471 Broadway
EVERETTHOUSE,Abel S. Merritprop., 81 n. 4th
EverhartJ. F.,physician,bds., 106 n. 4th
EveringFredereka,wid. John, bet. Geyer and Allen avs
EveristM. G.,salesman, rooms 56 Walnut
EverlaaJohn,butcher, bet. Toney and Joab
EverleyJoseph,brewer, nr. Carroll
EversAugustus, clerk, E. Heckman & Bro.,bds. 98 s. 4th
EversCharles,shoemaker,r. 102 n. 15th
EversChristian,cooper, b. Soulard and Lafayette
EversEberhart,teamster,r.Bellefontaine Road bet. Angelrodt and Destrehan
EversJohnH.,(Block & Evers)r.n.Market nw.c. 16th
EversWilliam,(Evers & Brocker)r.ns.n.Market b. 16 and w. 16th
EversgutHenry, b. 11th and 12th
Evers & Brocker,Evers(William and Broker)Charlesmnfrs. of cabs and velocipedes,es.n.Market b. 16 and w. 16th
EversmanHenry,lab.,r.ns.Clark 10th and 11th
EversmanVictor,lab.,r.ns.Clark 10th and 11th
EversoleGeorgeH.,(Eversole & McLard)r. 8 Brooklyn
Eversole & LcLard,Eversole(Geo.H. and McLard)Jas. carpenters and millwrights, 759 Broadway
EVERTSCHARLES, cashier, Mechanics' Bank, b. Ham and Winter
EvesJohnC.,dep. county marshal, Court House,r. 241 Morgan
EvillJohn,plasterer, 102½ Locust, r. 273 Olive
EvingdenJohn,carpenter,bds. 10 Brooklyn
EvinsDavis,carpenter,r. 213 n. 9th
EvrettJames,(James Evrett & Co)r. 471 Broadway
Evrett James & Co.,Evrett(James and Clow)LewisE.grocers, 489 Broadway
EvrittWilliamR.,cook,r. 120 s. Main
EwaldElora,wid. Adam,r. rear 205 n. 13th
EwaldHenry,grocer,se.c.23d and Carr, r. same