St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
FisherJohn,clerk, F. O. Sawyer,bds. 89 n. 2d
FisherJohntailor,r. 334 Broadway
FisherJohnA., salesman, Berthold Smith & Co.,r. 78 n. 15th
FISHERJOHNH.,com. mer., 118 n. 2d, r. 55 Mullanphy
FisherJohnH.,engraver,ss.Franklin av.b. 22d and 23d, r. same
FisherJohnJ.,teacher,r.ns.Jefferson b. 13th and 14th
FisherJoseph,limeburner,r. 457 Carondelet av
FisherJoseph,wooddealer,r.ns.Geyer av.b. Park Place and Institute
FisherJosephJ.,watchman,r. 56 s. 7th
FiaherLouis,teamster,bds. 172 n. 12th
FisherLouisG.,asst. bookkeeper, Franklia Saving Ass., av.b. Park av. and Barry
FisherLouisa,wid. Jacob,r. 172 n. 12th
FisherLudwig,shoemaker,ws.13th nr. Jefferson, r. same
FisherMartin,lab.,bds.sw.c.Levee and Plum
FisherMichael,basketmaker,r.ns.Anna b. Columbus and DeKalb
FisherNicholasF.,carpenter,bdsDivision b. 19th and 20th
FisherOttoH.,clerk,bds. 28 Columbia
FisherPhœbe,wid. Henry,r. 409 s. 7th
FisherPhillip,teamster,bds.16th b. Howard and Mullanphy
FisherRobert,(Fisher & Bennett) av.b. High and Naomi
FisherRobert,teamster,bds. 60 s. 7th
FisherSamuel,lab.,bds. 9 Morgan
FisherTheodore,saddlerbds. 444 Morgan
FisherWilliam,cook,r. 245 Broadway
FisherWilliam,brickmaker,r.Market ne.c. Pratte avenue
FisherWilliamF.,(Lawhead & Fisher)r.Pratte av..c. Market
FisherWilliamP.,asst.H. D. Van Syckle & Co.,r.ns.Chouteau 14th
FisherWilliamW.,salesman,bds.sw.c. 6th and St. Charles
FISHER & BENNETT,RobertFisher and Bennett)Benonibooks and stationery, 98 n. Main(See advt p. 72)
FISKCLINTONB.,agt.,Ætna Ins. Co., 100 n. Main, r. 16th sw.c. Hickory.(See advt p.)
FiskeJamesP.,(Fiske, Knight & Co)bds.Virginia Hotel
FiskJoseph,(May & Fisk)bds.Clarendon Hotel
FISKE, KNIGHT & CO.,JamesFiske,P.Knight,AugustusSmithWilliamB. and Bennett)Oliverboots and shoes, 87 n. Main
FisseCatharineM.,wid., John,r. 125 Carondelet av.
FisseGerritH.,feeddealer, 121 Carondelet av., 2d Carondelet av.b. Lynch and Lyncaster
FisseJohnH.,drygoods, 123 Carondelet av., 8th b. Gate and Wall
FisseJohnH., salesman, Baldwin & Dodd,r. 91 Market
FisseJohnH., Mrs.,dressmaker, 91 Market, r. same
FisselFrederick,barber,r.ns.O'Fallon nr. 9th
FisseringJacob,lab., b. Allen and Russel
FitchCharles, bookkeeper, Fenton Brothers,r. 405 n. 11th
FitchCharlesB.,cardriver, Warne, Cheever & Co.,r. 155 Orange
FitchCharlesS. W.,(Lewellin & Co)r. 92 n. 17th
FitchJamesP.,clerk, Rufus Fitch,bds. 37 s. 4th
FitchRobert,lab., and 12th s. of Cass avenue
FITCHRUFUS,books and stationery, 24 n. Main, se.c. Olive and 5th
FitchNancy,wid. John,bds,al.b.11th and 12th s. of Cass av
FitchnerChristopher,marblecarver,bds. 31 s, 4th
FithialElizaB.,wid. Thomas,r. 200 Morgan
FitterAlexander,organbuilder, b. 8th and 9th