St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
FlynnJohn,paymaster, N. M. R. bet 14th and 15th
FlynnJohn,tin and coppersmith, and Clark av
FlynnJohnJ.,lab.,r. rear 167 s. 5th
FlynnMartin,watchman,r.Poplar bet. 12th and 13th
FlynnMary,wid. Terrence,r. 339 Broadway
FlynnMichael,moulder,r. rear 132 Collins
FlynnMichael,tinner,bds. 11 Collins
FlynnPatrick,lab.,r. 243 n. 2d
FlynnPatrick, bet. Soulard and Lafayette
FlynnPatrick,lab.,r. 115 O'Fallon
FlynnPatrick, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
FlynnRichard,clerk, E. P. Pettis & Co.,bds. 277 Pine
FlynnWilliam,engineerr.n.Main bet. Madison and Jefferson
FlynnWilliam,lab., bet. 16th and 17th
Foalger,Frederick,blacksmith, rear 3d bet. Convent and Hazel
FobbaschWilliam,tanner, bet. Soulard and Lafayette
FoblerJamesJ.,chandelier maker,r. 363 Franklin avenue
FochenJohnlab.,r.ns.O'Fallon bet. 13th and 14th
FODDAFREDERICK,grocer,ns.Olive w. of Garrison av
FodenPeter,whitewasher,bds. 219 n. 7th
FodenPeter,fancy goods, 143 Franklin av.,r. same
FoechlinJoseph,tailor,r. 189 n. 9th
FoetchtmannWilliam,lab.,r.Salisbury nr. 16th
FoeckingHenry,grocer,se.c.Rosatti and Geyer av.,r. same
FoedeschHermann,shoemaker,bds. 171 n. 8th
FoedoraJacob,lab., and Menard and Marion and Carroll
FoegeOttoW.,clerk, 258 Franklin av.bds. same
FoberJohn,lab.,r.Rock Spring Oil
FoelkFrank,tanner, b. Marion and Carroll
FOELSINGHENRY,saloon, 111 Franklin av.,r. same
FoerbachSebastian,maltster,bds.,ws.Broadway b. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
FoerchLouis,printer,bds.nw.c.5th and Morgan
FoergHenry,drugs, 31 s. 7th, r. 33 s. 7th
FeerkersFrederick,(Foerkers & Titemeyer)r. 133 n. 18th
Foerkers & Titgemeyer,Foerkers(Frederick and Titgemeyer)Henrywood and coal, 350 Franklin av
FoerstFrederick,lab.,r. 224 n. 12th
FoerstWilliam, b. Carondelet av. and 7th
FoersterJohnD.,salesman, Schulenbury & Boecklin,
FoersterN.,grocer,Lafayette and Decatur
FoerstleurUlrich,lab.,r. 202 s. Main
FoerstlAnthony,butcher, 18 Central Mkt, r. Columbia c. Barton
FogartyJames,lab.bds. 164 n. 10th
FogartyMary,wid. William, b. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
FogartyPatrick,lab.,ss.Wash b. 21st and 22d
FogartyWilliam,lab.,bds.Vineyard nr. Elliot
FogerAdolph,teamster, nr. Park av
FogertyJames,policeman,r. 117 Christy av
FogertyJames,waiter,Planters' House
FogertyJohn,dairyman,r.Clark 18th and 19th
FogertyMichael,lab.,r. 120 Orange
FogertyMichael,lab., and 11th n. of O'Fallon
FogertyThomas,lab.,r. rear 144 n. 17th
FogertyTimothy,teamster, and Cass av