St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
FawcetteWilliamL.,(Croes & Fawcette)bdsVirginia Hotel
FayAndrew,fringemaker,bdsMyrtle bet. 2d and 3d
FayChristian,cooper, and Buchanan and 11th and
FayChristopher,gasfitter, bet. Convent and Hazel
FayJohn,shoemaker, 399 Morgan r. same
FayJosephM.,bookkeeper, State Savings Ass.,r.15th se.c. Walnut
FayMaryA.,wid. Owen,r.Targee near Clark av
FayMatthew,steward, Hotel,r. 421 Morgan
FayMichael,lab.,r. 177 Biddle
FayPhillip,lab.,r. 215 n. 7th
FayPatrick,lab.,r. 131 Wash
FayPatrick,machinist, and 12th s. of Cass av
FayPatrick,shoemaker,r. 36 n. 16th
FaySophia,wid. John, bet. 14th and 15th.
FayThomas, conductor, O. & M. R. R.,r. 274 Morgan
FayThomasH.,(Harmon & Fay)bds.Burnet House
FaydLouis,saloon, 323 Carondelet av.r. same
FeahrMichael,feeddealer, 444 Carondelet av.r. same
FeakLouis,cook, nr. Market
FealsSamuelS.,carpenter,bds. 133 Market
FealyBernard,lab.,bds. 6 Morgan
FealyJamesD., clerk, L. D. Baker & Co.,bds. 107 St. Charles
FEALYJOHNF.,capt. night policer. 107 St. Charles
FealyThomas,supt.public worksr. 107 St. Charles
FealyWilliamA.,printer,r.St. Charles bet. 8th and 9th
FeamsterJohn,chemist,bds. 322 n. 2d
FearksFrederick,sausagemaker, b. Sidney and Lynch
FearaonGeorge,bricklayer,bds. 1 s. 14th
FearsonGeo.W.,bricklayer, 1 s. 14th
FeasterGeorge,laborerbds.sw.c.10th and Market
FechterAnton,laborer, rooms 8th se.c. Wash
FechterBerhard,cooper,r. rear 62 Chambers
FectoBridget,wid. Theodorer. 183 s. 2d
FectoJoseph,pilot,, bet. 3d and 4th
FedderGeorge,shoemaker, 134 s. Main, r. same
FederGeorge,gardener,r.ns.Trudeau bet. Main and Kosciusko
FederJacob,butcher, 34 s. Market, Wood bet. Jackson and Columbus
FederolfGeorge,tanner, bet. Victor and Sidney
FeeOwen,lab.,bds. 265 Market
FeehanEdwardL.,assistant, City HospitalLinn nw.c. Soulard
FeechanMary,wid. Joseph, near Spruce bet. 12th and 13th
FeehanPatrick,Rev.,church of Immaculate rear Church
FeehenThomas,lab.,r.s.13th b. Spruce and Poplar
FeeldsJohn,turner,bds. 347 n. 9th
FeelySarah,wid. Dennis, grocer 68 Morgan, r. same
FEEMSTERJOHNU. L.,consulting and analytical chemist, Goodwin & Anderson,bds,nw.c.3d and Washington av
FeeneyAnthony,lab.,r.ns.Carr b. 23d and 24th
FeeneyCornelius,lab.,r. 265 Market
FeenyJohn,machinist,bds. 147 Collins
FeenyMalachi,helper, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
FeesDaniel,cooper,r. Lucas av.b. Pratte and Beaumont av
FegbeilHenry,tailor, 278 Franklin av.,r, same
FeggeHenry,clerk,bds. 350 s. 3d
FehanJohn,lab.,r.sw.c.Clark av. and Autumn
FehayPatrick,cooper,bds,ns.Franklin av.b. 20th and 21st