St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Fishback Christian, lab., r. ss. n. and Market b. 14th 15th
Fishback Ernst, drayman, r. 244 n. 7th
Fishback Frederick, lab., r. and Spring b. 13th 14th
FISHBACK GEORGE W., and collector (McKee & Fishback,) 89 6th ward, r. Pine
Fisher r. se. c. and Morgan 24th
Fisher printer, bds. Denison House
Fisher steward, r. es. and Carondelet av. b. Victor Sidney
Fisher Adam, barber, r. 214 n. 2d
Fisher Andrew, saddler, r. 228 n. 7th
Fisher Andrew S., lab., r. ss. and Montgomery b. 9th 10th
Fisher Andreas, peddler, r. and Lucas av. b. Pratte Beaumont av
Fisher Antoine, brickmaker, bds. 19th sw. c. Monroe
Fisher Appollonio, wid. Albert, bds. 298 n. 7th
Fisher Barbara, wid. John, r. 136 n. 8th
Fisher Benedict, bookbinder, bds. 2d c. Myrtle
FISHER CALVIN G., salesman, A. M. Leslie, 79 Market
Fisher Catharine, wid. George, r. s. 7th ne. c. Lafayette
Fisher Charles, brewer, r. Crittenden nw. c. 10th
Fisher Charles, lab., Hickory se. c. 8th
Fisher Charles A., shoemaker, r. 168 n. 12th
Fisher Charles E., bookkeeper, r. es. and Howard b. 12th 13th
Fisher Christian, blacksmith, r. Gravois rd. nr. Arsenal
Fisher Christian, lab., bds. rear Gratiot w. Tayon avenue
Fisher Christopher, cooper, r. es. alley b. 8th 9th O'Fallon Cass av
Fisher Christopher, saddler, r. ns. near Dickson Fillmore av
Fisher Conrad, cooper, r. 171 n. 12th
Fisher David, carpenter, r. 74 Franklin av
Fisher Ephraim, r. 27 Carondelet av
Fisher Francis, (McCurran & Fisher) bds. Everett House
Fisher Francis, tinner, r. near 7th Gates
Fisher Frank, lab., bds. 19th sw. c. Monroe
Fisher Frederick, blacksmith, r. 160 n. 13th
Fisher Frederick, saddler, r. rear 188 n. 12th
Fisher Frederick, tanner, r. ns. and Harper b. 5th 6th
Fisher George, cooper, r. es. and 12th b. Wash Franklin av
Fisher George, mason, r. and Emmet b, Jackson Carondelet av
Fisher George M., bookkeeper, C. B. Hubbell, Jr., & Co., bds. Everett House
Fisher George W., (Garlichs, Beck & Fisher) r. Gratiot ne c. 10th
Fisher George W., speculator, r. 71 Locust
Fisher Gustavus, physician, 16 Carondelet av., r.
Fisher Henry, carpenter, bds. 164 Carondelet av
Fisher Henry, clerk, bds 9 se. c. Carr
Fisher Henry, lab., bds., Malinckrodt c. Bellefontaine Road
Fisher Henry, lab., r. rear 133 n. 18th
Fisher Henry, lab., r. al. b. and Decatur Buel Soulard
Fisher Henry, porter Amos H. Shultz & Co., r. ws. and 17th b. Davis Salisbury
Fisher Hubert, shoemaker, 35 Chambers
Fisher Isaac, stairbuilder, 56 12th sw. c. Spruce, r. s. 7th
Fisher J., clerk, r. 114 Carondelet av
Fisher Jacob, carrier, r. ws. Jackson nr. Carroll
Fisher Jacob, tobacconist, 198 n. 5th
Fisher James, day police, r. 213 n. 7th
Fisher James, lab., r. 63 Christy av
Fisher James B., carpenter, r. es. and 18th b. Franklin av Wash
Fisher John, bds. 107 O'Fallon
Fisher John, brickyard, bds, ws. and Bellefontaine bet. Malinckrodt Desterhan
Fisher John, carpenter, r. 327 s. 7th