St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Fisher John, clerk, F. O. Sawyer, bds. 89 n. 2d
Fisher John tailor, r. 334 Broadway
Fisher John A., salesman, Berthold Smith & Co., r. 78 n. 15th
FISHER JOHN H., com. mer., 118 n. 2d, r. Mullanphy
Fisher John H., engraver, ss. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d, r.
Fisher John J., teacher, r. ns. and Jefferson b. 13th 14th
Fisher Joseph, limeburner, r. 457 Carondelet av
Fisher Joseph, wooddealer, r. ns. and Geyer av. b. Park Place Institute
Fisher Joseph J., watchman, r. 56 s. 7th
Fiaher Louis, teamster, bds. 172 n. 12th
Fisher Louis G., bookkeeper, asst. Franklia Saving Ass., r. ws. and Carondelet av. b. Park av. Barry
Fisher Louisa, wid. Jacob, r. 172 n. 12th
Fisher Ludwig, shoemaker, ws. same 13th nr. Jefferson, r.
Fisher Martin, lab., bds. sw. c. and Levee Plum
Fisher Michael, basketmaker, r. ns. and Anna b. Columbus DeKalb
Fisher Nicholas F., carpenter, bds and Division b. 19th 20th
Fisher Otto H., clerk, bds. 28 Columbia
Fisher Phœbe, wid. Henry, r. 409 s. 7th
Fisher Phillip, teamster, bds. and 16th b. Howard Mullanphy
Fisher Robert, (Fisher & Bennett) r. ss. and Clark av. b. High Naomi
Fisher Robert, teamster, bds. 60 s. 7th
Fisher Samuel, lab., bds. 9 Morgan
Fisher Theodore, saddler bds. 444 Morgan
Fisher William, cook, r. 245 Broadway
Fisher William, brickmaker, r. Market ne. c. Pratte avenue
Fisher William F., (Lawhead & Fisher) r. Pratte av.. c. Market
Fisher William P., asst. H. D. Van Syckle & Co., r. ns. Chouteau av. nr. 14th
Fisher William W., salesman, bds. sw. c. 6th and St. Charles
FISHER & BENNETT, Robert Fisher Bennett) Benoni books and stationery, 98 n. Main
FISK CLINTON B., agt., Ætna Ins. Co., 100 n. Main, r. 16th sw. c. Hickory.
Fiske James P., (Fiske, Knight & Co) bds. Virginia Hotel
Fisk Joseph, (May & Fisk) bds. Clarendon Hotel
FISKE, KNIGHT & CO., James Fiske, P. Knight, Augustus Smith William B. Bennett) Oliver boots and shoes, 87 n. Main
Fisse Catharine M., wid., John, r. 125 Carondelet av.
Fisse Gerrit H., feeddealer, 121 Carondelet av., r. ws. 2d Carondelet av. b. Lynch Lyncaster
Fisse John H., drygoods, 123 Carondelet av., r. es. 8th b. Gate Wall
Fisse John H., salesman, Baldwin & Dodd, r. 91 Market
Fisse John H., Mrs., dressmaker, 91 Market, r.
Fissel Frederick, barber, r. ns. O'Fallon nr. 9th
Fissering Jacob, lab., r. ws. and Summer b. Allen Russel
Fitch Charles, bookkeeper, Fenton Brothers, r. 405 n. 11th
Fitch Charles B., cardriver, Warne, Cheever & Co., r. 155 Orange
Fitch Charles S. W., (Lewellin & Co) r. 92 n. 17th
Fitch James P., clerk, Rufus Fitch, bds. 37 s. 4th
Fitch Robert, lab., r. al. b. and 11th 12th s. Cass avenue
FITCH RUFUS, books and stationery, 24 n. Main, se. c. Olive 5th
Fitch Nancy, wid. John, bds, al. b. and 11th 12th s. Cass av
Fitchner Christopher, marblecarver, bds. 31 s, 4th
Fithial Eliza B., wid. Thomas, r. 200 Morgan
Fitter Alexander, organbuilder, r. ss. and Rutgers b. 8th 9th