St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Fas Henry, lab., r. ss. and Duchouquette bet. Conondelet av. Congress
Fasch Bridget, widow Charles r. 180 n. 13th
Faschaur Leonard, sausagemaker, r. ns. near Columbus Barry
Fasold Ernst, druggist, se. c. and 7th Wash, r.
Fass Henry, r. ns. near Soulard Jackson
Fassett George, livery, r. 68 n. 17th
Fassnacht John, clerk, and bds. ws. 2d b. Convent Hazel
Fassnacht Joseph, lab., r. 330 s. 2d
Fast Albert, shoemaker, and bds. sw. c. 16th Market
Fasterley Frederick, grocer, 368 s. 7th
Fatch Charles, turner, r. ns. and Chambers bet. 13th 14th
Fate Hiram, (Getty, Fate & Lynot,) r. 22 Madison
Fatge Frank, bartander, 60 r. s. 2d
Fath Henry, grocer and tinner, 451 Carondelet av., r.
Fath Valentine, grocer, c. and Lafayette Rosatti
Fath Philip, tinner, r. 451 Carondelet av
Fathauer Louis, waiter, King's Hotel
Father Nicholas, bookseller, bds. 106 Morgan
Father John, carpenter, r. al. on O'Fallon bet. 15th 16th
Fathmann August, foreman, John Pipe, r. 190 n. 10th
FATMANN CHARLES, cabinetmaker, es. and 17th bet. Carr Biddle, r.
Faucett James, policeman, r. 518 Morgan
Faucett James L., editor "Morning Herald," (James L. Faucett & Co.,) r. 9 n. 10th
Faucet John, lab., r. and Levee bet. Cedar Mulberry
Faucet Matthew, collector, rooms, 21 Herald Market
FAUCETT J AMES L. & Co. Faucett (James L. Habickt) Henry E. A. job printers, 21 Market
Faucett James, advertising agent, r. 170 Wash
Faucitt John Q., carriage mkr., bds. c. and 4th Gratiot
Faude Barbeta, wid. Frederick, r. se. c. and 13th Poplar
Fauerbecker Max, (Scneider & Co.) r. es. and 2d bet. Almond Poplar
Faugh Patrick, packer, J. Roe & Co.
Faugherty Thomas, teamster, r. ss. Geyer av. nr. Decatur
Faul John, laborer. r. ss. and Geyer av. bet. Institute Oneota
Faul John, porter, r. and Martha bet. Carondelet av. s. 7th
Fauly John, laborer, bds. ns. near Chouteau av. Pratte av
Faulkner Cornelius, bds. 108 Morgan
Faulkner George, mattressmaker, r. 616 Broadway
Faulkner George W., bartender, King's Hotel bds. same
Faulkner Isaac, trunkmaker, bds. es. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Faulkner Jeremiah, lab., r. 182 no. 7th
Faulkner John, trunkmaker, bds. es. and Ham bet. Hickory Chouteau av
Faulstich Peter, plow stocker, r. 302 Morgan
Faüpel Louis, painter, r. 186 n. 13th
Faus Garret, teamster, bds, ss. and Monroe bet. 15th 16th
Fausbrink Joseph, lab., r. ss. Mallinchrodt, nr. 12th
Fause Charles, lab., bds. 303 Carondelet
Fause Albert, bootmaker, bds. 16th sw. c. Market
Faust Joseph Cooper, r. 14 Center
Faust Michael, (Fried & Faust) r. Main se. c. Walnut
Fausterling Henry, laborer, r. ns. and Elizabeth bet. Toney Joab
Fauth Jacob, shoemaker, r. al. rear 2d bet. Hazel Lombard
Fauthoi Joseph, cigarmaker, r. ss. and Salisbury bet. 11th Bellefontaine rd
Fautz Jacob, cook, r. ws. near Menard Carroll
Favor Celsus D., (Blossom & Co.) r. near Charles road King's Highway
Favoron John B., saloon, 49 s. Levee, r.
Favre Benoist, lab., r. es. and Broadway bet Angelrodt Buchanan