St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
FitzsimmonsJames,horseshoer,r. 44 Gay
FitzsimmonsJohnJ.,stonecutter,bds. 13 Gay
FitzsimmonsMatthew,lab.,r. 468 n. 9th
FitzsimmonsPeter,lab., and 8th nr. Clark av
FitzsimmonsRichard,mate,r. 305 n. 8th
FitzsimmonsThomas,moulder,r. 198 s, Main
FitzsimmonsThomas,plasterer,r.Randolph b. Ulrici and Mercer
FitzsimmonsRobert,engineer,r. 133 Gay
FitzwilliamJohn, clerk, Pike & Kellogg,r. 101 Green
FITZWILLIAMSDENNIS, furbuyer, H. & R. B. Whittemore & Co.,r. 121 Green
FitzwilliamsJames,(H. & R. B. Whittemore & Co.)r. 121 Green
FitzwilliamsThomasF.,printer,bds. 45 Locust
FitzwilliamsPatrick,lab.,r. 86 n. 11th
FixJoseph,lab.,r.Marion b. 7th and Fulton
FizmannHenry,teamster, bet. 7th and Fulton
FlaarJohnH.,foundryman,r. 235 n. 14th
FlackBennett,confectioner, 182 n. 5th
FlachmayerCaspar, bet. Emmet and L'esperance
FlaerGottlieb,lab., bet. Webster and Chambers
FlaerPeter,painter,bds. 242 n. 14th
FlaerPeter,sen.,r. 242 n. 14th
FlaganAdolph,cabinetmaker,bds. 31 Spruce
FlaggAudrewJ., salesman, Ticknor, Robbins & Co.bds. 212 n. 5th
FlaggSamuel,barkeeper,bds. 351 Broadway
FlaggThomas,baker, 54 s. 5th, r. same
FlahertyJohn,shoemaker,r. rear 220 n. 11th
FlahafMichael,lab.,r. 317 Washington av
FlahertyEdward,house agt,ss.Chesnut bet. 2d
FlaertyEdward,mason,r. 135 O'Fallon
FlahertyJohn,lab., b. Columbia and Bates
FlairCasper,lab.,bds. 111 n. 9th
FlairGottlieb,teamster,r.nw.c.16th and Madison
FlamengNicholas,carpenter,bds.sw.e.9th and O'Fallon
FlamminganLawrence,foreman Gas Works,bds. 317 s. 12th
FlanaganEdward,carpenter,r.ws16th nr. Howard
FlanaganDavid,lab., and 13th and Biddle and O'Fallon
FlanaganJames,boarding, 53 s. Levee
FlanaganJohn,railroad contractor,r. 53 s. Levee
FlanaryRichard,barkeeper,r. 201 n. 8th
FlancherStenna,wid., washwoman,r. rear 304 s. 7th
FlaneganBryan,lab.,r.Hickory se.c. 8th
FlaneganEdward,porter, bet. Chambers and O'Fallon
FlaneganThomas,lab., and 11th nr. Biddle
FlaneryJohn,lab.,r. 26 Chambers
FlaneryJohn,plasterer,bds. 151 Walnut
FlaniganJohn,candlemaker,c.Kosciusko and Barton
FlaniganJohn,lab.,r.Kosciusko bet. Barton and Victor
FlaniganMaria,wid. Thomas, washwoman,r. rear 97 n. Levee
FlaniganMichael,lab.,bds.7th nw,c. Carr
FlaniganPatrick, bookkeeper, Warden & Co.,r.s.8th bet. Washington av. and Green
FlaniganPeter,blacksmith, 64 Biddle, bds. Biddle se.c. 10th
FlanilyWilliam,lab.,r. 129, n. 11th
FlannaganJames,carpenter, and 13th near Biddle
FlannaganJohn,tailor, 165 n. 4th, r. same
FlannaganMichael,bookkeeper, Shaler,r. 58 n. 8th
FlannaganPatrick,bookkeeper, John Warden,r. 58 n. 8th
FlannaganThomas,lab., nr. Carr